Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3512

Chapter 586 – Level 180 Gorgon Queen

“The city’s treasury?”

“Did you really find it, Leader?!”

When the others in the Dawnlight Party heard Sky Pivot’s words, they promptly perked up their ears, not wanting to miss out on anything important.

They had gained a massive harvest in the past five days, which was easily more than they had gained over the past two months of exploration. If they were to show up in the current Seven Luminaries Town fully equipped in Combat Secret Treasures, they would instantly become the center of attention. Not to mention, they could also use their excess Secret Treasures and Mana Purification Techniques to trade with the Seven Luminaries Alliance.

It should be known that the Seven Luminaries Alliance was incredibly wealthy. So long as they could provide sufficient Secret Treasures and Mana Purification Techniques, they could even exchange Legendary Weapons and Equipment.

Of course, they wouldn’t do such a thing, as they all belonged to organizations. Obtaining Secret Treasures on the Western Continent might be relatively easy, but it was a completely different situation on the Eternal Continent.

On the current Eternal Continent, even a single Common Secret Treasure could cause the various powers’ core experts to lose their minds. If each of them were to bring back a haul of several hundred Common Secret Treasures to their respective organizations, they would definitely cause a massive uproar. Not to mention, they would also be bringing back multiple Combat Secret Treasures.

However, if they were talking about the city’s treasury, the harvest they obtained in the past five days would most likely be pitiful in comparison.

In God’s Domain, any city’s treasury represented the entire city’s wealth. The value of the items inside easily outstripped the items that monsters could drop. Simply acquiring a city’s treasure could allow a power to prosper and grow stronger.

“I’m not entirely sure,” Sky Pivot said after taking a deep breath. “I found an underground chamber that’s sealed by divine scripts and runes through my Shadow Rats. There are also a thousand Legendary-ranked Half-Snakekin Chieftains and a hundred Regional Boss-ranked Half-Snakekin Generals guarding the entrance.”

“A thousand Chieftains and a hundred Generals? Heavens! Is this a nest of Bosses?” Splashing Fire gasped.

Normally, it would take a team or party of highly-skilled experts just to raid one Regional Boss. Moreover, Regional Bosses would typically only operate solo or with a group of underlings. It was simply unheard of for one hundred Regional Bosses to be in the same location.

“If that’s the case, the sealed chamber should be the city’s treasury,” Billowing Water said, feeling that Sky Pivot’s judgment should be on the mark.

It wasn’t uncommon for the various powers to raid monster-infested cities. Meanwhile, the treasuries of these cities would usually be guarded by multiple Bosses. The only difference between those cities and this nameless city was that this city’s treasury had many, many more Bosses guarding it.

“What should we do? Should we give it a try?” Budding Leaf asked.

“Of course!” Moon Bamboo stated firmly.

Any city’s treasury would contain an astronomical wealth, let alone a city left behind by a Divine Kingdom. The items contained in this nameless city’s treasury would most likely be beyond measure.

Shi Feng also nodded in agreement with Moon Bamboo.

Although he had already achieved his goal of coming to the Plain of Fallen Gods, now that the opportunity to secure this nameless city’s treasury was presented before him, he naturally had to give it a try.

“Okay! I’ll lead the way!” Sky Pivot stopped hesitating when he saw that everyone was in agreement.

Nameless City, underground passage:

Under Sky Pivot’s lead, the party traversed the city’s underground network without encountering any monsters and arrived at an underground plaza after just three short hours.

Currently, though, the underground plaza that was the size of several sports stadiums was occupied by ten thousand Holy Race experts, and these experts were methodically eliminating the one hundred Half-Snakekin Generals.

“Dammit! The Holy Race got here ahead of us!” Splashing Fire softly cursed with a look of reluctance when he saw that all Half-Snakekin Chieftains were dead, and the surviving Half-Snakekin Generals had little HP remaining.

Had they arrived when the Holy Race was in a stalemate with the monsters, they could have still taken the opportunity to cause chaos or perhaps even cause both sides to suffer severe losses. But now that the battle’s outcome had already been decided, they would have to face the wrath of ten thousand Holy Race experts. Moreover, they would have to do so while grounded this time.

As expected of the Holy Race. Their overall strength is far superior to that of human players, Shi Feng thought as he observed the Holy Race experts in the underground plaza.

In his previous life, Holy Race players were much stronger than human players on average. This wasn’t simply because Holy Race players had access to Holy Power. Besides that, Holy Race players were also much better at utilizing their Holy Power than humans were at utilizing Mana. In addition, the population of Holy Race players was much larger than human players.

Now, seeing the Holy Race experts on the underground plaza, he gained a better understanding of the Holy Race’s situation. It would seem that the Holy Race players weren’t just stronger than human players on average. They also had a very obvious superiority in numbers regarding fifth-floor experts.

Of the Holy Race teams gathered on the plaza, at least 10% of each team’s members were at the fifth-floor standard. On the humans’ side, even the various apex powers would have difficulty fielding such teams. Aside from special exceptions, apex powers could only afford to have one fifth-floor expert leading each of their 100-man elite teams on average. However, of the Holy Race players gathered on the plaza, the majority of them only came from ordinary powers among the Holy Race. At best, these powers were equivalent to the humans’ ordinary hegemonic powers.

“What a coincidence, Pivot. You guys made it here as well.”

Suddenly, a wild and deep voice entered the ears of the Dawnlight Party’s members. A moment later, a translucent silhouette appeared not far away from the team, and it belonged to none other than Fire Bull, the leader of the Fire Demon Party.

“You guys are as good at hiding as always, Fire Bull,” Sky Pivot commented when he saw Fire Bull and the rest of the Fire Demon Party suddenly appearing out of nowhere. “It’s a pity that neither of us is fated to have this treasury.”

“Even if you came when the fight just started, it wouldn’t have mattered,” Fire Bull said, nonchalantly shaking his head. Then, he shifted his gaze toward an expressionless woman standing on the plaza and continued, “Do you see that beauty single-handedly suppressing a Half-Snakekin General over there? So long as she’s here, none of us stand a chance.”

“Is she very strong?” Billowing Water asked as she followed Fire Bull’s gaze out of curiosity.

“Strong?” Fire Bull looked at Billowing Water in exasperation. “The word ‘strong’ doesn’t come anywhere close to describing her. She was previously responsible for single-handedly annihilating the team led by one of Seven Luminaries Town’s old monsters. That’s not your average 20-man team we are talking about. That’s one of the town’s top three teams. Even the team’s weakest member is at the Half-step Tier 6 standard. Yet, even the whole team working together failed to survive against that woman. Moreover, from what I heard, nobody on the team survived more than one move against her…”

“She annihilated such a team by herself?” Billowing Water was shocked.

“So she’s Extreme Feather, the Angel of Death?” When Moon Bamboo looked at the expressionless woman on the plaza, she disgruntledly said, “But so what if she is? How would we know if we can’t gain anything if we don’t give it a try? So long as the Regional Bosses die, the treasury’s seal will be lifted. We are already inside a city zone. Once the seal is lifted, we can simply charge into the treasury, grab an item, teleport away with a Random Teleportation Scroll, and quickly locate the exit. If we do that, how can she, a Holy Race player who can’t use any Skills or Spells, catch up to us?”

Because Holy Race players utilized Holy Power instead of Mana, they lacked the means to achieve instant teleportation. So long as their mana didn’t get sealed, they could easily escape from Extreme Feather and the other Holy Race players.

“Oh, right!” Fire Bull exclaimed in realization. “How can I forget they lack the means to stop us from teleporting? So long as we use a Random Teleportation Scroll, we can easily escape!”

Following Moon Bamboo’s words, everyone present quickly came to a realization and simultaneously turned to the now unsealed treasury, excitement filling their eyes.

While they might not be able to monopolize the entire treasury, they could still make a fortune if they could obtain some of the treasury’s items.

Immediately, Sky Pivot, Fire Bull, and everyone else took out a Tier 4 Random Teleportation Scroll from their bags. They were ready to charge into the treasury and activate the scroll at a moment’s notice.

However, before Sky Pivot and the others could take action, a lithe figure with a serpent’s tail suddenly slithered out of the unsealed treasury’s doors. Upon seeing this lithe figure, everyone, including the Holy Race players intending to rush into the treasury, froze and shuddered.

This was because the monster that came out of the treasury was nothing like the Half-Snakekin monsters that guarded the treasury. Instead, it was a Level 180, Tier 6 Divine monster.

A Gorgon Queen!

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