Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3521

Chapter 595 – Zero Wing’s Capability?

“Seventy percent?” Xia Qingying couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in astonishment.

It was unquestionably absurd to demand a 70% cut. Even though she was aware that Zero Wing could utilize divine engravings to help many of the Green God Corporation’s members join the Night Watch Legion’s ace battle groups, she still found it very difficult to stomach this price.

For an official member of the Night Watch Legion to join an ace battle group, not only would they need to undergo a combat assessment, but they would also need to undergo a test for their technical standards. They couldn’t just rely on powerful weapons and equipment. After all, for the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers’ members seeking to join the Night Watch Legion’s ace battle groups, acquiring quality weapons and equipment wasn’t difficult.

“What a bold statement!” Mu Huangwu stated as he looked at Shi Feng with a hint of rage in his eyes. “Do you think all those geniuses I have nurtured can get into an ace battle group simply by having Zero Wing’s help? Aren’t you looking down on the Night Watch Legion a little too much? Do you think the Night Watch Legion is the same as the Star Lake Legion?”


Mu Huangwu had devoted all his efforts to nurturing a batch of geniuses to join the Night Watch Legion. He had even invested all the resources he had acquired from the Night Watch Legion into this endeavor.

But even with all that, he had only managed to get a little under twenty people into the Night Watch Legion. And out of these people, only three had a chance of getting into an ace battle group. As for those three people in question, every one of them was capable of becoming a third-tier city legion’s commander.

Yet, now, Shi Feng spoke as if anyone could qualify for the Night Watch Legions’ ace battle groups.

“If you are skeptical of Zero Wing’s strength, how about we make a bet, Elder Mu?” Shi Feng smiled as he looked at the furious man seated next to Xia Qingying. “If I lose, Zero Wing will raise the Basic Attributes of the Green God Corporation’s members in the Night Watch Legion to the Legendary standard for free. That means they’ll have Basic Attributes rivaling players fully equipped with Legendary items.

“Conversely, if Elder Mu loses, you will have to help Zero Wing in cultivating some geniuses. How about it? Do you dare accept this bet, Elder Mu?”

Mu Huangwu was very reputable in Shi Feng’s previous life. Many conglomerates even tried to invite him to nurture their talents.

Unfortunately, after Mu Huangwu helped the Green God Corporation produce a new generation of three-star grandmasters, he abruptly retired and stopped training people completely. Even when Zero Wing offered to compensate him handsomely, Mu Huangwu still refused. Later down the line, all traces of Mu Huangwu even vanished from the Greater World.

Now that Mu Huangwu was right before his eyes, Shi Feng naturally had to make good use of this opportunity. If he could get Mu Huangwu to nurture Zero Wing’s talents, it would absolutely allow Zero Wing to progress further in this life.

“Raise their Basic Attributes to the Legendary standard?” Mu Huangwu had his interest piqued by Shi Feng’s words. “Are you serious?”

The Green God Corporation might have quite a few Legendary Weapons and Equipment, but there was no way it could afford to invest all of these items into the Night Watch Legion.

As for increasing the Basic Attributes to the Legendary standard, it was similarly a distant and unachievable dream.

However, if Shi Feng was telling the truth and Zero Wing had a way to increase the Basic Attributes of all of the Green God Corporation’s members in the Night Watch Legion to the Legendary standard, the number of people capable of joining the legion’s ace battle groups would definitely skyrocket.

“Vice President Xia can vouch for me on this point,” Shi Feng said as he turned to look at Xia Qingying.

“I can indeed vouch for this point,” Xia Qingying said, nodding. But she still couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng in confusion, failing to comprehend where Shi Feng was going with his proposition.

“If that’s the case, I can take you up on your wager!” Mu Huangwu said, nodding after hearing Xia Qingying’s assurance. Then, he looked at Shi Feng and asked, “So, what do you want to bet on?”

“Please come with me.” Seeing that Mu Huangwu had taken the bait, Shi Feng smiled and stepped out of the lounge.

What is he trying to do? Xia Qingying wondered as she looked at Shi Feng’s departing figure in confusion.

Initially, she thought Shi Feng would set the topic of his wager as whether Zero Wing could help improve the Basic Attributes of the Green God Corporation’s members join the Night Watch Legion’s ace battle groups. Then, he would handily win the bet by using his divine engravings to enhance the weapons and equipment of those members.

But Shi Feng didn’t intend to make such a one-sided wager by the looks of things. Moreover, he seemed incredibly confident in whatever he had planned.

Zero Wing Training Center, top-floor advanced combat simulation room:

Currently, nineteen of Zero Wing’s battle group members were training in the simulation room half the size of a sports stadium. Among them, some were formerly members of the Silver Frost Legion, such as Fire Dance and Jun Luosha. Now, though, they were officially members of the Star Lake Legion thanks to Red Frost’s authorization.

“What do you think of Zero Wing’s battle group, Elder Mu?” Shi Feng asked as he pointed at the individuals training in the room. “Do you think they can win the Tier 5 match against the fifteen cities later on?”

Mu Huangwu started to scrutinize the Zero Wing battle group members training in the room.

“Not a chance,” Mu Huangwu stated without hesitation. Then, he pointed at two women and continued, “Apart from Fire Dance and Jun Luosha, only that Assassin and Berserker are adequate. Everyone else’s standard is abysmal. None of them are even one-star grandmasters. They might do fine if they only have to go against one of the fifteen cities, but against all fifteen cities simultaneously? They might as well not even show up for the match.”

“Guild Leader Shi Feng, you can’t be thinking of…” At this time, Xia Qingying started to have an idea where Shi Feng was going with his bet, and she couldn’t help but be surprised.

“You guessed correctly, Vice President Xia. Since Elder Mu doubts Zero Wing’s ability to nurture talents, I naturally have to bet on it with Elder Mu,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. Then, he looked at Mu Huangwu and continued, “Seeing as Elder Mu doesn’t think Zero Wing’s battle group can win against the fifteen cities in the Tier 5 match, I will bet on Zero Wing’s battle group winning the Tier 5 match!”

“Deal! I accept your bet! You best not regret it!” Mu Huangwu said, elated by Shi Feng’s words. Although he didn’t know what kind of capabilities Zero Wing possessed, even if Zero Wing managed to fully equip all of its battle group’s members with Legendary Weapons and Equipment, it still wouldn’t be possible for them to win the Tier 5 match against the fifteen cities.

Before coming to Star Lake City, he had already learned about the fifteen cities’ situation, so Mu Huangwu knew that the son of Silver Frost City’s City Lord was behind all of this. He also knew that Xiao Quan had hired at least ten Tier 5 fifth-floor experts. In comparison, Zero Wing’s battle group had, at most, five fifth-floor experts.

Not to mention, apart from having a numerical advantage in fifth-floor experts, the fifteen cities could also afford to utilize large-scale magic barriers and battle arrays.

“In that case, we’ll have Vice President Xia serve as our witness,” Shi Feng said before tapping on his quantum watch and hashing out a betting agreement.

According to the agreement, so long as Zero Wing’s battle group won against the fifteen cities in the Tier 5 match, Mu Huangwu would do his best to help Zero Wing train its talents. Conversely, if Zero Wing’s battle group lost the Tier 5 match, Zero Wing would assist the Green God Corporation establish a foothold in Night Watch City at no cost.

“Is your Guild Leader crazy, Luosha?” Fire Dance couldn’t help but be confused when she saw Shi Feng and Mu Huangwu signing a betting agreement with each other. “Elder Mu’s insight and information network are extraordinary. Since Elder Mu dares to take the bet, the fifteen cities must have a numerical advantage over us in terms of fifth-floor experts. Yet, your Guild Leader Shi doesn’t plan to call for Zero Wing’s other experts to help and only plans to have our group fight?”

After training with some of Zero Wing’s members in the advanced combat simulation room, Fire Dance learned that Zero Wing had many fifth-floor experts under its command. Moreover, this number exceeded 100. It was just that the people of Star Lake City were unaware of this fact.

Now that the fifteen cities would soon arrive, Shi Feng could have easily called upon these fifth-floor experts to win the upcoming city battle. Yet, instead of doing so, he intended to rely only on Zero Wing’s battle group to fight. His actions were simply incomprehensible.

“I don’t know.” Nonchalantly, Jun Luosha said, “But I’m sure Guild Leader Shi has a solution.

“Solution? What solution? That’s a force of three thousand we are talking about!” Fire Dance exclaimed, exasperated by Jun Luosha’s response.

After Mu Huangwu’s group left, Shi Feng turned around and walked over to Fire Dance and the others. Then, he pulled up a file on his quantum watch and shared it with everyone present.

The file was a detailed report on Mana Purification Techniques. Upon reading the report, Fire Dance and the others promptly fell silent.

“We still have a little more than ten hours before the battle with the fifteen cities begins. I have already sent each of you a Bronze Mana Purification Technique, so try to learn as much as you can within this time. I will also reward anyone who succeeds in learning it with an even better Mana Purification Technique,” Shi Feng said. Then, he swept his gaze across the stunned individuals in the room before leaving.

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