Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3501

Chapter 575 – Visit From Red Frost

Plain of Fallen Gods:

The hill that was originally over a hundred meters tall had transformed into a vast canyon after a battle, which affected a radius of ten kilometers, took place here. Numerous gorges that were over a hundred meters deep could be seen dotting the canyon. The entire terrain had undergone a drastic transformation, and gradually mending spatial tears could still be seen in the canyon.

“The battle’s already over?”

“Dammit! We were still one step too late!”

“How could it have ended so quickly? It hasn’t been more than three minutes since we first heard the commotion. Could it have been a 100-man team?”

When the teams of Holy Race experts arrived at the battlefield, they were disappointed to find that the battle they came to interfere with had already concluded. At the same time, they couldn’t help but wonder what had taken place here.

They had hurried their way over here as soon as they heard the commotion. They had even ignored the monsters that tried to attack them, afraid they would miss out on the action.

While the Plain of Fallen Gods was vast, it had no more than twenty Regional Bosses. But maybe because of how few Regional Bosses there were here, each Regional Boss offered extraordinary rewards. It was especially so for the First Kill rewards. Due to this, competition over the Plain of Fallen Gods’ Regional Bosses was exceptionally intense.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that a swarm of players would gather at even the slightest sign of a Regional Boss.

Yet, even though they had taken such a short time to reach the battlefield, they failed to find even a single monster after arriving, let alone players. It was as if the battle they heard was nothing but a dream…

While teams of Holy Race experts were coming and going from the battlefield, the Dawnlight Party was cautiously resting in a small cave deep within the depths of the canyon. The party of six didn’t even dare to breathe loudly as they tentatively stared at the countdown timer displayed in the corner of their vision, the timer indicating how much time was left until they could log out of the game.

“Ten more seconds! This barrier should hold up!” Budding Leaf whispered as she watched several Holy Race teams investigate the canyon outside. “These Holy Race players are truly insane! How did so many of them show up in less than three minutes?! It’s a good thing that you guys fought quickly, Leader. Otherwise. We would have had to fight against over a thousand Holy Race experts.”

Billowing Water also gazed out of the cave solemnly, not daring to relax her guard. Although she had already heard about the situation regarding the Western Continent’s inland region from Sky Pivot and Moon Bamboo, she still couldn’t help but be frightened by all the Holy Race teams outside.

Every Holy Race player that came to check in on the canyon was at Level 160, Tier 5 and above. Moreover, every one of them gave off a presence comparable to the veterans of Seven Luminaries Town, and each team had at least three experts of Sky Pivot and Moon Bamboo’s caliber.

Even though Billowing Water stood among the apex of the Eternal Continent’s experts, she was reduced to the weakest caste in this place…

“We were lucky this time. We could have never finished the Boss so quickly without Black Flame’s help,” Sky Pivot said, smiling. “As we previously discussed, we’ll log off to rest for six hours. The Holy Race players outside should give up and leave for good after failing to find anything for six hours.”

Everyone nodded in agreement. Then, as soon as their respective timers counted down to zero, they promptly chose to log out of the game one after another.

Just as everyone was fading out of existence, Billowing Water couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng’s fading figure with a complicated look.

Originally, she thought she could let Shi Feng know his insignificance by bringing him to the Western Continent. She never thought she would be the one being shown how insignificant she was instead. In fact, if it weren’t for Shi Feng’s assistance this time, their party would have never been able to kill the Half-Snakekin General and secure the Regional Boss’s lucrative loot.

Star Lake City, Zero Wing Training Center:

As the sun set, the virtual gaming cabin of a special living quarter slowly opened. Then, Shi Feng climbed out of the cabin, grabbed one of the Life Potions placed next to the cabin, and drank it while admiring the cityscape outside the window.

As one of Star Lake City’s large training centers, the Zero Wing Training Center was only a couple of streets away from the city’s commercial center. Even as the sky darkened, the streets outside the building remained bustling with cars and people. Many of these people were young talents who had come from the surrounding towns to join the city’s various powers.

It seems Zero Wing’s fame has spread quite a bit, Shi Feng thought in surprise when he saw the long line of people waiting to enter the Zero Wing Training Center.

Previously, the long line of people waiting outside the Zero Wing Training Center was mainly due to Zero Wing’s partnership with the Green God Corporation. The Green God Corporation had encouraged many of its members, who had been kicked out of Silver Frost City, to come to Star Lake City and join Zero Wing.

However, even after several days had passed, the number of people seeking to join Zero Wing did not decrease. On the contrary, it was continuously increasing. After learning that Zero Wing was recruiting members, many powers operating in the neighboring towns had even paid a hefty price to send their young talents to take Zero Wing’s recruitment test.

Because of this, Gentle Snow and Hidden Soul had to work hectically these past few days. Shi Feng even had to start worrying about the training center’s lack of space and thinking about purchasing more real estate in Star Lake City. Otherwise, Zero Wing could, at most, afford to recruit around 1,000 geniuses to nurture.

If Zero Wing only had 1,000 geniuses to work with, who knew how long it would take for the Guild to gain more mental strength grandmasters, become recognized as a Class 2 Guild by the God’s Domain Association, and become qualified to move into a second-tier city.

I’ve already received the Blaze Conglomerate’s promised three billion Star Coins, but the ten drops of Stardew will probably take another day or two to arrive. Looking at his watch, Shi Feng inwardly prayed, Let’s hope these Stardews can help Zero Wing reach Class 2 quickly. Otherwise, the Guild’s development in the Crystal City of Secrets will stagnate.

The development of human powers on the Western Continent was much faster than he anticipated. The Seven Luminaries Alliance had already established a town on the Western Continent. At this rate, he could already tell that the conflict between humans and the Holy Race would happen much sooner and at a much greater intensity.

Currently, Zero Wing might have relied on the Secret Crystal Trading Firm’s benefits to recruit a batch of fifth-floor experts, but if Zero Wing couldn’t offer any additional benefits, these fifth-floor experts were bound to leave Zero Wing once they fulfilled their contract.

While Shi Feng was contemplating how he should distribute the ten drops of Stardew, Gentle Snow suddenly contacted him.

“Commander Red Frost is here to see you, Guild Leader. She says she has something urgent to discuss with you. Should I let her in?”

“Commander Red Frost wants to see me?”

Shi Feng was surprised by Red Frost’s visit. As the Star Lake Legion’s commander, Red Frost was a very busy person, and even the legion’s vice commanders could rarely meet her, let alone get her to visit them in person. Immediately, Shi Feng had Gentle Snow lead Red Frost to the top floor’s VIP lounge.

Zero Wing Training Center, VIP lounge:

When Shi Feng stepped into the room, he saw Red Frost sitting on the sofa, fiddling with a data key. The current Red Frost wore a cold expression devoid of her usual cheerful demeanor.

“You’re finally here, my almighty vice commander,” Red Frost said, a hint of curiosity appearing on her cold face. “May I know if my esteemed vice commander can answer me one question: What on earth have you done to provoke fifteen third-tier mobile cities to initiate a city battle with us? All of them will even be arriving together in seven days!”

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