Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3527

Chapter 601 – First-Tier Mobile City


When Red Frost’s battle group members unleashed their auras, everyone from the Myriad Forest Legion was dumbfounded. Even Hundred-Armed Giant’s jaw had fallen a little.

Setting aside Red Frost’s combat standards, it should be known that in terms of Basic Attributes alone, she already rivaled Tier 6 Gods. So, the fact that Red Frost’s battle group members radiated an aura closely matching that of Red Frost meant that aside from Red Frost, there were 19 other Tier 6 Gods in Red Frost’s battle group!

Tier 6 Gods!

Nineteen Tier 6 Gods!

Tier 6 Gods were already considered apex existences throughout the entire Greater God’s Domain. Even the existence of just one Tier 6 God was enough to warrant great caution from an upper-ranking hegemonic power. If Tier 6 players weren’t fully equipped with Legendary Weapons and Equipment, they would have difficulty putting up any form of meaningful resistance.

As for a force of 19 Tier 6 Gods, that was more than enough to destroy an empire in the Greater God’s Domain, let alone the fifteen cities’ city legions.

At this time, even the Star Lake Legion’s spectating members couldn’t help but be stunned by this unexpected revelation. They never thought their legion would have kept such strength hidden.

“Dammit! Everyone, retreat!” Myriad Sky instinctively commanded after sensing the auras of the nineteen players before her exploding in intensity.

In the face of players with Basic Attributes nearing Tier 6 Gods, even the Myriad Forest Legion’s team leaders, who were each equipped with a Legendary Weapon, could last no more than a few exchanges before getting killed. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that just one of Red Frost’s battle group members was enough to take on all of the Myriad Forest Legion’s team leaders. Needless to say, the members without Legendary Weapons would fare even worse.

In that case, how were they supposed to go up against Red Frost’s 19 battle group members?

Unfortunately, Myriad Sky’s command was of little use as Red Frost’s battle group members had already started attacking the Myriad Forest Legion’s members as soon as they stopped suppressing themselves.

Even without the use of powerful Gold Combat Techniques, Tier 6 Curses, or Tier 6 Taboo Skills, Red Frost’s battle group members could easily claim the lives of several Myriad Forest Legion members with every Bronze Combat Technique, Tier 6 Skill, or Tier 6 Spell they used. Only the Myriad Forest Legion’s team leaders, equipped with Legendary Weapons, could barely resist. Even so, they would still get sent flying and lose a significant portion of their HP.

In no time at all, the Myriad Forest Legion had already lost more than fifty members.

How is this possible?! Hundred-Armed Giant couldn’t help but look at Red Frost’s battle group members in confusion. Even if Star Lake City managed to find a backer and acquire a large number of Legendary items, only three-star grandmasters could materialize a full set of Legendary items! Where did Star Lake City find so many young three-star grandmasters?!

Three-star mental strength grandmasters were incredibly rare, and it was even more so for three-star grandmasters of such a young age. Even conglomerates would only have a handful of such talented individuals. In order to gather so many young three-star grandmasters, the full support of a pseudo-apex power would be required at the very least.

However, before Hundred-Armed Giant could figure out the situation, Red Frost had already raised her spear and thrust the weapon at him.

In a situation where the Star Lake Legion didn’t even have 100 members participating in the Tier 6 match, the first thing the legion needed to accomplish to ensure its victory would be to eliminate the greatest threat—Hundred-Armed Giant. Then, the Star Lake Legion would have to quickly eliminate the fifteen city legions one after another before they managed to respond.

Otherwise, with the fifteen city legions’ numerical advantage, they could easily have half of their forces keep the Star Lake Legion pinned with magic barriers while the rest of their forces occupied Star Lake City’s capture points. The fifteen city legions could even opt to conduct guerilla warfare since, with the disparity in numbers, it would be impossible for the Star Lake Legion to occupy too many capture points.

Regardless of which option the fifteen cities chose, Star Lake City would ultimately lose.

Meanwhile, Hundred-Armed Giant quickly realized this point and tried to escape. Unfortunately, Red Frost didn’t give him such an opportunity and repeatedly executed God’s Return with her spear. Even with more than twenty healers healing him, Hundred-Armed Giant had no choice but to commit everything to defense. Otherwise, if he allowed Red Frost’s attacks to connect with his body, not even a force of 20-plus healers could keep him alive.

“It’s over.”

When the fifteen cities’ spectators saw Red Frost picking off Hundred-Armed Giant’s healers one after another and ultimately finishing off the 92nd-ranked Divine Glory expert, their hearts could no longer remain calm. They couldn’t find any words to comment on the situation, either, as none of them had expected such an outcome.

Even so, with Hundred-Armed Giant’s death and the Myriad Forest Legion’s annihilation, even if the remaining fourteen city legions managed to group up to a certain extent afterward, it was unlikely they could put up any meaningful resistance against Red Frost’s battle group.

Indeed, as everyone expected, in the following two hours, Red Frost’s battle group swiftly annihilated or crippled eleven out of the fifteen city legions before they managed to react. Then, the 20-man battle group split up and took independent action as the remaining four city legions could no longer pose a significant threat to them.

Even though the remaining four city legions eventually chose to conduct guerilla warfare, the Star Lake Legion still managed to occupy over 50 capture points. Moreover, the Star Lake Legion occupied at least three capture points from each city. So, unless the fifteen cities could annihilate the Star Lake Legion in the subsequent Tier 5 and Tier 4 matches, all fifteen cities would have to lose one set of power furnace fuel.

Meanwhile, following the conclusion of the Tier 6 match, all of Star Lake City’s inhabitants celebrated in joy.

With the Star Lake Legion’s massive victory in the Tier 6 match, so long as the legion didn’t lose too miserably in the Tier 4 and Tier 5 matches, Star Lake City could acquire several more sets of fuel. This would undoubtedly propel Star Lake City’s development to the next level.

At the same time, though, many who had withdrawn from the Star Lake Legion couldn’t help but regret their decisions.

Myriad Forest City:

In a viewing room situated on the top floor of the city’s tallest building, the City Lords of the fifteen cities and the executives of numerous powers were currently gathered here. However, be it the fifteen City Lords or the various powers’ executives, everyone wore cautious looks as they sat around a gloomy young man, their behavior making it seem like the young man was the top figure in the room.

Apart from the gloomy young man, the twenty young men and women who sat around him were also targets of caution for the various City Lords and executives. This was because half of these twenty youths were two-star grandmasters, while the other half were three-star grandmasters.

Though, compared to the mental strength of these youths, what struck fear in everyone present was their status.

They were members of a Tier 5 ace battle group from Skystar City, a first-tier mobile city!

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that these twenty youths were far out of the reach of any of the City Lords present. Normally, these City Lords would only get to see these youths when they spectated first-tier city battles. At other times, they wouldn’t be able to get acquainted with these youths, even if they wanted to.

“It seems I will have to rely on you in the next match, Brother Tianhao,” Xiao Quan said to the gloomy young man beside him.

“No problem,” the gloomy young man nonchalantly replied. “As per our agreement, it will cost you 4,000 Eternal Gold if we take action!”

“Naturally.” Xiao Quan nodded. “So long as you can annihilate Zero Wing’s members, I will send the money to you in no more than two days, Brother Tianhao.”

“Alright, leave it to us,” the gloomy young man said, smiling. “I kept hearing Frey talk about how formidable Zero Wing is. Let’s see if Zero Wing really is as extraordinary as Frey claims!”

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