Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3519

Chapter 593 – Fifteen Cities Arrive!

“Is this Advanced Bronze Purification Technique precious, Guild Leader?” Hidden Soul asked when she saw Shi Feng looking visibly moved as he picked up a book from the ground.

They had already obtained several Mana Purification Techniques from killing only a few hundred Half-Snakekin monsters, so it didn’t seem like Mana Purification Techniques were as rare as Shi Feng made them out to be.

“Precious?” Shi Feng couldn’t help but feel exasperated when he saw Hidden Soul’s calm reaction. “Would you believe me if I said this is possibly the first Advanced Bronze Purification Technique found on the entire Western Continent?”

Based on Sky Pivot’s claims, Advanced Bronze Purification Techniques could only be obtained from the Primordial Demon’s Necropolis, a World Mode Regional Dungeon.


World Mode Regional Dungeons were off-limits to non-Tier 6 players, and even Tier 6 experts would face a considerable chance of death. Normally, Tier 6 players would have to operate in 20-man teams at the very least to ensure their safety.

Yet, now, they had obtained an Advanced Bronze Purification Technique without having to set foot into a place as dangerous as the Primordial Demon’s Necropolis. If the Seven Luminaries Alliance were to learn of this, it would probably get the urge to strangle them.

“First?” Hearing Shi Feng’s words, Hidden Soul took out a book she had looted from a Tier 4 Mythic-ranked Half-Snakekin Warrior and happily said, “Then, mine here should be the second one.”

As soon as the book Hidden Soul took out was exposed to the surrounding environment, it promptly attracted Eternal Energy from its surroundings, and the density of the gathered Eternal Energy was comparable to what surrounded the book the Half-Snakekin General dropped.

Seeing Hidden Soul’s elated look, Shi Feng couldn’t help but fall silent.

He had only obtained an Advanced Bronze Purification Technique after using the precious Elixir of Fortune. Yet, Hidden Soul had acquired one without the help of a similar item. Moreover, it would seem that she had acquired it before he did…

Of course, Shi Feng didn’t find the situation completely unreasonable. The Nameless City, for the most part, remained unexplored. So, the monsters’ loot drop rate should be higher than normal, and this should be applied to Advanced Bronze Mana Purification Techniques as well.

“Guild Leader! Several Holy Race teams are advancing in our direction from the east!” Sleeping Quicksand, who was observing the surroundings using the Eyes of God Spell, suddenly reported. “They’ll reach us in ten seconds!”

“We have limited time; don’t engage them,” Shi Feng stated. “We’ll head to the central region where there are more monsters. Quicksand, use Mirage Enchantment on the team.”

The Oracle class wasn’t just a healing class. It was also a powerful support class. Not to mention, Sleeping Quicksand was conferred the title of Saintess by the Seven Luminaries Alliance in his previous life. Back then, she was considered one of the ten strongest experts in the past century.

Currently, although Sleeping Quicksand had yet to fully develop her potential, she was already close to reaching the fifth-floor standard after honing herself in the Eternal Realm. Her Concentration had also reached the Tier 6 Intermediate standard already. So, it wasn’t difficult for her to cast Mirage Enchantment, a Tier 4 Spell, on a team of less than twenty players.

Meanwhile, with the help of Mirage Enchantment concealing everyone’s presence and the six War Goddesses clearing the way, the team shook off the pursuing Holy Race players in no time. Then, they swiftly made their way deeper into the Nameless City.

Subsequently, a day passed in the blink of an eye. Thanks to the help of the six War Goddesses, Zero Wing’s team killed far more Half-Snakekin monsters in one day than the Dawnlight Party did in five days. Everyone on the team also reached Level 165, placing them at the top of the Western Continent.

“Guild Leader, a call came in from Vice President Xia in the real world. She says the fifteen cities will reach Star Lake City in less than twelve hours. Even if Star Lake City accelerates to buy time, it will take those cities no more than twenty hours to surround Star Lake City,” Hidden Soul reported to Shi Feng after seeing him finish off a Half-Snakekin General. “Also, Vice President Xia says she has already delivered the God Crystals you need.”

“Finally. I thought she wouldn’t make it in time.” Shi Feng sighed in relief at the news. “Tally the loot and have everyone log off to rest.”

After making the deal with Red Frost, Shi Feng had promptly contacted Xia Qingying, hoping that she could utilize the Eternal Chamber of Commerce’s trade network to purchase God Crystals in bulk for him.

Although he had tried to purchase God Crystals in the Crystal City of Secrets via Zero Wing, the various powers regarded God Crystals as a strategic resource and refused to sell any of their stockpiles. Not to mention, God crystals were as rare as Fragmented Legendary items.

So, even after many days of effort, Zero Wing had only collected a little over 30 God Crystals. Moreover, all of them were acquired from independent players at the astronomical price of one Combat Secret Treasure per two God Crystals.

However, that still wasn’t enough God Crystals for his purposes. Each attempt to learn an Intermediate Divine Engraving from the Book of Eternity cost 50 God Crystals. With the God Crystals he had on hand, he couldn’t even afford one learning attempt. Not to mention, he also needed to save a few God Crystals so that he could utilize the Feather of Oath’s Heroic Pledge in case of emergencies.

Ultimately, after much deliberation, he chose to purchase God Crystals from the Eternal Chamber of Commerce through Xia Qingying at the price of twenty Eternal Gold Coins per God Crystal. Last he was informed, Xia Qingying had successfully purchased at least 200 God Crystals from the Eternal Chamber of Commerce, essentially spending most of the profits the Secret Crystal Trading Firm generated thus far. And after factoring in the Guild’s daily expenditure, Shi Feng was left with little to no money.

“Leave it to me!” Hidden Soul happily responded and began collecting the items on the ground.

After about ten minutes, Hidden Soul finished organizing the team’s loot and handed Shi Feng a list.

“Here is a list of all the loot we obtained after entering the Nameless City, Guild Leader,” Hidden Soul said as she looked at her own copy of the list excitedly. “Thus far, we have collected 1,227 Common Secret Treasures, 232 Combat Secret Treasures, 143 Common Purification Techniques, 26 Bronze Purification Techniques, and 10 Advanced Bronze Purification Techniques. We already have enough Purification Techniques to outfit a 100-man team!”

Although Shi Feng already had a general idea of how much loot they had acquired, he still couldn’t help but be shocked when he heard the actual numbers.

Setting aside the Secret Treasures, just the 26 Bronze Purification Techniques and 10 Advanced Bronze Purification Techniques they obtained would already be enough to cause the entire Seven Luminaries Town to go crazy.

At this point, Shi Feng didn’t even dare imagine how terrifying a team Zero Wing could develop if it managed to digest all of these Bronze and Advanced Bronze Purification Techniques.

It should be known that any player who successfully learned a Bronze Purification Technique would be publicly recognized as a Half-step Tier 6 player in Seven Luminaries Town. Such players could even match Tier 6 players on the Eternal continent.

As for players who successfully learned an Advanced Bronze Purification Technique, although Shi Feng didn’t have any references to go by, he was certain that such players would be at the Half-step Tier 6 standard at the very least. And if Zero Wing were to suddenly gain a force of 36 Half-step Tier 6 experts, it could probably dominate the entire Crystal City of Secrets and strike fear into the various pseudo-apex powers.

Following this, Shi Feng kept all the Mana Purification Techniques and Common Secret Treasures. Then, he had everyone fully equip themselves in Combat Secret Treasures before storing the rest away. After doing all that, he and the rest of the team found a secure location before logging out of the game.

TL Notes:

Due to changes made by the author, I will making the following changes from Chapter 414 onward:
1) Certain instances of Basic/Intermediate Divine Patterns will now be changed to Basic/Intermediate Divine Engravings. But note that both Divine Patterns and Divine Engravings exist. Divine Engravings are a composition of Divine Patterns

Chapter 415:
The Basic Strengthening Pattern was composed of three different divine patterns: the Basic Structural Analysis Pattern, the Basic Structural Remodeling Pattern, and the Basic Structural Solidification Pattern.

The Basic Enhancement Engraving was composed of three different divine patterns: the Basic Structural Analysis Pattern, the Basic Structural Remodeling Pattern, and the Basic Structural Solidification Pattern.

2) “Engraving(action)” and “drawing(action)” will also be replaced with “inscribing(action)” to avoid repetition such as “Shi Feng is engraving a Basic Divine Engraving.”

3) a set of Basic/Intermediate Divine Patterns will be changed to a/an Basic Intermediate Engraving.

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