Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3500

Chapter 574 – Half-Step Tier 6

“This newbie’s Strength is incredible!”

“If we are talking solely about Strength, he has already surpassed the average Tier 6 Berserker.”

Budding Leaf and Splashing Fire were greatly shocked when they saw Shi Feng catching the Half-Snakekin General’s weapons.

The Half-Snakekin General was a Legendary-ranked Regional Boss. While it wasn’t a Strength-oriented monster, its Strength was still vastly superior to even Tier 5 Berserkers of the same level. Only Tier 5 Berserkers wielding Legendary Weapons could hope to match it.

Not to mention, one couldn’t block the Half-Snakekin General’s attacks simply by having great Strength. Billowing Water was a good example of this.

Even though Billowing Water was a Swordsman, her Strength was already on par with the average Tier 6 Berserker of the same level. Yet, the Half-Snakekin General still sent her flying.

“He’s at the Half-Step Tier 6 standard already!” Moon Bamboo exclaimed, a hint of excitement appearing on her face. “We’ve picked up a gem this time. If he can block the Boss’s Fusion Combat Technique so easily, his Concentration must have reached the Tier 6 Advanced standard already. He’s only short of constructing a Divine Body to get promoted to Tier 6 now.”

Most of Seven Luminaries Town’s players might be Superior Demigods, with some having Basic Attributes rivaling rookie Tier 6 players, but there were still differences between Superior Demigods. It was especially so on the Western Continent.

Whether it was the Western Continent’s environment or monsters, both were different from that of the Eternal Continent and Greater God’s Domain.

While many human players who had entered the Western Continent might rival actual Tier 6 players, they couldn’t fully exhibit their strength here. This was because the Western Continent was home to monsters capable of devouring all forms of energy and launching powerful mental attacks. Without sufficient Mana and Concentration, players would be powerless against these monsters.

Normally, newcomers in Seven Luminaries Town would lack Mana and Concentration. As a result, the monsters of the Western Continent could easily devour their Mana and influence their minds. This prevented newcomers from effectively utilizing Combat Techniques, Skills, and Spells, limiting them to fighting against average Tier 5 Legendary monsters.

If a newcomer wished to stand a chance against the Tier 5 Regional Bosses of the Western Continent, they would need to master at least a Basic Mana Purification Technique.

As for Tier 6 Divine monsters, only Half-Step Tier 6 experts like Sky Pivot and Moon Bamboo, who have mastered Bronze Mana Purification Techniques and possess Tier 6 Intermediate standard Concentration, would stand a fighting chance against them.

Currently, although Shi Feng’s Mana was somewhat weak, his Concentration had already reached the Tier 6 Advanced standard. Even if he were to face a Divine monster on the Western Continent, he wouldn’t be powerless to resist.

Meanwhile, the addition of a Half-Step Tier 6 expert to the party would undoubtedly increase the party’s overall strength by a large margin.

Is his Concentration at such a high level already?

Billowing Water, who was sent flying into the distance, couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in disbelief.

She was confident that her Concentration was top-notch, even among paragons of the same generation. And although her Concentration had yet to reach the Tier 6 Intermediate standard, she wasn’t far from reaching it.

However, when facing the Half-Snakekin General’s Fusion Combat Technique, she could barely defend against it. She couldn’t utilize any of her combat techniques, which prevented her from resisting the Half-Snakekin General’s attack completely. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been sent flying by the Regional Boss.

But before Billowing Water could snap out of her daze, several hundred Level 160-plus Half-Snakekin Warriors emerged from the surroundings.

These Half-Snakekin Warriors were all Tier 4 Mythic monsters. Although each was inferior to Tier 5 players, when they attacked as a group and utilized Combination Combat Techniques, they could still pose a significant threat to Tier 5 players. Moreover, with their high HPs, they could easily drag out the fight and wear out Tier 5 players.

“Escape is no longer an option,” Sky Pivot said, sighing helplessly when he saw the Half-Snakekin Warriors that surrounded them. “Everyone, prepare for battle.”

“Isn’t this great news, Leader? It’s not every day we get to come across a Regional Boss,” Splashing Fire said, smiling jovially when he saw the approaching Half-Snakekin Warriors. “Now that our party has one more Half-Step Tier 6 expert, it would be a waste to run away.”

“I agree with Fire. This is a rare opportunity,” Moon Bamboo said, nodding.

Normally, their party would avoid any Legendary-ranked Regional Bosses they encountered and target only normal Legendary monsters.

Of course, it wasn’t because they couldn’t defeat a Legendary-ranked Regional Boss. It was just that it would take too much time. After all, their party previously only had two damage dealers. If they took too much time to finish the Boss, nearby Holy Race players were bound to take notice.

However, now that their party had gained an extra Half-Step Tier 6 expert, their party’s overall damage output would increase by 50% at the very least. With such a huge improvement to their damage output, they could definitely give raiding a Legendary-ranked Regional Boss a try.

“Okay! Leaf, Fire, you two go and support Billowing Water!” Sky Pivot commanded. “The rest of us will handle the Regional Boss!”

“Got it!” Splashing Fire licked his lips and promptly went into action with Budding Leaf.

Immediately, Splashing Fire nocked his longbow and launched flaming arrows at the approaching Half-Snakekin Warriors one after another, the hail of flaming arrows forcing the Mythic monsters to scatter in an attempt to avoid the attacks. At the same time, Budding Leaf waved her staff, summoning numerous barriers to isolate the scattered Half-Snakekin Warriors and prevent them from executing deadly Combination Combat Techniques.

In the blink of an eye, Splashing Fire and Budding Leaf had lowered the threat of the Half-Snakekin Warriors by a significant margin. This, in turn, allowed Billowing Water to withstand and repulse the Mythic monsters with little effort.

“Let’s begin attacking as well!” Sky Pivot said when he saw the Half-Snakekin Warriors getting blocked. Then, he returned his focus to the Half-Snakekin General and continued, “Our time is limited! We must eliminate this Boss before the Holy Race players arrive!”

After saying so, Sky Pivot constructed a summoning array that brought forth two Legendary monsters. Then, together with the previously summoned Illusory Gryffin, the three summoned creatures stood around Sky Pivot and transformed into a Phantom Dragon.

Under Sky Pivot’s control, the Phantom Dragon cast Dragon’s Glory, a three-fold Tier 5 Draconic Spell. Immediately, hundreds of laser beams shot at the Half-Snakekin General from all directions.

At the same time, Moon Bamboo appeared behind the Half-Snakekin General and raised her shield, releasing numerous shadow chains that bound the Regional Boss. At the same time, a gigantic sword of light also descended from the sky.

Tier 5 Super Spell, Lightshadow Taboo!

Seeing Sky Pivot and Moon Bamboo taking action, Shi Feng unsheathed the Shadow Incinerator and Winter of Eternal Night before executing Sword’s Orbit, forming a galaxy of stars that spread to his surroundings.


The top of the hill was flattened in the blink of an eye, and everyone within a 30,000-yard radius could clearly hear the battle atop the hill.

“There’s a battle happening over there!”

“Whoever’s fighting must be fighting a Regional Boss if they’re causing such a huge commotion! Let’s hurry on over! We can’t let the others get ahead of us!”

Over a dozen Holy Race teams operating in the vicinity could hear the commotion caused by the Dawnlight Party’s battle, and they hurriedly charged toward the source of the commotion with fervent eyes.

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