Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3518

Chapter 3518 – Chapter 592 – Advanced Bronze Mana Purification Technique

“A Mana Purification Technique?”

Hidden Soul couldn’t help but grow confused when she saw Shi Feng taking out a book.

However, upon inspecting the book, whether it was Hidden Soul or Gentle Snow and the others, everyone was surprised.

There existed very few methods that players could rely on to improve the strength of their mana in God’s Domain. Typically, they could only rely on the effects of special weapons and equipment to do so. However, every one of these items was worth a fortune. If the weapon or equipment happened to be at the Fragmented Legendary rank, it would be worth more than even the average Legendary Weapon and Equipment.

Yet, now, a Mana Purification Technique could accomplish the same result as one of those valuable items, and the effects were even permanent. The technique completely shattered their knowledge of God’s Domain.

Moreover, the Bronze Mana Purification Technique before them was simply heaven-defying. It could actually elevate the strength of their mana by one tier, instantly granting them access to mana that was typically only available to Tier 6 players.

“Where did you get this thing, Guild Leader?” Gentle Snow couldn’t help but ask.

Mana was the foundation of human players. Meanwhile, the stronger their mana, the easier a time they would have when constructing their Divine Bodies. It was also why the various powers were desperately looking to obtain Extraordinary Secret Treasures before having their experts get promoted to Tier 6.

Otherwise, with the wealth the various powers possessed, even the average upper-ranking hegemonic power could have produced a group of Tier 6 experts by now. They wouldn’t have needed to bother hunting for high-ranking Secret Treasures.

However, even in the case of Extraordinary Secret Treasures, a player would need to be fully equipped with them to elevate their mana’s strength from Tier 5 to Tier 6.

“The Western Continent,” Shi Feng frankly stated. “This is also why I called all of you back.”

“The Western Continent?” Hidden Soul’s gaze grew passionate when she heard Shi Feng’s answer. “If we can secure a large number of these Bronze Purification Techniques, Zero Wing will absolutely become the number one Guild in the Crystal City! Or possibly even the whole Eternal Realm!”

Having stronger mana meant being able to construct stronger Tier 6 Divine Bodies. Compared to the Bronze Purification Technique, Extraordinary Secret Treasures were greatly inferior.

“Don’t get excited too early. Bronze Mana Techniques aren’t so easy to obtain. I’m only taking you there to try our luck,” Shi Feng said, shaking his head and chuckling when he saw everyone’s excitement.

The drop rate for Bronze Purification Techniques was incredibly low, even in the Nameless City. After grinding with the Dawnlight Party for five days, he had only received one for his share. It was simply impossible for Zero Wing to distribute Bronze Purification Techniques to its members in large quantities.

The only reason he was bringing along Hidden Soul and the others was so that they could try their luck before the upcoming city battle began. After all, he had promised Red Frost to help her recover her peak strength before the city battle, and a Common Purification Technique was probably not enough to let her do so; a Bronze Purification Technique would be needed at the very least.

Subsequently, everyone split up to make the necessary preparations as they waited for the Abyss Workshop Certification’s World-Breaking Teleportation to come off cooldown. Then, as soon as the Skill was ready, Shi Feng brought Hidden Soul and the other core members of Zero Wing to the Western Continent’s Nameless City.

After twelve hours had passed, the Nameless City had already recovered its initial calm.

“Such rich Eternal Energy!”

“I feel like if I could train here for a long time, reaching the fifth-floor standard would no longer be a dream.”

The instant Hidden Soul and the others arrived in the Nameless City, they felt invigorated. As for Wu Xiaoxiao and Midsummer, who had experienced the Hundred Refinement Building in the past, they found the Nameless City’s environment incredibly familiar.

“We’re limited on time. I’ll aggro the monsters while you all find opportunities to deal damage,” Shi Feng said as he looked at the intoxicated members of his team.

After saying so, Shi Feng leaped several hundred yards away and charged toward the nearest Half-Snakekin monster. At the same time, he took out the Feather of Oath and summoned six Tier 5 War Goddesses to fight alongside him. Unlike before, he no longer intended to hold back when fighting the Half-Snakekin monsters.

Previously, when he was grinding with the Dawnlight Party, everyone in the party needed to share the loot they obtained. Had he expended Seven Luminaries Crystals to summon War Goddesses back then, he would have incurred a huge deficit. But now that everyone on his team was a core member of Zero Wing, all of the loot would belong to Zero Wing, so he naturally didn’t need to continue conserving his strength.

Meanwhile, with the help of the six Tier 5 War Goddesses, Shi Feng was able to kill the Half-Snakekin monsters several times faster than the Dawnlight Party, even without the help of Hidden Soul and the others. Needless to say, the efficiency increased even further when Zero Wing’s members joined in.

Although Zero Wing’s members initially suffered a lot against the Half-Snakekin monsters’ mental attacks, thanks to the six War Goddesses’ assistance, they never got into life-threatening situations. And because of the monsters’ loot, everyone’s morale grew as they fought.

Normally, they would need to kill hundreds of monsters in the Underground Crystal Palace for a Common Secret Treasure to drop. In comparison, they would see one dropping here every dozen or so Half-Snakeskin monsters they killed. They would even occasionally see Combat Secret Treasures dropping.

It should be known that Combat Secret Treasures were normally only dropped by Regional Bosses in the Underground Crystal Palace. The chances of normal monsters dropping it were close to zero.

Combat Secret Treasures were so rare that even until now, Gentle Snow was the only one fully equipped with Combat Secret Treasures. Moreover, it was the Ice Crystal Secret Treasure Set that Zero Wing had obtained quite some time ago. As for everyone else present, they only had two Combat Secret Treasures equipped, with the rest of their kit comprising Common Secret Treasures. Even so, they could already rank among the upper echelon of experts in the Crystal City.

When one Half-Snakekin General was about to die, Shi Feng took out the Elixir of Fortune and drank it. Then, he promptly ended the Legendary Regional Boss’s life.

Is that…an Advanced Bronze Purification Technique?

Shi Feng couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw mist-like Eternal Energy gathering around a book the Half-Snakekin General dropped.

He hadn’t been hoping for much when he used the Elixir of Fortune. He only hoped to obtain one or two Bronze Purification Techniques before the city battle. After all, he couldn’t afford to grind for five straight days this time.

Going by past experience, Common Purification Techniques could increase the density of the surrounding Eternal Energy by several times when initially dropped, while Bronze Purification Techniques could make the surrounding Eternal Energy vaguely visible to the naked eye. Currently, though, the Mana Purification Technique the Half-Snakekin General dropped had turned the surrounding Eternal Energy into a mist-like state. There was no doubt it was the Advanced Bronze Purification Technique currently sought by all of Seven Luminaries Town’s players.

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