Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3526

Chapter 600 – Complete Victory!

Hundred-Armed Giant Lost?

When Myriad Sky saw the familiar figure embedded in the nearby building, she revealed a bewildered look. Her mind failed to process what had just happened.

It should be known that Hundred-Armed Giant had executed Meteoric Laceration, a Gold Combat Technique. Moreover, he had done so using the Void Axe, a Fragmented Divine Artifact. Even a Tier 6 God of the same level wouldn’t be able to withstand his attack head-on and take evasive measures.

Yet, Red Frost, the Sky Piercer who was no longer in her prime, had managed to overpower Hundred-Armed Giant in a direct confrontation?

“I must be hallucinating!”

“How can that Hundred-Arm Giant lose?!”

At this moment, Myriad Sky and the Myriad Forest Legion’s members weren’t the only ones in disbelief. This development similarly dumbfounded the spectators of Star Lake City and the fifteen cities.

It was especially so for Star Lake City’s various powers, Chen Qilin, and the other former Star Lake Legion members. Their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

While none of them had ever seen Red Frost fighting with her full strength, Chen Qilin and the others still had a general idea of her strength. In their opinions, Red Frost was, at most, close to the standard of Tier 6 Gods. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been a need for her to retire in a measly third-tier city.

So, how exactly did she manage to defeat Hundred-Armed Giant in one exchange?

Impossible! Even if Red Frost is still at her peak, she only has the potential to enter the Divine Glory List’s top 100, whereas Hundred-Armed Giant is a genuine top 100 expert! How could he have lost to her after just one exchange?!

Chen Qilin jumped out of his seat when he saw the scene displayed above the city.

No matter the place, experts ranked among the Divine Glory List’s top 100 were existences capable of single-handedly turning the tides of battle. If Red Frost had the strength to topple the 92nd-ranked Divine Glory expert in just one exchange, then…

The course of the entire city battle would change because of Red Frost.

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, after Hundred-Armed Giant fell out of the dent he created in the metal building, he couldn’t help but look at Red Frost with a tinge of fear in his eyes.

“It seems all of those rumors of you getting cursed in a Sanctuary and losing your strength were nonsense. You did acquire that ruin’s Legacy,” Hundred-Armed Giant said as he drank a Grandmaster Regeneration Potion. Then, after recollecting himself, he continued, “But! Even if that move of yours has already reached the level of Taboos, you still have a long way to go if you want to win this match!”

After saying so, Hundred-Armed Giant turned his gaze toward Myriad Sky.

“Commander Sky, have all your healers assist me in distracting Red Frost. That move she used expends a lot of mental strength, so she cannot sustain it for long,” Hundred-Armed Giant commanded without caring for his reputation. “While I’m distracting her, the rest of you take care of the others. Also, have all other cities’ battle groups gather toward us. Even if Red Frost is already at the standard of Taboos, we can still wear her down!”

If he had encountered Red Frost in the Greater God’s Domain, he would have turned around and fled without hesitation. But now that he had a force of 3,000 to work with, defeating Red Frost wasn’t out of the question.

“Okay!” Myriad Sky agreed. After snapping out of her daze, her unsettled heart quickly calmed down.

As Hundred-Armed Giant stated, even if Red Frost was strong enough to rival Taboos, existences who were equipped with Divine Artifacts, there was a limit to her strength in a city battle environment. With their overwhelming numerical advantage, they could most certainly whittle her down. Not to mention, they had Hundred-Armed Giant, an existence capable of trading blows with Red Frost, on their side.

Immediately, the Myriad Forest Legion split into two groups under Myriad Sky’s arrangement. Among them, one group consisted of 26 healers responsible for supporting Hundred-Armed Giant. Red Frost shouldn’t think of killing Hundred-Armed Giant now unless she could kill him within an instant.

As for the remaining 172 players, Myriad Sky led them into a charge against the 19 other members of Red Frost’s battle group. If they could eliminate these 19 players before the City Lord’s family guards arrived, it would reduce the amount of support Red Frost could receive.

“How decisive of you.” When Red Frost saw Hundred-Armed Giant seeking help from the Myriad Forest Legion, she couldn’t help but admire the other party. “I thought a solo expert like yourself would refuse to work with others no matter what.”

There were countless experts in the Greater God’s Domain. Among them, solo experts capable of entering the Divine Glory List typically disliked cooperating with others in a fight. It was especially so when they were facing lone opponents. In such scenarios, solo experts would prefer a one-on-one fight and forbid others from interfering.

Firstly, it was because one-on-one battles allowed for better honing of their skills. Secondly, it was rare for solo experts to find opportunities to fight equally skilled opponents in a one-on-one scenario, so every opportunity had to be cherished.

“I don’t have a choice. If it were possible, I wouldn’t want to do this either,” Hundred-Armed Giant calmly replied when he saw Red Frost showing no signs of resuming their fight right away. “Don’t go saying that I’m despicable for relying on numbers, either. If you have to blame someone, blame yourselves for provoking someone you shouldn’t have provoked!”

While Hundred-Armed Giant was speaking, Myriad Sky and the players she led had already started to attack the members of Red Frost’s battle group.

The 172 players Myriad Sky led were all titled experts fully equipped with Fragmented Legendary items. For the sake of this city battle, Myriad Forest City had even loaned a Legendary Weapon to every team leader of the Myriad Forest Legion. When facing titled experts without Legendary Weapons, it would be a piece of cake for these team leaders to go one-on-ten while relying on their advantage in Basic Attributes. Only fifth-floor experts could possibly defeat them.

“Despicable?” Red Frost laughed when she heard Hundred-Armed’s words. “Why would I? On the contrary, I should be the one saying those words to you.”

“What?” Hundred-Armed Giant couldn’t help but be puzzled by Red Frost’s words. It was especially so when he saw that Red Frost still had no intentions of moving and was simply watching Myriad Sky’s group take action against her battle group members.

Admittedly, Red Frost’s battle group members were strong, each being a one-star grandmaster or higher. However, none of them were fifth-floor experts, so there was no way they could win against Myriad Sky’s group.

“I originally planned to mess with you for a bit, but now it seems that won’t be possible,” Red Frost said. Then, she looked toward the confidants she led and calmly said, “You guys can stop suppressing yourselves. It’s time to show these people what happens when they provoke the wrong person!”

As soon as Red Frost said so, a mighty aura that closely rivaled Red Frost’s started to spread from the 19 members of her battle group. Suddenly, it felt as if 19 Tier 6 Gods had descended upon the battlefield…

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