Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3509

Chapter 583 – Sweeping the Sky With One Slash

Following Cang Sha’s words, Fire Bull’s anxiety levels promptly skyrocketed.

“Cang Sha! No messing around!” Fire Bull quickly advised when he saw Cang Sha seemingly itching for a fight. “I don’t know what grudge you have with that young man, but you will cause all of us to die here if you act now.”

At this point, Fire Bull regarded Cang Sha as if she were his ancestor.

It wasn’t simply because Cang Sha possessed astonishing strength; it was also due to her unpredictable temperament. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she could be smiling at someone in one moment and killing them in the next. In fact, this had happened multiple times in Seven Luminaries Town, and the Fire Demon Party had already made many enemies in town because of Cang Sha.

Currently, they were about to engage a force of a thousand Holy Race experts in battle. Even if it was just an aerial battle, it wouldn’t be easy to deal with. If they were to start a fight with the Dawnlight Party in such a situation, it would undoubtedly lead to a nightmarish scenario.

Others might not know of the Dawnlight Party’s true strength, but as an old rival of the party, Fire Bull knew just how formidable the party was. It was especially so for the party’s leader, Sky Pivot.

Sky Pivot was so strong that if he disregarded caution and unleashed his full power, not even the top ten experts of Seven Luminaries Town would dare to provoke him.

The Summoner class might seem to primarily rely on summoned creatures as their main method of attack, but Sky Pivot wasn’t just a Summoner. He was also a Spirit Controller. And while the Spirit Controller hidden class might not be considered a Peak Class, it was an Advanced Class that strongly complemented the Summoner class.

As a Spirit Controller, Sky Pivot could devour the souls of creatures to strengthen himself. When combined with his Summoner class’s ability to merge with his summoned creatures, Sky Pivot could easily transcend tiers.

Normally, though, Sky Pivot would rarely ever use this move. Fire Bull only happened to see Sky Pivot using it once during their previous joint dungeon raid.

If it wasn’t for the Dawnlight Party being put at risk of annihilation, Sky Pivot might not have used that move at the time.

While Fire Bull was anxiously keeping Cang Sha in check, standing atop the Illusory Gryffin, Moon Bamboo and the others instinctively drew their weapons and fixed their gazes on Cang Sha with great caution.

Who is this young lady?! Why is her aura so terrifying?! Moon Bamboo was greatly shocked by Cang Sha’s presence. If she didn’t know any better, she would have thought she was facing a Demon God.

As an expert with Tier 6 Intermediate Concentration, Moon Bamboo could remain calm even if she faced a genuine Tier 6 God. Yet, even though she was currently facing a young lady of the same tier, her heart pounded with great anxiety. This was simply unbelievable.

How many monsters are there hidden in the Greater God’s Domain? Billowing Water was at a loss for words.

Originally, she believed she had already reached the apex of the Greater God’s Domain, thinking that few experts among the younger generation could rival her. However, upon arriving in the inland region of the Western Continent, her assumption was quickly proven wrong by Black Flame, ranked eleventh on the Sacred Glory List. And now, she was again proven wrong by Cang Sha, whom she had never even heard of until today. Moreover, these unknown experts she encountered seemed to be getting younger and younger…

While Moon Bamboo, Billowing Water, and the others were recovering from their shock, Cang Sha suddenly retracted her imposing aura, transforming back into a harmless-looking girl.

“I was just playing a small joke with Big Brother Black Flame, Leader. Why are you taking it so seriously?” Cang Sha said, chuckling softly as she looked at Fire Bull’s nervous expression.

“A joke?” Fire Bull looked at Cang Sha’s playful expression in exasperation. “You nearly scared me to death!”

Just a moment ago, he was only a moment away from taking preemptive action against the Dawnlight Party. After all, Cang Sha was a member of the Fire Demon Party. So long as she made a move, it would be equivalent to the Fire Demon Party making a move.

And since they were going to engage in a battle with the Dawnlight Party, it was only natural for them to take the initiative and finish the fight before it could escalate. Otherwise, if Sky Pivot unleashed his full power, the Fire Demon Party would suffer significant losses.

“Rather than focus on me, I think we should prioritize dealing with the Holy Race experts first, Leader,” Cang Sha said as she looked at the Holy Race experts who were less than two hundred yards away.

“True.” Nodding, Fire Bull turned to Sky Pivot and said with a serious look, “This is your last chance to submit, Pivot. Otherwise, we won’t help you afterward.”

“Aren’t you being a little overconfident in yourself, Fire Bull? You’d be better off focusing your concern on yourself. Don’t let me see you failing to even make it to the entrance later,” Sky Pivot said, chuckling.

While he did not know the exact strength of the current Fire Demon Party, he was well aware that the current Dawnlight Party was significantly stronger than before. In addition to three Half-step Tier 6 players, the party also had Billowing Water, whose Basic Attributes had already reached the standard of Tier 6 players. With such a formidable lineup, breaking through the Holy Race’s aerial encirclement would be a piece of cake.

“Let’s go, Leader,” Cang Sha said to Fire Bull after taking one last look at Shi Feng. “Since Party Leader Pivot has already made his decision, we will wait for the Dawnlight Party inside the city.”

Cang Sha was personally interested in Black Flame and originally intended to eliminate him herself. However, when she thought about how she might risk exposing some of her strength, she decided to leave this matter for the Holy Race players to handle.

“Alright, then. Suit yourself,” Fire Bull said as he looked at Sky Pivot’s confident expression. Then, he directed the Void Manta to fly toward the several dozen approaching Flying Mounts.

A moment later, the Void Manta, under Fire Bull’s control, abruptly turned into a blur and swiftly flew past the approaching Holy Race experts without attracting attention. It was as if none of the Holy Race players noticed the Fire Demon Party, and they simply let the party fly past their shoulders.

“What’s going on?” Moon Bamboo couldn’t help but be dumbfounded by how easily the Fire Demon Party had gotten past the Holy Race experts. “Why did those Holy Race experts let them pass just like that?”

“A mental combat technique! That’s a mental combat technique! She has actually mastered a high-ranking mental combat technique! No wonder Fire Bull was so confident!” Sky Pivot exclaimed. “Who is this young lady?”

Mental combat techniques were extremely rare in God’s Domain, their rarity comparable to Fragmented Divine Artifacts. Some of the stronger mental combat techniques could even rival Divine Artifacts in rarity. As for the difficulty of mastering a mental combat technique, it was several times greater than mastering Offensive and Defensive Gold Combat Techniques.

However, so long as a player managed to master a mental combat technique, they’d be nigh-invincible among players of the same tier!

“The Holy Race experts look furious, Leader. I’m afraid it might be difficult for us to break through,” Moon Bamboo commented when she saw how all of the approaching Holy Race experts had already unleashed their Holy Auras. It was obvious that the Holy Race experts had realized how the Fire Demon Party had played them and were prepared to face another mental combat technique.

What made Holy Race players stronger than human players was their mastery of Holy Aura. So long as they activated their Holy Auras, their strength would undergo a tremendous transformation. Even in a competition of raw Strength, Moon Bamboo, who was a Half-step Tier 6 Guardian Knight, would be outmatched.

Splashing Fire and Budding Leaf also couldn’t help but grow nervous.

Previously, they had planned to take advantage of the Holy Race players’ unpreparedness to swiftly break through. But now, all of the approaching Holy Race players had used their Holy Auras. In such a situation, their chances of breaking through became highly uncertain.

Meanwhile, Fire Bull, who was close to reaching the city, couldn’t help but chuckle when he turned back and saw the Holy Race experts closing in on the Dawnlight Party.

He had tried to advise Sky Pivot, but it’s a pity the other party refused to heed his advice and conceitedly believed that he could break through the Holy Race army with just a couple of Half-step Tier 6 players.

However, as the Void Manta was about to reach the city walls, Fire Bull suddenly heard a deafening thunder echoing from behind him. Immediately afterward, the sky darkened, and mana in the vicinity vanished completely.

When Fire Bull turned around, he saw a Swordsman standing at the edge of a patch of darkness. As for the thousand or so Holy Race experts who had been closing in on the Dawnlight Party, they had all vanished from the sky as if they had never appeared.

Goddess-ranked Mana Technique, Sword of Space!

“Let’s head over as well,” Shi Feng said as he sheathed the Shadow Incinerator.

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