Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3528

Chapter 602 – Zero Wing Takes the Field

Inside the viewing room…

When the gloomy young man going by the name of Luo Tianhao finished speaking, he left the room with his subordinates to participate in the upcoming Tier 5 match. Meanwhile, it was only after the youths from Skystar City had left did everyone in the room dare to start breathing normally.

“What should we do next, Young Master Xiao Quan?” Myriad Forest City’s City Lord asked respectfully after approaching Xiao Quan.

Hearing Myriad Forest City’s City Lord’s question, the other City Lords also respectfully looked toward Xiao Quan, none of them exuding the majesty and dignity of a City Lord.

Initially, the main reason they had agreed to go along with Xiao Quan’s willfulness was so that they could get into Silver Frost City’s good graces. But after seeing the forces Xiao Quan had brought with him to Silver Frost City, they no longer cared about buttering up to Silver Frost City. Instead, they felt that it would be much more worthwhile to gain the favor of Xiao Quan himself.

First, it was Hundred-Armed Giant, the 92nd-ranked expert on the Divine Glory List. Now, it was one of the Tier 5 ace battle groups of Skystar City, a first-tier mobile city. Logically, whether it was Hundred-Armed Giant or Skystar City’s ace battle group, neither should be within reach of the son of a second-tier city’s City Lord. The fact that Xiao Quan could get these two forces to work for him meant that there was more to his identity than meets the eye.

“You don’t have to be nervous. All you need to do is have your forces cooperate with Brother Tianhao in the Tier 5 match. Leave everything else to Brother Tianhao,” Xiao Quan said, chuckling nonchalantly.


The various City Lords responded unanimously. Then, they promptly contacted the city legions under their command.

Meanwhile, a smirk appeared on Xiao Quan’s face as he looked at the distant Star Lake City and thought, Qingying, you might think you have found yourself a powerful backer, but you simply have no idea what kind of existence Shi Feng has provoked.

A few days ago, a development unbeknownst to him must have occurred, as his superior had abruptly allowed him to utilize Demon’s Gate’s forces on the Starlight Continent. Meanwhile, the command he received was to permanently erase Zero Wing from the Greater World.

When he received this command, he decided to use this opportunity to thoroughly show Xia Qingying the consequences of offending him.

Although a minor accident had occurred with the arrangements he made for the Tier 6 match, what truly mattered was the upcoming Tier 5 match. To ensure Star Lake City’s defeat in the Tier 5 match, he had even paid a heavy price to get one of Skystar City’s Tier 5 ace battle groups to serve as reserve members for the Myriad Forest Legion.

As for the battle group Luo Tianhao led, it stood among the apex of all Tier 5 battle groups on the Starlight Continent. There was no way Zero Wing’s recently-established battle group could compete against it.

Time passed quickly. Ten minutes after the Tier 6 match concluded, the Tier 5 participants of all sixteen cities began entering their simulation cabins one after another. However, when the Myriad Forest Legion’s Tier 5 participants made their initial appearance, an uproar immediately occurred among the sixteen third-tier mobile cities.

“Heavens! Why do those participants from the Myriad Forest Legion look like they’re Skystar City’s ace battle group members?!”

“They don’t just look like them! They are them! They represented Skystar City in the most recent first-tier city battle!”

Everyone was surprised to see Luo Tianhao and his battle group appearing on Myriad Forest City’s side. Even Mu Huangwu and Xia Qingying, who were spectating from Star Lake City’s spectator stand, were shocked by this development.

“What did Xiao Quan do? How did he get one of Skystar City’s ace battle groups to help him?” Confusion filled Xia Qingying’s eyes as she looked at the holographic screen displaying the Myriad Forest Legion’s Tier 5 participants. “Since when did first-tier cities interfere with the struggles of second- and third-tier cities?”

On the Starlight Continent, first-tier cities were essentially unattainable existences for the various second- and third-tier cities. Normally, first-tier cities would find it beneath themselves to even meddle with the struggles of top-ranking second-tier cities, let alone third-tier cities.

After all, the two stood on completely different playing fields. Aside from a significant difference in equipment standards, there also existed a massive difference in mental strength standards.

In a second-tier city legion, three-star grandmasters were extremely rare. But in a first-tier city legion, three-star grandmasters were very common. They were so common that every battle group would have a three-star grandmaster leading it.

As for ace battle groups, while not all members would be three-star grandmasters, they would be, at the very least, two-star limit grandmasters. Additionally, all of them were fully equipped with Legendary Weapons and Equipment, and they were even capable of materializing all of their equipment in battle. This was a stark contrast to the ace battle group members of second- and third-tier legions, where many of them couldn’t materialize Legendary items, even if they possessed some.

As for the combat standards of a first-tier legion’s ace battle group members, they were all at the fifth-floor standard at the very least.

At this moment, Xia Qingying wasn’t the only one shocked by this development. Even Red Frost, who had relaxed after winning the Tier 6 match, couldn’t help but look at Myriad Forest City’s screen with twitching eyes.

Exactly what kind of existence did our mighty Guild Leader of Zero Wing offend?

Previously, Red Frost was still rather confident in Shi Feng’s ability to win the Tier 5 match. However, after seeing one of Skystar City’s ace battle groups appearing in the Myriad Forest Legion, she couldn’t help but grow worried.

Even if they were talking about the Tier 6 match, a battle group of Tier 5 fifth-floor experts fully equipped with Legendary Weapons and Equipment could probably win against the fifteen cities. Placing such a battle group in the Tier 5 match of a third-tier city battle was simply cheating.

With such a frightening battle group present, how was Zero Wing supposed to win the Tier 5 match?

Apart from Shi Feng, Zero Wing’s battle group had, at most, four other fifth-floor experts. Even if they were fully equipped with Fragmented Legendary items strengthened by Intermediate Divine Engravings, their Basic Attributes would still be slightly inferior to players fully equipped with Legendary items. Not to mention, they wouldn’t have access to the other bonuses and abilities of Legendary items.

While everyone was discussing Skystar City’s ace battle group, the bell signaling the start of the Tier 5 match sounded.

Following the start of the Tier 5 match, the fifteen city legions promptly gathered at one location, as previously discussed. They did not give the Star Lake Legion any opportunities as their comrades did in the Tier 6 match.

After gathering, the army of 3,000 marched toward Star Lake City. Then, after dedicating 1,000 players to constructing a magic barrier, the rest of the army began systematically searching for the Star Lake Legion’s members.

“Xiao Quan is such a cautious person, Leader. We can’t even demonstrate our strength to Zero Wing with such a setup,” a graceful female Elementalist from Luo Tianhao’s battle group said, frowning as she watched the fifteen cites’ members erecting a large barrier that enveloped the entire army. “Once this barrier is completed, I doubt we will get to even see Zero Wing’s members.”

Once the large magic barrier constructed by 1,000 players took shape, it would encompass more than half of Star Lake City. And if it was settled in the heart of the city, it could cover at least 70% of the city. In such a situation, there was no way the Star Lake Legion or Zero Wing’s battle group would think of contesting for the capture points covered by the barrier.

“Isn’t that better?” Luo Xiaohao chuckled. “Not only do we get to make a large sum of Eternal Coins without doing anything, but we can also let Frey know the Zero Wing she mentioned is an insignificant coward. If Zero Wing doesn’t even dare to fight us, what qualifications does it have to partner with the Galaxy Conglomerate?”

“Someone’s approaching us from in front, Leader!” a Tier 5 Ranger from the same battle group suddenly reported. “They’re very fast! They’ll reach us in ten seconds!”

“It seems they’re smart and know that this is their only chance to get close to us,” Luo Tianhao said, unsurprised by the report. After all, once the barrier was completed, Star Lake City was as good as theirs. “How many people do they have?”

“There seems to be only…five,” the Tier 5 Ranger awkwardly said.

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