Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3504

Chapter 3504 – Chapter 578 – Regional Boss’s Loot

“Black Flame? You’re Zero Wing’s Guild Leader, Black Flame?!”

Red Frost shot up from her seat once again and looked at Shi Feng in disbelief. This time, she strongly believed Shi Feng was joking with her.

Black Flame had already become a household name in the Greater God’s Domain. Black Flame was also why she and the City Lord had a very optimistic view of Zero Wing’s future.

It was especially so for Red Frost after she took an in-depth look into Black Flame’s growth process. The only word she could use to describe Black Flame was shocking.

First, Black Flame had gotten into the Luminous Glory List. Later, he entered the Eternal Realm and single-handedly suppressed several upper-ranking powers and Holy Race powers. Then, just when everyone thought Black Flame’s success was only a product of luck, he appeared in the Miniature Ancient World and accomplished something even more astonishing.

Despite being a Tier 5 player, Black Flame had single-handedly slain a Tier 6 Berserker God and slaughtered tens of thousands of experts across a distance of hundreds of kilometers. After the battle, he was even ranked eleventh on the Sacred Glory List, granting him great fame across the Greater God’s Domain for some time.

However, all of this was not important.

As a former Sacred Glory List expert, Red Frost knew that the ranking list was merely the tip of the iceberg. Many talented paragons were still not ranked on the Sacred Glory List. More specifically, these were the talents secretly nurtured by the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers and above.

Meanwhile, in the eyes of these talents, the Sacred Glory List was nothing more than a joke to entertain the masses. It wasn’t something worth taking seriously at all.

But after conducting in-depth research on Black Flame, Red Frost also realized that the Sacred Glory List had only revealed a small portion of Black Flame’s true potential. What was truly frightening about Black Flame was his rate of growth.

Black Flame’s growth was simply unheard of. When Black Flame first entered the Sacred Glory List, he was merely suspected to be a fifth-floor expert. Yet, even though only a short time had passed, he was now an existence who had mastered a Gold Combat Technique.

Even back in her heyday, her growth would be insignificant compared to Black Flame’s.

At one point, Red Frost even suspected that Black Flame might be an old monster who had decided to come out of retirement and establish a Guild out of boredom.

Yet, she was now being told that Black Flame, Zero Wing’s mythical Guild Leader and the Lord of War Goddesses, was actually a young man in his thirties, and he wasn’t even a mental strength master not long ago…

How could she possibly believe this?!

“Indeed! It is !” Shi Feng said, smiling and nodding as he looked at Red Frost’s shocked expression. “Will that be enough to prove I can fulfill my promises?”

He didn’t find Red Frost’s reaction particularly strange.

Anyone who bothered to do some research would more than likely assume that Black Flame was someone of significant age. After all, Black Flame’s rate of growth was highly abnormal.

Many people even suspected that Black Flame might have originated from some ancient power. Otherwise, how could he be so bold as to challenge multiple pseudo-apex powers?

Unfortunately, no matter how everyone racked their minds, they would probably never imagine that he was a reincarnator, much less a reincarnator who had reincarnated more than once.

“How can I trust that you are Black Flame?” Red Frost sternly asked, her previously cheerful and charming appearance nowhere to be seen.

“Simple!” Tapping on his watch, Shi Feng summoned a holographic panel displaying his God’s Domain profile. “I can’t possibly falsify my God’s Domain ID, right?”

While exposing his identity as Black Flame came with risks, it was a much less significant secret to expose compared to the Divine Engraver Legacy. After all, in the various powers’ eyes, Black Flame was merely a developing monster. As a Tier 5 player, Black Flame couldn’t even pose a significant threat to upper-ranking hegemonic powers, let alone pseudo-apex and apex powers.

However, Black Flame’s identity held significant meaning for Red Frost, the Star Lake Legion’s commander. This was because only those who had come into personal contact with him would know how abnormal his rate of growth truly was. The worth of his future potential easily surpassed the worth of a second-tier city.

“You really are Black Flame!” When Red Frost saw the ID displayed on the holographic panel, she couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng as if she had just seen a priceless treasure. “Aren’t you afraid I’ll leak your identity? The Paimon Conglomerate still has a bounty on your head, and not only has the bounty grown to one billion Star Coins, but it also includes a permanent residential slot in a first-tier city.”

“I doubt you will be tempted by such trifling rewards, Commander Red Frost,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “If you could be so easily tempted, you would never have stayed in Star Lake City. You would have long moved into a first-tier city and enjoyed much greater status in the Greater World.”

No matter how weak Red Frost had become in God’s Domain, it did not change the fact that she was a pseudo-great grandmaster in the real world. This alone was enough to net her a core executive position in any pseudo-apex power. Had she taken on such a position, she could have promptly moved into one of the high and mighty special-tier mobile cities, let alone a first-tier mobile city.

“You are correct.” Red Frost nodded, a hint of nostalgia flashing in her eyes. Then, she took a deep breath and continued, “Since you have proven yourself to be Black Flame, I will no longer question the feasibility of tackling the fifteen cities. I will also personally speak to the City Lord about your proposal.”

Black Flame had single-handedly annihilated the experts of three upper-ranking hegemonic powers in the Miniature Ancient World. So, defeating fifteen third-tier city legions would be nothing more than repeating that feat.

Not to mention, Black Flame had stated that he could help her recover to her peak!

“I will have to trouble you with that, then, Commander Red Frost,” Shi Feng expressed his gratitude.

“No trouble; it’s no trouble at all,” Red Frost said, smiling. “Just don’t forget your promise to me.”

“Naturally. I guarantee you’ll recover to your peak in seven days,” Shi Feng affirmed.

He was rather confident in obtaining a Mana Purification Technique in seven days. After all, Mana Purification Techniques weren’t particularly rare on the Western Continent. It was even possible to exchange for Mana Purification Techniques using resources in Seven Luminaries Town.

Of course, Bronze Purification Techniques were still a little tricky to obtain. This could be seen by how only a minority of the veteran players operating in Seven Luminaries Town had learned a Bronze Purification Technique.

If he couldn’t get his hands on a Bronze Purification Technique in seven days, he would have to settle with exchanging a Common Purification Technique. Even if it couldn’t resolve Red Frost’s problem completely, it should more or less recover some of her Tier 6 mana’s strength.

Following this, Shi Feng and Red Frost spent the next three hours discussing the details of their cooperation. This also meant that six hours had passed in God’s Domain, so Shi Feng promptly returned to his living quarters and logged back into the game as soon as he concluded his discussion with Red Frost.

Everyone in the Dawnlight Party had agreed to log back into the game at a specific time. If he let the others wait for him for too long, they might fall into danger. After all, the Plain of Fallen Gods remained the Holy Race players’ territory, the Holy Race players would not hesitate to join forces to subjugate any human players they discovered on the map. Hence, every second and minute a human player spent on the Plain of Fallen Gods was incredibly dangerous.

Plain of Fallen Gods:

“You’re back, Brother Black Flame.” When Sky Pivot saw Shi Feng appearing, he solemnly said, “Now that everyone’s here, we will split the loot according to our previous agreement.”

“No problem.” Shi Feng nodded when he saw the excitement on Sky Pivot’s face.

The Half-Snakekin General had dropped eleven items previously. However, as they were in a rush before, they quickly collected the items closest to them before fleeing to this cave. Then, they hastily logged out of the game after setting up a magic barrier on the cave’s entrance. So, even until now, nobody knew what they had obtained from the Regional Boss.

Subsequently, under Sky Pivot’s command, everyone took out the items they looted. Immediately afterward, the density of Mana and various other energies in the cave started to rise rapidly. Even Eternal Energy had started to gather from all directions.

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