Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3530

Chapter 604 – God-Ranked Domain

Star Lake City’s spectator stand:

When Xia Qingying and Mu Huangwu saw only Fire Dance stepping forward to face Luo Tianhao’s battle group, they couldn’t help but gasp.

“Qingying! What did Shi Feng do to Fire Dance during this period?!” Mu Huangwu demanded with rage-filled eyes. “How did she get so foolish and ignorant?!”

Fire Dance was a genius nurtured by the Green God Corporation. Hence, Mu Huangwu, as an Elder of the Green God Corporation, had a good idea of what she was capable of.

While Fire Dance might have been a vice commander of the Silver Frost Legion in the past, whether in equipment standards or mental strength standards, she was still greatly inferior to the ace battle group members of Skystar City.

Not to mention a one-on-twenty scenario, even in a one-on-one scenario, Fire Dance wouldn’t necessarily emerge victorious.

Fire Dance would only be making a fool of herself in front of everyone by challenging Luo Tianhao’s battle group alone. If news of her actions reached Night Watch City, she would be promptly disqualified before she could even take the Night Watch Legion’s test.

Unlike third-tier cities, when second-tier cities recruited participants, they wouldn’t just test the applicant’s talent. They would also inspect the applicant’s battle records. After all, each second-tier city ruled over upwards of a hundred third-tier cities, so they did not lack talented individuals to choose from.

It was especially so for Night Watch City, a top-ranking second-tier city. Normally, only the most excellent individuals from third-tier cities could qualify for the Night Watch Legion.

If Night Watch City was to find out about Fire Dance’s foolish behavior in this city battle, she would probably get disqualified on the first round of the test. After all, strategies were crucial in city battles. Heroic actions would only put the rest of the legion in danger.

“If Guild Leader Shi Feng has decided on this course of action, I’m sure he has his reasons,” Xia Qingying responded to Mu Huangwu’s questioning, albeit somewhat hesitantly.

Although Xia Qingying knew Zero Wing had the trump card known as Intermediate Divine Engravings, she still couldn’t help but be confused as to why Shi Feng had decided to let Fire Dance fight Luo Tianhao’s battle group alone. No matter how she looked at it, it simply wasn’t a wise decision.

Myriad Forest City’s spectator stand:

“Fire Dance?”

When Xiao Quan saw Fire Dance walking toward Luo Tianhao’s battle group, a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes.

As a vice commander of the Silver Frost Legion himself, Xiao Quan naturally recognized Fire Dance and had a very good idea of her strength. However, while Fire Dance might not have trouble soloing any of the fifteen cities’ battle groups, it would be a completely different story if she tried to solo Luo Tianhao’s battle group. She’d probably be killed in the first few exchanges.

This wasn’t to say that Fire Dance’s combat standard was vastly inferior to the members of Luo Tianhao’s battle group. It was just that there was a qualitative difference in the equipment standards of both sides. The gap in equipment standards was also one of the main factors contributing to the powerlessness of second-tier cities in the face of first-tier cities.

“Good! Very good! If that’s how you want to do it, I’ll let Frey know how foolish and ignorant the Guild she has been singing praises of is!” Luo Tianhao coldly said when he saw only Fire Dance stepping forward. “Lotus! I’ll leave her to you!”

Following Luo Tianhao’s words, a graceful and innocent-looking female Elementalist stepped forward from behind him. And even though the Elementalist looked to be only in her early twenties, none of the other youths in the battle group were dissatisfied with Luo Tianhao’s decision.

This was because the Elementalist named Lotus was not only Luo Tianhao’s close confidant, but she was also the battle group’s vice team leader. Moreover, although it hadn’t been long since Lotus joined, she already ranked among the top five of the group in strength.

When Lotus initially joined the Galaxy Conglomerate, Luo Tianhao and Frey, two of the conglomerate’s successors, had fought over her. Ultimately, Luo Tianhao only managed to win her over after offering up a premium villa in Skystar City’s city center.

Skystar City was one of the few first-tier mobile cities operating on the Starlight Continent. Hence, every inch of land in the city was worth its weight in gold. As for the city center’s villas, they were so limited and valuable that even the Galaxy Conglomerate’s successors would only be assigned one premium villa each, and they couldn’t obtain a second one without significant achievements.

However, the price Luo Tianhao paid to recruit Lotus was undoubtedly worth it.

Firstly, despite being only 22 this year, Lotus was already a three-star mental strength grandmaster. Even in the Galaxy Conglomerate, talents of her caliber were incredibly rare. Secondly, she was the owner of the Sky Saint Legacy, one of the Starlight Realm’s Four Great Saint Legacies. So long as she got promoted to Tier 6, she would instantly be put onto the Divine Glory List.

“Understood!” Lotus nodded.

After Lotus responded, she could be seen briefly disappearing from the virtualized street before reappearing within 100 yards of Fire Dance. Then, she raised her staff toward the sky.


All of a sudden, as if all of the air in the city had been sucked away, everyone in the city experienced a feeling of suffocation.

“Is this the strength of first-tier cities?!”

When Star Lake City’s inhabitants saw the threefold magic array covering a small section of the city’s sky, they all felt a deep fear.

Tier 5 Super Spell, Sky Crash!

The difficulty of casting a Tier 5 Super Spell exceeded that of Tier 6 Spells, and its power was no less than that of Tier 6 Spells. Meanwhile, simply being able to silent-cast one Tier 5 Super Spell would already be considered a great achievement for Tier 5 titled experts. Yet, Lotus had managed to complete a triple silent cast. Not even veteran Saint-ranked experts could necessarily accomplish such a feat.

“It’s over…” Mu Huangwu wryly smiled when he saw the threefold magic array in the sky. “That little girl’s mental strength is simply monstrous!”

Sky Crash was a Super Spell that covered a radius of 3,000 yards. It was a powerful Spell that could bring forth devastating effects so long as it was completed. Normally, players could easily counter it by interrupting the caster before the Spell was completed. This was also the case, even if it was silently cast.

Although players who utilized silent casting might look as if they had instantly cast their Spells, it was a fact that they needed to go through the standard procedure of constructing the Spell’s magic array. It was just that, in the case of silent casting, players would construct their Spell’s magic array in their minds.

As for Sky Crash, it was an incomparably complex Spell, so a considerable amount of time would be needed to finish its magic array. Meanwhile, this time gave melee players the perfect opportunity to interrupt the caster.

But now…

Lotus had successfully completed a threefold Sky Crash!

Moreover, she had cast it while fully equipped with Legendary Weapons and Equipment!

Should the Super Spell connect, it would instantly obliterate a small portion of Star Lake City, let alone Fire Dance.


While everyone in Star Lake City was terrified, a clear and pleasant voice suddenly echoed in their ears.

Immediately afterward, a wave of mana, several times denser than what was used to fuel Lotus’s Sky Crash, abruptly struck Sky Crash’s magic array, causing the fully-formed magic array to disintegrate rapidly. At the same time, the same mana enveloped the fifteen cities’ participants, immobilizing them. It was as if they had fallen into a quagmire made of steel, and they could move neither their bodies nor their mana in the slightest.

“What’s happening?!”

“How can there be such a powerful Mana Domain?!”

“I’ve seen this Mana before! This is a Tier 6 God’s Mana Domain!”

Following this unexpected development, everyone couldn’t help but look toward the center of the Mana Domain—

Fire Dance!

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