Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3524

Chapter 598 – Red Frost’s Peak Condition

“Mr. Hundred-Arm, as per our agreement, we will leave Feng Yiqing’s family guards to you,” Myriad Sky, the Myriad Forest Legion’s commander, calmly said to the resting three-meter-tall giant before her in an alluring tone. However, despite her calm manner of speech, hints of fear and awe could be seen in her eyes.

Of the fifteen cities attacking Star Lake City this time, Myriad Forest City could be said to be the strongest. It was also the closest to becoming a second-tier city out of all third-tier cities operating in this region.

Currently, not only did Myriad Forest City have enough fuel to operate seventeen power furnaces, but its size was also close to matching that of second-tier cities. There were even three upper-ranking hegemonic powers based in the city.

Normally, Myriad Forest City would have never entertained Xiao Quan’s willful demand to attack Star Lake City. However, when Xiao Quan showed up in Myriad Forest City with the Hundred-Armed Giant in tow, the city had no choice but to reevaluate its opinion of the son of Silver Frost City’s City Lord.


Anyone capable of ranking on the Divine Glory List was, without a doubt, an apex existence in the Greater God’s Domain. As for those ranked within the Divine Glory List’s top 100, they were monsters capable of bringing about the doom of an upper-ranking hegemonic power so long as they desired.

“Sure. Leave them to me,” Hundred-Armed Giant said, nodding as he glanced at the holographic screen above Myriad Forest City.

Myriad Skys breathed a sigh of relief when she heard Hundred-Armed Giant’s response. For a moment, she was honestly worried the Divine Glory expert might refuse to listen to commands.

When it came to the Star Lake Legion, it was of little significance in the eyes of Myriad Forest City and its city legion. However, it was a different story for Feng Yiqing. After all, Feng Yiqing was rumored to be a half-step great grandmaster who was close to crossing the final threshold. The family guards he nurtured naturally wouldn’t be pushovers.

If it was only a matter of defeating Star Lake City in a city battle, Myriad Forest City could easily complete its part. However, the fifteen cities’ goal this time was the destruction of Star Lake City. They needed to ensure Zero Wing did not have a place to call home.

Currently, there were two major threats in the Star Lake Legion.

The first threat was the legion’s commander, Red Frost. The second threat was Feng Yiqing’s family guards.

Star Lake Legion would have ten capture points it needed to defend. If it managed to defend two or three capture points in the Tier 6 match, there was a chance it could continue to exist. This was not an outcome Myriad Forest City wished to see. After all, Myriad Forest City had already agreed with Xiao Quan that as long as Star Lake City perished, Hundred-Armed Giant would offer his help to Myriad Forest City once.

If Myriad Forest City could gain the help of the 92nd-ranked Divine Glory expert when competing for its 20th set of fuel in the future, its victory would be assured, and it would finally become a second-tier mobile city.

“Preparations on Moon Trail City’s side are complete. We can move out whenever, Commander Sky!”

“Hidden Leaf City is ready as well. We only await your command, Commander Sky.”

When the countdown timer for the city battle’s Tier 6 match reached zero, the various city legions surrounding Star Lake City promptly expressed their readiness to attack Star Lake City.

“Good! Everyone, move according to plan! Each city’s battle groups will be responsible for one capture point! Do not give the enemy any chance to group up!” Myriad Sky commanded when she saw that the other fourteen cities’ city legions were ready to move.

Immediately, 150 battle groups consisting of 3,000 individuals began surging out of the fifteen cities. Then, each city’s battle groups gathered under one command before quickly making their way toward Star Lake City.

Each of the fifteen cities had ten battle groups consisting of 200 Tier 6 experts. Even if one of these cities was unfortunate enough to encounter the entirety of the Star Lake Legion shortly after entering Star Lake City, it was unlikely to suffer destruction within a short time.

On the contrary, as the battle dragged out, more and more of the other cities’ battle groups would gather, making it even more impossible for the Star Lake Legion to accomplish anything. The Star Lake Legion would even suffer annihilation once enough reinforcements arrived.

As for the possibility of the Star Lake Legion fleeing into the fifteen cities, it wouldn’t matter even if that happened. Whether the Star Lake Legion decided to split up and attack multiple cities or concentrate all of its forces into one city, the Star Lake Legion’s battle groups were bound to come across the battle groups of the cities they decided to attack. Ultimately, they still couldn’t avoid being surrounded and annihilated.

Meanwhile, when Star Lake City’s inhabitants saw this sight through the holographic screens above the city, they couldn’t help but gasp. Even the Star Lake Legion’s veteran members felt their scalps going numb at this sight.

It was obvious that the fifteen cities intended to bring ruin to Star Lake City without giving it any opportunities to resist.

Less than ten minutes later, the fifteen cities’ battle groups entered Star Lake City from multiple directions. Then, they began searching for the Star Lake Legion’s members and capture points.

“We’ve arrived at Capture Point 3! We discovered nobody here!”

“Capture Point 1 is undefended as well!”

“Same with Capture Point 8!”

When the various cities’ battle groups started to occupy Star Lake City’s capture points one after another, the various cities were surprised to discover that the Star Lake Legion was defending none of these capture points.

“Sure enough, they’ve chosen to concentrate their forces…” Myriad Sky muttered when she heard the reports from the various city legions. However, she wasn’t surprised by this development. She would have made a similar decision if she had been in charge of the Star Lake Legion.

“A 20-man battle group is approaching us from the front, Commander Sky!” the Tier 6 Ranger beside Myriad Sky suddenly reported. “They’re still over a kilometer away, and we’ll encounter them in twenty seconds.”

“Are you sure it’s just one battle group?” Myriad Sky was a little surprised by this situation.

A full battle group of 20 participants might be an adequate force in a city battle between two cities, but it was far from sufficient when the opponent consisted of fifteen cities. Not to mention, with the fifteen cities’ current distribution of forces, even if the Star Lake Legion had only split its forces into two teams of 100 participants, it would still be a very foolish decision.

“That’s right. It’s just one battle group of twenty,” the Ranger affirmed. “They look like they are deliberately coming to us, and the person leading the battle group seems to be the Star Lake Legion’s commander, Red Frost!”

“The Sky Piercer is coming?” Hundred-Armed Giant, who was walking alongside the Myriad Forest Legion, suddenly revealed a look of interest. “I heard rumors saying she had the potential to enter the top 100 during her peak.”

“Do you think this might be a trap of the Star Lake Legion, Mr. Hundred-Arm?” Myriad Sky asked. She couldn’t help but feel something was amiss when she heard her subordinate’s report.

Less than 1,000 meters separated both sides currently. At this distance, Tier 6 players using Scouting Skills could easily discover each other. So, it shouldn’t be a mistake to say that Red Frost had already discovered the Myriad Forest Legion.

But with only twenty participants on her side, why would Red Frost take the initiative to approach the Myriad Forest Legion’s 200-man team?

“So what if it’s a trap?” Hundred-Armed Giant said in disdain. “Setting aside the fact that Red Frost is no longer at the peak, even in her prime, she only had a chance to break into the top 100. Even with the support of Feng Yiqing’s family guards, what can they do against me?”

Hearing this, Myriad Sky couldn’t help but agree with Hundred-Armed Giant.

Hundred-Armed Giant was an expert currently ranked among the Divine Glory List’s top 100, whereas Red Frost the Sky Piercer only had a chance of breaking into the top 100 during her peak. The two were on completely different levels. Not to mention, the Myriad Forest Legion had a massive numerical advantage over Red Frost’s battle group.

About twenty seconds after the Tier 6 Ranger reported his findings, a group of participants appeared before the Myriad Forest Legion. The group consisted of 20 participants, and it was led by a long-haired woman clad in white holy armor and armed with a crimson spear.

At the same time as this battle group appeared, Myriad Sky couldn’t help but shudder. It was especially so when she felt the presence of the goddess-like woman. It felt as if she was standing before a Tier 6 God, and this realization filled her mind with doubts.

Was the Red Frost before them still not in her peak form?

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