Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3499

Chapter 573 – Mana Purification Technique

Western Continent, Plain of Fallen Gods:

The Holy Race’s presence was everywhere on the Western Continent, so it was incredibly challenging for human players to explore and acquire resources here. If human players were to traverse the Western Continent, they would come across Holy Race parties or teams fighting monsters almost once every few minutes. To avoid clashing with these Holy Race players, Shi Feng and the others had to proceed with extreme caution, which, in turn, hampered their travel speed.

The Plain of Fallen Gods was situated four large maps away from Seven Luminaries Town. Normally, it would only take Holy Race players two or three hours to cross this distance, but Shi Feng and the others took roughly seven hours. Even so, this could already be considered a fast travel speed for human players, as other Tier 5 human players would need at least two days to complete this journey.

This was all thanks to Sky Pivot. As a Tier 5 Summoner, Sky Pivot could not only summon Tier 5 monsters to fight for him, but he could also use them as Mounts. He could even summon flying monsters to use as Flying Mounts.


Meanwhile, the Tier 5 Illusory Gryffin summoned by Sky Pivot could not only act as a Flying Mount, but it could also rely on its Tier 5 Illusion Spells to conceal its passengers. Because of this, the Illusory Gryffin looked no different than the average flying monster when it flew in the sky, and it did not attract any attention from the Holy Race players fighting on the ground.

Eventually, after six hours of flight, the 20-meter-long Illusory Gryffin arrived at the Plain of Fallen Gods and landed on top of a hill, granting the Dawnlight Party an unobstructed view of their surroundings.

“Newbies, stick close to me,” Budding Leaf, a level 160, Tier 5 female Oracle, said hurriedly to Shi Feng and Billowing Water after landing. “The strength of your mana is too weak, so it’ll quickly get devoured by monsters. When we start fighting later, let the party leader and the others soften up the monsters a little first before joining the fight.”

“The monsters can devour our mana?” Billowing Water couldn’t help but be surprised.

While there might be monsters capable of devouring mana in the Greater God’s Domain, none could devour the mana of players, let alone the mana of Tier 5 players.

It should be known that the mana of players would reach a near-solid state once they got promoted to Tier 5. Even if a monster tried to devour their mana, it wouldn’t be an easy task to accomplish.

“Leaf is right,” Splashing Fire, a middle-aged male Ranger, said, nodding in agreement with Budding Leaf. “The monsters on the Western Continent’s inland region can devour Mana and Holy Power. If you don’t have sufficiently strong Mana or Holy Power, you’ll get sucked dry and killed by the monsters here in no time. Many players had unknowingly died like so when the town was initially founded.”

Billowing Water was dumbfounded even further.

How were they supposed to fight against monsters capable of devouring all forms of energy?

For melee players like herself, it wouldn’t matter whether she fought using combat techniques or Skills. Both would be useless as she couldn’t afford to get close to the monsters here.

As for Shi Feng, he was unfazed by this revelation.

The information he learned in his previous life included the various problems players faced when fighting monsters on the Western Continent. The Western Continent’s monsters were essentially nightmares for the human pioneers, and they could only rely on ranged players to kill these monsters. Even so, it was a very challenging task to do so.

The Western Continent’s monsters possessed extraordinarily high Defense, so much so that even players of the same tier could do barely any damage against them. For example, a Tier 5 player casting a Tier 5 Spell could only shave off about 10,000 HP from a Tier 5 Legendary monster. It should be known that these Tier 5 Legendary monsters had HP in the tens of billions, with some even having upwards of one hundred billion. An attack that dealt only 10,000 damage wouldn’t even be enough to tickle these monsters.

Before Budding Leaf and Splashing Fire could continue with their explanations, a Level 165 Legendary-ranked Half-Snakekin General suddenly emerged from the nearby forest, and it charged at the Illusory Gryffin with a speed that was easily twice as fast as the Eternal Continent’s Legendary monsters.

[Half-Snakekin General] (Humanoid Creature, Legendary)
Level 165
HP 60,000,000,000

“Not good! Run! It’s a Regional Boss!”

Billowing Water and the others had originally readied themselves for a fight. However, when Sky Pivot saw the Half-Snakekin General, he promptly called for a retreat with a grave expression on his face.

“That’s a Regional Boss?”

When Billowing Water saw the Half-Snakekin General’s stats, she couldn’t understand why Sky Pivot would react so nervously.

Normally, Level 160 Legendary Bosses in the Greater God’s Domain would have several hundred billion HP at the very least, with some even having up to a trillion HP. If a Level 165 monster only had 60 billion HP, it couldn’t even be considered a Tier 5 Legendary monster. It wouldn’t take much time for Tier 5 players to kill such a monster.

Moreover, even if the Half-Snakekin General was indeed a Region Boss, their Tier 5 party should be able to slay it with ease.

Before Billowing Water could figure out why Sky Pivot was so terrified, the Half-Snakekin General suddenly appeared beside her while twirling its two crescent blades. At the same time, the Half-Snakekin General started to dance an enchanting dance that mesmerized all who saw it.

When Billowing Water saw the Half-Snakekin General’s blade dance, she could feel herself being drawn to it, and this situation caused an unprecedented chill crept up her spine.

A Fusion Combat Technique!

The Half-Snakekin General had undoubtedly executed a combat technique at the Silver rank or above. Moreover, the attack wasn’t composed of just the combat technique but also a mental attack. If she were to fall for the Half-Snakekin General’s mesmerization for even a moment, she would lose her life to the Regional Boss in the blink of an eye.

At this time, Billowing Water finally understood why Sky Pivot would react so fearfully toward encountering such a “weak” Regional Boss.

An attack composed of a combat technique and a mental attack was no different than a fatal poison for players. This was because players would have great difficulty responding with a combat technique of their own while being subjected to a mental attack. Fighting the Half-Snakekin General in such a situation would be an absolute nightmare.


Fortunately, Billowing Water was a Saint-ranked expert with plenty of combat experience under her belt, and she promptly let out a shout to clear her mind. At the same time, a golden greatsword appeared in her hands, and she used the massive weapon like a shield to defend herself against the Half-Snakekin General’s twirling blades.


The instant the weapons collided, Billowing Water was sent flying over a hundred yards away. In just one exchange, it was evident that there was a great disparity in Strength between both sides.

However, the Half-Snakekin General’s attack still wasn’t over. Utilizing the reactive force generated from having its attack blocked by Billowing Water’s Formless Twilight, the Half-Snakekin General propelled itself toward Shi Feng, who was evidently weaker than the four other standing members of the party.

It’s over for this newbie…

When Moon Bamboo saw that less than fifteen yards separated the Half-Snakekin General and Shi Feng, she couldn’t help but close her eyes.

The Half-Snakekin General was not only fast but also incredibly nimble. Although Moon Bamboo did not know how Billowing Water had managed to summon a greatsword out of nowhere, Shi Feng was evidently a standard Swordsman as he carried two longswords around his waist. If he were subjected to the Half-Snakekin General’s mental attack and blade dance simultaneously, he might not even have time to draw his weapons, let alone defend himself.


Suddenly, the sound of metal hitting something hard echoed throughout the area.

Immediately afterward, whether it was Moon Bamboo and the others or Billowing Water, who had been sent flying, all of them gaped in shock.

At this time, Shi Feng could be seen standing steadily in place with both hands raised up to his neck, and the Half-Snakekin General’s crescent blades were grasped firmly within his hands. As for the Half-Snakekin General, even though it was hissing menacingly and applying force to its arms, it couldn’t push its crescent blades forward by even a millimeter more…

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