Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3523

Chapter 597 – Divine Glory Expert

“They’re here!”

“The fifteen cities still came in the end…”

“What is the City Lord thinking? So many of the cities’ powers have already stated that we won’t have to fight the fifteen cities so long as he removes Zero Wing from the city.”

“The City Lord must have lost his mind. What benefits did Zero Wing offer for him to go to such lengths? Is he really not worried Star Lake City might cease to exist?”


Despair and frustration filled the inhabitants of Star Lake City when they saw the countdown timer above the city.

Star Lake City had just secured its fifth set of power furnace fuel not long ago, so it was the perfect opportunity for development. And if everything went well, they, the inhabitants of Star Lake City, could expect to see a rise in their status and living standards in the Greater World.

But now, rather than an improvement in living standards, they should be expecting a drastic degradation instead, as Star Lake City was effectively doomed.

Fighting against one city and multiple cities in a city battle were two entirely different matters. If a city lost a city battle against multiple cities, it wouldn’t lose just one set of fuel. Instead, the number it lost would depend on the number of cities it lost to in points.

So long as Star Lake City’s total points was lower than one of the fifteen cities, it would have to compensate the other party with one set of fuel. This also meant that Star Lake City could potentially lose all of its fuel.

And if Star Lake City didn’t have enough fuel to settle its debt, it would be forced to dissolve, and its remains divided by the cities that did not receive any fuel. At that time, Star Lake City would also cease to exist.

Different from Star Lake City’s general populace, the city’s various powers and influential families reacted in excitement and joy when they saw the countdown timer in the sky.

“As per our agreement with Xiao Quan, he will leave us with all of Star Lake City’s fuel after the city battle, and we will all have a chance to vie for the position of City Lord! Our family will be the one to rule over Star Lake City!”

“We really have to thank Zero Wing for this. Otherwise, who knows how long we would have had to wait for our corporation to have a chance at competing for the City Lord position.”

When the executives of Star Lake City’s various corporations and influential families saw less than one-third of the Star Lake Legion’s usual members gathered atop Star Lake City’s city wall, they couldn’t help but reveal delighted smiles.

Typically, it was very rare for third-tier mobile cities to see a change in ownership. After all, the city legions of the various third-tier mobile cities were roughly equal in strength, so the chances of a third-tier city winning or losing in a city battle were usually 50-50. Because of this, most third-tier cities could usually maintain their fuel at a certain volume. Not to mention, if a city was lucky, it might even come across a newly born fuel source to blanket its losses.

But it was a different story now that Xiao Quan, the son of Silver Frost City’s City Lord, was spearheading an attack on Star Lake City.

Under normal circumstances, third-tier mobile cities would never join forces. The fifteen cities had only agreed to do so to please Xiao Quan. Meanwhile, the result of this collaboration was that the fifteen cities would be able to easily overwhelm Star Lake City with their numbers and deprive Star Lake City of all its fuel in one fell swoop, forcing it into dissolution. And once Star Lake City dissolved, the position of Star Lake City’s City Lord would naturally cease to exist, and the city’s future would be determined by the fifteen cities that had conquered it.

Currently, fewer than one thousand people could be seen standing atop Star Lake City’s city wall. And although these people were members of the Star Lake Legion, most of them didn’t officially belong to a battle group. It was just that the legion’s personnel shortage was so severe that it had no choice but to include its reserve members to fill the numbers. After all, unlike in God’s Domain, players needed to expend their mental strength to maintain their weapons and equipment in a city battle. Moreover, the better the weapon and equipment a participant materialized, the greater the toll on their mental strength would be.

Hence, in a city battle, the addition of every participant could bring about a significant impact.

While the Star Lake Legion’s participants were preparing their respective simulation cabins, an elderly man exuding a dignified aura arrived atop the city wall with a group of young men and women.

Following the arrival of this elderly man, both the various powers’ executives and the city’s inhabitants couldn’t help but be surprised.

The elderly man was Feng Yiqing, the City Lord of Star Lake City. It had already been several decades since he had taken on the position of the Feng family’s head and Star Lake City’s City Lord. It had also been several decades since he had become a three-star grandmaster. At present, it was rumored that he was already a pseudo-great grandmaster, and he was only one step away from reaching the great grandmaster standard.

“For him to bring his family guards… It seems even Feng Yiqing is unnerved by this situation,” Mu Huangwu, who was quietly sipping tea on Star Lake City’s spectator stands, commented when he saw Feng Yiqing arriving atop the city wall. “All twenty of those youngsters are one-star grandmasters. One of them has even reached the fifth-floor standard. As expected of the family that has ruled over Star Lake City for so many years.”

“They’re also equipped with the Feng family’s family heirloom, so it shouldn’t be difficult for them to defend two or three capture points in the Tier 6 match,” Xia Qingying commented when they saw that all twenty of the youths were equipped in standardized equipment sets. She also couldn’t help but admire the Feng family’s foundations.

It was an incredibly difficult task to nurture a young fifth-floor expert, even for upper-ranking hegemonic powers in the Greater God’s Domain. For a family in the Greater World, the difficulty would only be greater.

As for the equipment sets the twenty youths wore, they were Fragmented Legendary Battle Array Equipment Sets that could be used to form a small battle array.

Fragmented Legendary Battle Array Equipment Sets were exceedingly rare. They were so rare that players were more likely to encounter a player fully equipped with Legendary items than a player equipped in a Fragmented Legendary Battle Array Equipment Set. And although the bonuses the battle array provided could not even match the bonuses provided by one Legendary Weapon, a Fragmented Legendary Battle Array Equipment Set was easily worth as much as twenty Legendary Weapons.

The reason for this lay in the effects Fragmented Legendary Battle Array Equipment Sets had on real-world city battles.

Unlike Legendary Weapons and Equipment, Fragmented Legendary Battle Array Equipment Sets placed very little burden on the wearer’s mental strength. On top of that, they also allowed their wearers to form a battle array, which would increase their wearer’s Basic Attributes by one piece of Legendary Equipment’s worth and allow the sharing of senses between wearers.

Because of these effects, should the Feng family’s family guards stick together during the city battle, they would be akin to an impregnable fortress. Not even a 20-man team equipped with Legendary Weapons could take them down.

“That’s not necessarily true,” Mu Huangwu said, shaking his head. Then, he pointed toward Myriad Forest City, which vaguely looked like it was the leading force of the fifteen cities, and continued, “Do you see that masked giant standing on the Myriad Forest City’s side? Don’t you find him familiar?”

“Masked giant?” Xia Qingying followed Mu Huangwu’s finger and focused her gaze on the Myriad Forest City. Then, her eyes quickly widened as she gasped and exclaimed, “How is this possible?! How did Xiao Quan enlist the help of the Hundred-Armed Giant?!”

The “masked giant” Mu Huangwu pointed out was a three-meter-tall masked man. Even with the man’s face being hidden, Xia Qingying still recognized him at first glance.

—Hundred-Armed Giant, the 92nd-ranked player on the Divine Glory List.

Unlike the Luminous Glory and the Sacred Glory Lists, the Divine Glory List was a powerhouse ranking list recognized by all, while experts ranked on the Divine Glory List were experts standing at the apex of the various Realms. The Divine Glory List had 1,000 spots. Among them, the top 100 spots served as a major dividing line.

Every expert in the top 100 of the Divine Glory List had mastered at least two or more Gold Combat Techniques. Additionally, each of them was fully equipped with Legendary Weapons and Equipment. In the presence of these individuals, the average fifth-floor expert couldn’t even compare.

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