Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3516

Chapter 590 – Promoting the Frostflame Phantom Dragon

What dense Eternal Energy!

Shi Feng was stunned by the huge streams of Eternal Energy flowing out of the void.

Previously, when the Dawnlight Party killed the Half-Snakekin General on the Plain of Fallen Gods, the Eternal Energy that the Regional Boss’s loot gathered was already very astonishing. However, compared to the phenomenon before him, it was utterly insignificant.

It should be known that the secret room’s defensive barrier could withstand attacks from Tier 5 players. Yet, the barrier was cracking simply from the Eternal Energy in the room. In addition, when he inhaled, he could feel a refreshing feeling spreading throughout his mind and body.

However, Shi Feng didn’t dwell on this phenomenon for long as he quickly appraised the five items. He worried that the room’s barrier might break if he wasted any more time. If that happened, the situation inside the room would become exposed.

After taking about a minute to appraise the five items, Shi Feng couldn’t help but be stunned once again.

No wonder that Gorgon Queen tried so desperately to kill me.

After seeing the items he had looted, Shi Feng quickly understood why the Gorgon Queen looked so incensed when she saw him looting the treasury.

If he were in the Gorgon Queen’s shoes, he, too, would probably wish for nothing more than to kill the thief.

Of the five items he looted, four were incredibly rare Fragmented Divine Artifact-ranked materials, and they were two bottles of Divine Water of Life and two bottles of Soul Essence.

Divine Water of Life was the superior version of the Water of Life. Not only could it be used to resurrect dead NPCs, but it could also enhance the essence of NPCs. Its only downside was that players couldn’t use it.

Regardless, it was an item that had disappeared since the ancient era, and he had only learned about it through records found in the Grand Library. But if he were to put a value on the Divine Water of Life, each bottle should be worth one Legendary Weapon at the very least.

As for Soul Essence, it was an item with only one purpose—to give players who had suffered permanent deaths in God’s Domain a second chance to enter God’s Domain. It was a simple purpose, but it was one that all players in God’s Domain highly coveted.

Although each player could only use Soul Essence once in their lifetimes, its value still matched that of Fragmented Divine Artifacts.

As for the fifth item Shi Feng looted, it was a consumable. Or, more specifically, it was a potion produced by a Craftsman Alchemist.

The Elixir of Fortune!

So long as players drank the potion, their Luck, a Hidden Attribute, would be increased significantly for 24 hours.

Looking at the Divine Water of Life, Soul Essence, and Elixir of Fortune, Shi Feng suddenly got goosebumps.

It should be known that he had only gotten past the treasury’s doors and stopped at the outermost section. Moreover, he had only randomly looted five items from the outermost section. However, from what he managed to see, the treasury was at least the size of a sports stadium, and he saw many more items similar to the five he looted present in the treasury.

In his previous life, when Zero Wing captured an ancient Holy City, the combined value of the items Zero Wing obtained from the Holy City’s treasury couldn’t even come close to the five items before him. Yet, these five items only comprised a small portion of the items stored in the stadium-sized treasury…

But before Shi Feng could recover his senses, a series of system notifications suddenly rang in his ears.

System: A Gorgon Queen has cursed you.

System: The Gorgon Queen’s Curse will cause part of your soul to dissipate with each death you suffer. While this curse is in effect, the Gorgon Queen will also be alerted to your presence so long as you get within 1,000 yards of the King’s Treasury.

How ruthless! Shi Feng couldn’t help but be flabbergasted when he saw the notifications.

Although he had already guessed that the treasury’s origins were extraordinary, he didn’t expect to suffer such severe consequences from looting it.

The Gorgon Queen’s Curse ensured he would lose a portion of his Immortal Soul with each death he suffered. This meant that from now onward, even normal deaths would gradually push him toward a permanent death in God’s Domain. Moreover, even if he exhausted his Immortal Soul and resurrected it using Soul Essence, the curse still wouldn’t disappear. The only way he could get rid of it was by killing the curse’s caster.

Even if it were in his previous life, the feat of slaying a Tier 6 Primordial Godkin was something he would have to mobilize the entirety of Zero Wing’s strength. It simply wasn’t a task he could complete by himself.

However, Shi Feng quickly got over his shock and shifted his attention toward the two bottles of Divine Water of Life.

Divine Water of Life was labeled as one of the three Divine Liquids in God’s Domain, and it could elevate the Life Rating of any creature, except players, to the extremes. Items such as the Fruit of Life and the Seven Luminaries Fruit were nothing in comparison to the Divine Water of Life.

During his previous life, Shi Feng had seen a Personal Guard who had been enhanced using the Divine Water of Life. The Personal Guard in question was also one of the only five Advanced Legendary Guards that existed in the entire Greater God’s Domain.

Normally, the various powers’ executives could, at best, recruit Epic-ranked NPCs to serve as their Personal Guards. Meanwhile, when developed to their full potential, Epic Guards could closely match Four-Winged Valkyries of the same tier.

As for Legendary Guards, not even the various apex powers would dare think of recruiting one. This was because every Legendary Guard could rival Gods of the same tier when fully developed.

As for Advanced Legendary Guards, they were existences on par with Ancient Gods. Though, in the eyes of players, they were even more challenging to deal with than Ancient Gods.

This was because Personal Guards had a much easier time obtaining weapons and equipment than players. Meanwhile, an Advanced Legendary Guard could potentially equip themselves fully with Divine Weapons and Equipment. And once they managed to do so, their combat prowess would be on par with Primordial Gods.

Meanwhile, all five Advanced Legendary Guards in Shi Feng’s previous life were fully equipped with Divine Weapons and Equipment. Because of this, even the various apex powers had to treat the owners of these Personal Guards with respect.

Normally, Advanced Legendary Guards were born with their rank. It wasn’t a realm that Personal Guards could achieve by relying on external items. The Divine Water of Life was the only exception. It was also because one of the five Advanced Legendary Guards had come into existence by relying on the Divine Water of Life that the various powers were made aware of its existence.

Only, apart from the owner of the “artificial” Advanced Legendary Guard, nobody else knew how to obtain the Divine Water of Life.

I don’t have any Personal Guards with great potential right now, so I can only gamble on it, Shi Feng thought as he took out the Ancient Oath.

Flying Mounts might not be comparable to Personal Guards in combat power, but they were much more useful than Personal Guards. This was because even if a Flying Mount died, it could be resurrected limitlessly without using Water of Life.

Previously, the Frostflame Phantom Dragon had already become an Advanced Legendary Flying Mount after undergoing a mutation. If it could achieve further improvements, it would greatly benefit him.

Thinking up to this point, Shi Feng summoned the Mutated Frostflame Phantom Dragon inside the secret room. Then, to ensure his success, he fed both bottles of Divine Water of Life to the Phantom Dragon.

Upon consuming the two bottles of light-blue liquid, the Phantom Dragon let out a resounding roar, and its body began radiating a multicolored brilliance. For a moment, it looked like the Phantom Dragon was transforming into a dragon of light. Its size also started to grow at a visible rate.

Ten seconds later, the Phantom Dragon had grown to a length of 100 meters. If not for the secret room having an adjustable space, it would have been impossible for the room to fit the Phantom Dragon.

After one full minute had passed, the multicolored brilliance radiated by the Phantom Dragon dissipated, revealing a body that measured 300 meters in length. The Phantom Dragon was several times larger than before, and its every action caused the secret room’s space to tremble.

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