Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3522

Chapter 596 – Cities Gather

“What?! I thought only special weapons and equipment could increase mana strength!”

“I must be seeing things! According to the instructions, so long as I master this Bronze Mana Purification Technique, my Tier 5 mana can be strengthened to the standard of Tier 6 NPCs!”

“This is crazy! Where did Guild Leader Shi even get something like this?! If news of this gets out, the various apex powers will definitely lose their minds!”

Apart from Gentle Snow, Hidden Soul, and Jun Luosha, everyone else in the room fell into a frenzied state after reading the detailed report on Bronze Mana Purification Techniques. Aside from feeling ecstatic, they also couldn’t help but find the report hard to believe.


Fire Dance, in particular, couldn’t help but suspect Shi Feng was playing a joke on them when she finished reading the information on the Bronze Mana Purification Technique.

Normally, the strength of players’ mana would only increase with their tier. It was common knowledge in God’s Domain, and no power or player had ever broken this norm. Even the mighty apex powers were no exception.

However, the Mana Purification Technique described in the report shattered this notion. So long as players successfully learned a Bronze Mana Purification Technique, they could elevate the strength of their mana by up to one tier, which was simply unbelievable.

It should be known that the improvement of one’s mana wouldn’t lead to just an improvement in strength. It would also reduce the difficulty of constructing Mana Bodies and Divine Bodies.

What was even more unbelievable was that according to Shi Feng, once they learned the Bronze Mana Purification Technique he sent them, he would reward them with an even better Mana Purification Technique.

“Why do you seem unsurprised by all this, Luosha?” Fire Dance asked when she noticed the girl beside her looking as cool as a cucumber. “We are dealing with a technique that can increase the strength of our mana here. It is probably unique in the entire God’s Domain. Don’t tell me you already knew about it long ago?”

In response, Jun Luosha frankly nodded and said, “The Guild Leader previously said that this was information classified to core members and above, so I never told you about it, Big Sis Fire.”

“Core members already knew about this secret previously?” Fire Dance couldn’t help but look at Jun Luosha in astonishment.

Previously, she hadn’t thought much about becoming a core member of Zero Wing. After all, in her opinion, she already knew everything there was to know about Zero Wing.

But now, she realized that she knew nothing about Zero Wing.

The Mana Purification Technique’s existence could shake the entire Greater God’s Domain. If the various powers got their hands on it, they would probably ensure only their core executives knew about it.

Yet, now, Zero Wing had not only shared this secret with elite members like her and the others in the room, but it had also allowed them to learn this precious technique. Unless Zero Wing was led by fools, there could only be one reason the Guild would do such a thing—it had secrets far more valuable and important than the Mana Purification Technique.

However, no matter how Fire Dance racked her mind, she simply couldn’t imagine what secrets Zero Wing could have that surpassed the Mana Purification Technique.

While Zero Wing’s battle group members began studying the Bronze Purification Techniques, Shi Feng promptly sent a copy of the Bronze Purification Technique to Red Frost and logged back into God’s Domain. Xia Qingying had already sent him 200 God Crystals, so he intended to utilize the Nameless City’s superior environment to start learning how to inscribe an Intermediate Divine Engraving.

Fortunately, as Shi Feng expected, the dense Eternal Energy that filled the Nameless City created an excellent learning environment. Even though he had yet to learn a Mana Purification Technique, he only had to spend 150 God Crystals, which was equivalent to three learning attempts, to grasp the Intermediate Enhancement Engraving.

The cost of learning an Intermediate Divine Engraving is truly extravagant. Shi Feng winced in pain when he inspected his bag space.

The expenditure of God Crystals was only to let him experience the inscription process. Besides that, he also had to expend Seven Luminaries Crystals to put his knowledge into practice.

Previously, when he was learning how to draw the Basic Enhancement Engraving, he had expended tens of thousands of units’ worth of Seven Luminaries Crystals to expedite the learning process. Now, in order to learn how to inscribe the Intermediate Enhancement Engraving quickly, he had expended over 500,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal. The learning cost had increased by nearly tenfold.

Fortunately, he had entrusted the development of Divine Engravers to Xia Qingying. If it were left to Zero Wing alone, it would have been impossible with the Guild’s lack of foundation in the Greater God’s Domain.

Even so, with how costly it was to nurture Divine Engravers, the best the Green God Corporation could do was nurture a batch of Apprentice Divine Engravers. After all, the cost of inscribing an Intermediate Divine Engraving was on a completely different level than that of a Basic Divine Engraving.

The Basic Enhancement Engraving was only composed of three divine patterns. Although the cost of inscribing divine patterns would double with each additional divine pattern inscribed, with the first pattern costing 10 units, the second pattern costing 20 units, and the third pattern costing 40 units, it would only cost 70 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to inscribe all three divine patterns,

In comparison, the Intermediate Enhancement Engraving required the inscription of six divine patterns. The sixth divine pattern alone cost 320 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to inscribe. This simply wasn’t an expenditure an ordinary power could afford on a large scale.

Thank goodness I found a treasure like this Nameless City. Otherwise, it would be impossible to nurture Divine Engravers in the future, Shi Feng inwardly celebrated when he saw nearly half of his stockpile of Seven Luminaries Crystals had disappeared.

Players needed to expend Seven Luminaries Crystals to inscribe divine engravings because their mana lacked purity. Unless players had mana nearing the standard of Tier 6 Gods, they could not use their mana to inscribe divine engravings. They could only rely on external mana sources such as Seven Luminaries Crystals to do so. In a way, one could say that the art of inscribing divine engravings was not something players of the current era could learn.

Fortunately, he had discovered Mana Purification Techniques. With the help of Mana Purification Techniques, players could achieve the mana of Tier 6 Gods with relative ease. At that time, players would no longer have to rely on Seven Luminaries Crystals to inscribe divine engravings. Instead, they could accomplish the task using their own mana, even if it was just barely.

At the same time, Shi Feng also had to admit that, while Intermediate Enhancement Engraving was costly to produce, its effects were leagues above the Basic Enhancement Engraving.

The Basic Enhancement Engraving only increased the Basic Attributes of the inscribed weapon or equipment by 10%, whereas the Intermediate Enhancement Engraving increased Basic Attributes by 30%. It should be known that this increase wasn’t simply included in the modifiers that came with the inscribed item. Instead, it directly enhanced the Basic Attributes of the inscribed item. Later on, the inscribed item’s inherent modifiers could further improve these additional Basic Attributes.

If a player were to be fully equipped with Fragmented Legendary items inscribed with the Intermediate Enhancement Engraving, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they were fully equipped with Legendary items.

At this point, Shi Feng couldn’t even imagine how much of an improvement an Advanced Divine Engraving could bring.

Regardless, now that Shi Feng had learned how to inscribe the Intermediate Enhancement Engraving, he had officially graduated as an Apprentice Divine Engraver and was now a true Divine Engraver. So, he promptly began producing Intermediate Enhancement Engraving Scrolls.

Each production attempt cost 630 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal, and Shi Feng’s failure rate was about 50%. In other words, the cost of each Intermediate Enhancement Engraving Scroll he produced was a whopping 1,260 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal.

At this price, it would cost him about 15,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to fully inscribe a player’s equipment. And if he were to translate that into a 20-man team, the total cost would be roughly 300,000 units…

Subsequently, time quickly passed.

Before Shi Feng knew it, he had already finished making enough Intermediate Enhancement Engraving Scrolls to inscribe two 20-man teams fully. Although he managed to raise his success rate as his proficiency grew, he still spent most of his Seven Luminaries Crystals. Now, he was only left with a little over 50,000 units, which wasn’t even enough to create a Tier 6 Divine Body.

Just when Shi Feng was planning to use his remaining time to learn the Advanced Bronze Mana Purification Technique, he suddenly received an emergency notification from his virtual gaming cabin.

At the same time as Shi Feng received the emergency notification, an alarm blared throughout Star Lake City, causing everyone in the city to stop what they were doing and look up at the sky.

At this time, fifteen enormous holographic screens appeared above Star Lake City. Each screen displayed a different mobile city approaching Star Lake City, and these fifteen cities had Star Lake City completely surrounded.

Faintly, everyone also saw numerous individuals standing atop the walls of these mobile cities, and all of these individuals revealed excited expressions as their respective cities neared Star Lake City.

Shortly afterward, the entirety of Star Lake City started to get virtualized, and a holographic timer covering half of the city’s sky began counting toward the start of the imminent city battle.

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