Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3520

Chapter 594 – Night Watch Legion

Star Lake City, Zero Wing Training Center:

The hatch of Shi Feng’s virtual gaming cabin opened. But before Shi Feng could climb out of the cabin, his quantum watch sounded an incoming call.

After climbing out of the cabin, Shi Feng connected the call and immediately saw the holographic image of Pace Angel, who was tasked with managing the Zero Wing Training Center, appearing before him.

“Guild Leader, Vice President Xia of the Green God Corporation is already waiting in the lounge,” Pace Angel hurriedly reported when she saw her call connecting. “In addition, voices for Zero Wing to be removed from the city are growing louder because of the fifteen cities closing in. Currently, over a hundred corporations and families have already spoken up in protest to the City Lord. Over half of the Star Lake Legion’s members have also withdrawn from the legion to force the City Lord into making a decision.”

Some time ago, news of fifteen cities joining forces to target Star Lake City spread. As a result, many of the city’s local powers started calling for Zero Wing to be banished, and their voices have only grown louder as the fifteen cities’ arrival drew near. At this point, over half of the cities’ powers have already started to protest against the City Lord.

Normally, if half of a city’s powers engaged in a protest, even the City Lord would not be able to ignore it. After all, these powers and their members were vital to a city’s survival and prosperity.

Yet, if Star Lake City’s City Lord chose to banish Zero Wing, Zero Wing would no longer be able to operate in a city and have to settle with developing in a town…

“How resolute of these powers.” Shi Feng nonchalantly smiled as he looked through the list Pace Angel sent him. “But their departure isn’t all bad news. We can use this chance to refine the current Star Lake Legion. It’ll also make things easier for Zero Wing’s members to join the legion afterward.”

“Refine the Star Lake Legion?” Pace Angel was stunned by Shi Feng’s nonchalant comment.

While it might be great for Zero Wing that so many people were leaving the Star Lake Legion, the departure of these individuals would also result in a severe reduction in combat power for the Star Lake Legion. Losing so much combat power at such a critical juncture would put Star Lake City at an even more severe disadvantage when it went up against the fifteen cities later.

“Ignore them. More importantly, I need you to have all of Zero Wing’s battle group members gather in an advanced simulation room. I have something important to tell them,” Shi Feng instructed.


Although Pace Angel remained very worried, she still followed Shi Feng’s orders and began contacting the members of Zero Wing’s battle group one after another.

Meanwhile, after tidying himself up, Shi Feng made his way to the top-floor lounge. He could wait no longer to get his hands on Xia Qingying’s God Crystals.

Even though he had yet to learn a Mana Purification Technique, thanks to the Soul Blood boosting his Concentration to the Tier 6 Advanced standard, tasks such as analyzing items and restructuring mana became a lot easier for him to manage. Learning how to inscribe Intermediate Divine Engravings also wouldn’t be a difficult task.

Top-floor VIP lounge:

Inside the lounge that was as large as a basketball court, a man and a woman sat quietly on the sofa next to the window wall. Meanwhile, standing behind them were four young men and women dressed in formal wear.

Of these four young men and women, even the oldest was only 24, while the youngest was only 22. Yet, all four of them were not only two-star mental strength grandmasters, but their presence was also stronger than that of Star Lake City’s vice commanders.

“You and Elder Xin have gone too far with your absurdities this time, Qingying. How could you arbitrarily have the corporation’s geniuses move to Star Lake City?” The man seated on the sofa was in his forties and radiated an imposing aura, and his eyes exuded a hint of rage as he looked at Xia Qingying, who sat next to him. “I can ignore your decision to go against Silver Frost City, but I will be taking the Silver Frost Legion’s former members with me. I’m sure you know of Night Watch City’s current situation. Having more members in the Night Watch Legion will increase our chances of establishing a base in the city!”

“I am aware of the situation, Elder Mu,” Xia Qingying unhurriedly said. “But Zero Wing’s importance is no less than Night Watch City’s. Also, if we lack manpower in Night Watch City, we can simply partner with Zero Wing. We can establish a foothold in Night Watch City easily with Zero Wing’s help.”

“Zero Wing? Are you sure you’re not joking?” Elder Mu laughed when he heard Xia Qingying’s words. “I’ve heard that Zero Wing’s present situation in Star Lake City is far from optimistic. If Zero Wing can’t even survive the upcoming raid by the fifteen cities, do you think it can help us establish a foothold in Night Watch City?”

Night Watch City was the fourth second-tier mobile city that the Green God Corporation had set its sights on. It was significantly stronger than Silver Frost City, and its population was three times larger than Silver Frost City’s. Occasionally, it could even link up with first-tier mobile cities.

Many of the Starlight Realm’s upper-ranking hegemonic powers sought to establish a foothold in Night Watch City but failed to do so. As for the Green God Corporation, it had only received an opportunity to do so thanks to one of its special connections. Even so, the chances of success weren’t optimistic.

If the Green God Corporation could successfully establish a foothold in Night Watch City simply by relying on an up-and-coming Guild like Zero Wing, it would definitely be regarded as a legendary tale on the Starlight Continent.

“Do you think I would joke around with the corporation’s future, Elder Mu?” Xia Qingying asked as she rolled her eyes at the imposing man beside her.

Mu Huangwu!

He was one of the Green God Corporation’s few three-star mental strength grandmasters. He was also the corporation’s youngest three-star grandmaster. If not for Mu Huangwu being obsessed with combat and personal improvement in God’s Domain, he would have long become the number one candidate for the Green God Corporation’s president.

“You might be serious, but who can guarantee Zero Wing has that capability?” Mu Huangwu responded without any reservations. “Black Flame? The person ranked eleventh on the Sacred Glory List?”

“You can rest assured on this point, Elder Mu. The strength Zero Wing has kept hidden far exceeds your imagination,” Xia Qingying said confidently. “If Zero Wing fails to help us, I will personally lead a team to Night Watch City, and I won’t ever leave the city until the corporation succeeds in establishing a foothold.”

Xia Qingying had a very optimistic view of the Divine Engraver subclass. If Shi Feng could make good on his promise and nurture several bona fide Divine Engravers, the Green God Corporation could easily rely on these Divine Engravers to establish a foothold in Night Watch City.

While Xia Qingying and Mu Huangwu were talking, the lounge’s doors suddenly opened, and in came Shi Feng.

“Apologies for the long wait, Vice President Xia,” Shi Feng said when he saw that Xia Qingying had brought along with her Mu Huangwu, a famous individual from the Green God Corporation. However, although he was surprised by this development, he maintained a calm expression as he continued, “If I’m not mistaken, you seem to have something else to discuss other than our transaction.”

Mu Huangwu was famous in Shi Feng’s previous life. Not only was he one of the Green God Corporation’s few three-star grandmasters, but he was also an incredibly talented instructor, having nurtured as many as five three-star grandmasters and one pseudo-great grandmaster for the Green God Corporation. If not for the Green God Corporation being limited on resources, these numbers might have even doubled.

“You are as straightforward as always, Guild Leader Shi.” Xia Qingying faintly smiled when she saw Shi Feng walking over. “I have already brought the things you asked for. And indeed, besides our transaction, I have another big business proposition for Zero Wing.”

“A big business proposition?” Xia Qingying’s words piqued Shi Feng’s curiosity. “May I know what it is?”

“Night Watch City!” Xia Qingying stated as she raised her hand and sent an electronic document to Shi Feng. “Here is all the information on Night Watch City. On behalf of the Green God Corporation, I hope to seek Zero Wing’s cooperation in securing a foothold in Night Watch City.”

“Night Watch City?” Shi Feng immediately had his interest piqued. After all, Night Watch City was one of the few places in his previous life that auctioned Stardew regularly. “That is indeed a big business proposition.”

“Night Watch City will be holding its annual membership test in a few days. I hope to borrow Zero Wing’s strength to help the Green God Corporation’s members join the Night Watch Legion’s ace battle groups. In return, Zero Wing will receive half of the city contribution points these members receive in the future. What do you think?” Xia Qingying suggested.

“Have you lost your mind, Xia Qingying?!” Mu Huangwu was dumbfounded by Xia Qingying’s offer. “Do you know how few of our members can get into the Night Watch Legion’s ace battle groups?! And you want to give half of their points away?!”

Mu Huangwu was confident that two or three of the talents under his tutelage could join the Night Watch Legion’s ace battle groups. As for everyone else, their chances were incredibly slim. Even with external assistance, the best they could hope for was an extra one or two members getting into an ace battle group.

While that could more or less be considered a good outcome, it was a different story if they had to give half of their members’ contribution points away. They would gain nothing from this exchange and even end up with less than what they originally could have obtained.

“No problem,” Shi Feng said to Xia Qingying, ignoring Mu Huangwu’s rant. “I can provide assistance to the Green God Corporation and let all of your members qualify for an ace battle group. However, I want 70% of their city contributions!”

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