Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3496

Chapter 570 – Superior Demigod

Twenty-nine hours after the flying ship left the Crystal City of Secrets, Shi Feng, Billowing Water, and the others arrived at a coastal NPC City. After disembarking from the flying ship, Billowing Water summoned a Four-Winged Frost Dragon, a Basic Legendary Flying Mount, and flew everyone across a misty ocean for three hours before arriving at a giant floating island.

Torrents of chaotic energy flowed through the area where the floating island was situated. These energy torrents were incredibly powerful, and even Tier 5 players would be vulnerable to them. If players dared get close to these chaotic energy torrents, they would quickly have their mana sapped out of their bodies, causing them to grow weak and disoriented.

However, the floating island acted as a safe haven for players, surrounded by magic arrays that diverted the chaotic energy that swept through the area.

“We’re here,” Billowing Water stated as she stopped the forty-meter-long Frost Dragon outside a magnificent temple hovering above the floating island.

The temple was situated outside the floating island’s protection, so chaotic energy torrents enveloped it completely. However, when the Four-Winged Frost Dragon landed, the energy torrents started to actively avoid the temple and let the Frost Dragon land inside.

“Welcome to the Eternal Temple.”

“To teleport to the Forbidden Zone, each person must pay 150 Eternal Gold. The teleportation procedure will only begin once 200 people have gathered.”

When the Frost Dragon landed inside the temple, a 500-man team immediately greeted it. All 500 members of this team were fifth-floor experts at Level 158, Tier 5 or above. They were also equipped in standardized Fragmented Legendary Equipment Sets, and there were faint mana circuits connecting these 500 equipment sets and forming a large Bronze Battle Array. The battle array not only allowed these 500 players to share their senses, but it also provided a qualitative improvement to their Basic Attributes.

Under the effects of the Bronze Battle Array, these 500 Tier 5 players felt like 500 Tier 6 players. The combined aura they exuded was powerful enough to scare even actual Tier 6 players into fleeing.

The Luminous Battle Array? Shi Feng couldn’t help but be astonished when he saw the standardized equipment of the 500 players.

The Luminous Battle Array!

It was one of the well-known battle arrays owned by the Seven Luminaries Alliance. Although the complete Luminous Battle Array required 500 players to form, once formed, it allowed all of the players in the battle array to transcend tiers. It was, without a doubt, a tactical-class battle array.

Unfortunately, while the Luminous Battle Array was amazing, it couldn’t be mass-produced as the Luminous Set, the Fragmented Legendary Equipment Set required to form the battle array, was incredibly hard to produce. The materials required to produce it were exceedingly rare, and even the Seven Luminaries Alliance had only managed to produce 5,000 sets in total during Shi Feng’s previous life.

Normally, the Luminous Battle Array could only be seen being used at the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s Holy City, which also served as the alliance’s main headquarters, and three secret lands. If news spread that the Seven Luminaries Alliance used one of its Luminous Battle Arrays to guard only a temple, it would definitely shock the entire Greater God’s Domain.

However, when Shi Feng heard the teleportation fee the Seven Luminaries Alliance was charging, he could understand why the Seven Luminaries Alliance would station such a frightening force in the Eternal Temple.

The fee of 150 Eternal Gold per person had already transcended the realm of daylight robbery.

While he was still feeling gleeful over making several hundred Eternal Gold per day through the Secret Crystal Trading Firm, the Seven Luminaries Alliance was making 30,000 Eternal Gold from every batch of players it teleported…

Honestly, he wouldn’t even find it surprising if the Seven Luminaries Alliance had mobilized two or three complete Luminous Battle Arrays to protect the Eternal Temple, let alone one.

As for Billowing Water, this wasn’t her first time visiting the Eternal Temple, so she was unfazed by the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s teleportation fee. After calmly jumping off the Frost Dragon’s back, she took out 2,250 Eternal Gold and handed it over to the Seven Luminaries Alliance’s guard captain in a coin pouch.[1]

“I have confirmed that I have received 2,250 Eternal Gold for fifteen people,” the guard captain stated after weighing the coin pouch in his hand. “You are lucky. There are already 179 people gathered. After including your team of fifteen, you will only have to take the assessment and wait for six more people before you can get teleported.”

“Are there people taking the test now?” Billowing Water asked.

“Not that many,” the guard captain said as he pointed at the line in front of a gigantic crystal. “By the time you finish your assessments, we should have enough people to teleport.”

After looking at the line, Billowing Water unsummoned her Four-Winged Frost Dragon and joined the line with her group.

“An assessment?” When Shi Feng heard the guard captain mentioning an assessment, he couldn’t help but grow confused. So, he asked Billowing Water, “Are there requirements to use the teleportation service here?”

“There are no requirements to use the temple’s teleportation,” Billowing Water explained with a smile. “The assessment is only here to determine which location players are suited to enter.

“Although there will be 200 players teleported in every batch, Tier 5 players can be teleported to three different locations depending on the crystal’s assessment of their current strength.

“The temple has three strength ratings for Tier 5 players: Basic Demigod, Advanced Demigod, and Superior Demigod.

“For the Basic Demigod rating, players only need strength rivaling Tier 5 Heroes of the same level to achieve it. Players who achieve the Basic Demigod rating can teleport to an archipelago that doesn’t have many Holy Race players. However, while PvP incidents might happen less frequently there, the archipelago is rather poor in resources.

“As for the two other ratings, players will need to rival Tier 5 Eight-Winged Valkyries to achieve the Advanced Demigod rating and rival Tier 5 Dragons for the Superior Demigod rating. Those who achieve the Advanced Demigod rating will get teleported to a coastal region, while those who achieve the Superior Demigod rating will get teleported to an inland region, which is most abundant in resources out of the three locations.”

When Billowing Water finished her explanation, the group also arrived before the gigantic crystal inside the temple hall.

Currently, the gigantic crystal was scanning a group of players standing inside the magic array before it. Twenty seconds later, a mechanical voice came from the crystal.

“Assessment: Advanced Demigod. You may head to the coastal region.”

“Assessment: Advanced Demigod. You may head to the coastal region.”

“Assessment: Basic Demigod. You may head to the archipelago region.”

Every time the crystal made an announcement, the players waiting in the surroundings couldn’t help but be awed. It was especially so for the Blaze Conglomerate’s youths.

Achieving the strength of a Basic Demigod was no easy feat in God’s Domain. Even the many Tier 5 NPCs that could strike fear into players were merely regarded as Tier 5 NPCs and could not be considered a Demigod.

To become a Demigod, a Tier 5 NPC would first need to own a Legendary Weapon. Secondly, their Concentration standard needed to reach Tier 6, also regarded as Heroes’s Realm. When a Tier 5 NPC reached this standard, they would become existences even fifth-floor experts of the same tier would try to avoid like the plague. Should a Tier 5 Demigod wish to wreak havoc in the Greater God’s Domain, they could be likened to natural disasters.

Tier 5 Demigods were so powerful that even the Sacred Glory List’s top 10 experts could only shake their heads in defeat if they came across one. Yet, players who reached the standard of Basic Demigods could only rank at the bottom of the Eternal Temple’s hierarchy of players.

Furthermore, over half of the players getting assessed had reached the Advanced Demigod standard, each capable of rivaling Eight-Winged Valkyries of the same level. These were all existences that could slay the average Tier 6 player.

“Assessment: Advanced Demigod. You may head to the coastal region.”

“Nice! Secret Treasures do help!” the demidragon youth from the Blaze Conglomerate exclaimed when he heard his strength rating.

An Advanced Demigod!

Even among the various monsters operating in the Forbidden Zone, experts with the strength of an Advanced Demigod could be considered mid-tier. He also wouldn’t have to worry about returning from the Forbidden Zone without harvests.

It seems he didn’t simply survive out of luck last time. Billowing Water nodded in approval as she looked at the demidragon youth.

Since the demidragon youth could now enter the coastal region, he could more or less leave the Forbidden Zone with some harvests this time. Had he been assigned to the impoverished archipelago region again, the best he could hope for was to leave the Forbidden Zone with his life.

While the demidragon youth was celebrating, Shi Feng stepped out of the crystal’s magic array. Immediately afterward, a mechanical voice came from the crystal.

“Assessment: Superior Demigod. You may head to the inland region.”

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