Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3531

Chapter 605 – Slaughtering Aces

Tier 6 Gods possessed immense power. They were so powerful that even a Tier 6 player fully equipped with Legendary items could only match a Tier 6 God in strength. Moreover, said Tier 6 God would have to be without weapons or equipment.

As for resisting Tier 6 Gods who were fully equipped with Legendary items, only the legends among players could accomplish such a feat. Or, more accurately, anyone capable of accomplishing this feat would be regarded as a legend, and their achievement would be recorded in the annals of the Greater God’s Domain’s history.

Because of this, even for the various apex powers, Tier 6 Gods remained formidable existences that mustn’t be underestimated. As for weaker powers, unless they were confident in their strength, they would do their best to avoid confrontation with a Tier 6 God.

Meanwhile, what made Tier 6 Gods such formidable opponents for players was their mana!

God-ranked Mana!

So long as a Tier 6 God unleashed their Mana Domain, all players beneath Tier 6 would be rendered powerless. Any Skill or Spell they had learned would become utterly useless, and they could only battle while relying on their Basic Attributes. And needless to say, if any player beneath Tier 6 tried to fight a Tier 6 God with only their Basic Attributes, they would be severely overestimating themselves.

A moment after Fire Dance unleashed her Mana Domain, silence fell over the street she stood on.

Fire Dance was akin to a bona fide Tier 6 God at this time. While enveloped by Fire Dance’s mana, not even Lotus, a Sky Saint fully equipped with Legendary items, could manipulate any of her surrounding mana, let alone the other Tier 5 experts present.

“A God-ranked Domain! How can a Tier 5 Assassin like her have such mana?!”

“Not even Tier 6 experts equipped with Divine Artifacts have such terrifying mana!”

Whether it was Mu Huangwu, Xia Qingying, or the fifteen cities’ experts, everyone couldn’t help but look at Fire Dance in shock and horror.

“Could she have a Divine Artifact?”

The members of the Skystar battle group couldn’t help but look at Fire Dance in astonishment.

Aside from a Divine Artifact, they couldn’t think of anything else that could let a Tier 5 Assassin have a God-ranked Mana Domain. Or, more specifically, apart from Divine Artifacts, no other item should be capable of giving a Tier 5 player the ability to contend against a Tier 6 God.

But if Fire Dance truly did have a Divine Artifact in her possession, how were they supposed to fight her?

“Impossible!” Luo Tianhao denied his teammates’ speculation without hesitation. “She isn’t even a three-star grandmaster! You’d have to be a one-star great grandmaster to materialize a Divine Artifact! How can such an existence be as young as her? Not to mention, would such an existence ever bother getting involved in such a trivial battle?”

Luo Tianhaos’ words instantly brought everyone back to their senses and lessened the fear in their eyes.

Whether it was a Divine Artifact or a one-star great grandmaster, both were existences capable of shaking up the Starlight Continent’s stability.

On the other hand, Zero Wing was merely an up-and-coming Guild and barely had any fame in the Greater God’s Domain. As for Fire Dance, she was merely a former vice commander of a second-tier city legion. No matter how they looked at it, neither Zero Wing nor Fire Dance could have anything to do with a Divine Artifact or a one-star great grandmaster.

“So what if you have a God-ranked Mana Domain?” Returning his focus to Fire Dance, Luo Tianhao stubbornly said, “Even if none of us can use our surrounding mana, I refuse to believe you can block all of our attacks!”

Following Luo Tianhao’s words, everyone in the Skystar battle group launched attacks on Fire Dance simultaneously. While none of them could utilize their surrounding mana to further enhance their Skills and Spells, the Basic Attributes of their Legendary Weapons and Equipment allowed them to retain their mobility and strength; they could still exhibit the combat power of Tier 6 players nonetheless.

Immediately, three tanks executed a Combination Combat Technique and charged at Fire Dance in unison, their unified charge capable of sending even Tier 6 Divine monsters flying. At the same time, three Berserkers and four Swordsmen separately executed their own Combination Combat Techniques to cover Fire Dance’s flanks, while two Assassins circled behind Fire Dance, waiting to deliver a fatal blow to her. As for Lotus and the other ranged players, they rained numerous attacks from above.

All twenty members of the battle group matched their assault perfectly, covering all possible areas that Fire Dance could use for evasion. Even if a Tier 6 expert were to be put in Fire Dance’s position, they would quickly be overwhelmed and killed by all these attacks.


However, Fire Dance did not even flinch when she saw Luo Tianhao and the others attacking her together. Instead, she unsheathed the daggers she carried around her waist and executed a footwork, instantly splitting into several dozen copies of herself. Then, all her doppelgangers moved swiftly and unpredictably like a group of butterflies while brandishing their daggers.

Fusion Combat Technique, Dance of Chaos!

Dance of Chaos was a Fusion Combat Technique Fire Dance had personally developed, and it was a pairing between the Tier 5 Skill Doppelganger space and the Advanced Silver Combat Technique Splitting Light. It was an ultimate technique that allowed her to spontaneously unleash a large number of attacks that far exceeded her usual limit.

Originally, she had developed this technique with the goal of achieving victory through a high attack frequency. When it came to raw power, each attack was inferior to the attacks of Berserkers of the same tier. But now, thanks to the enhancement of her God-ranked Mana and the Intermediate Divine Engravings, the power of her attacks were elevated tremendously, and they now surpassed the attacks of Berserkers of the same tier.

Meanwhile, as soon as Fire Dance executed Dance of Chaos, she transformed the area around her into a void and sent the three charging tanks stumbling back several steps. As for the Berserkers, Swordsmen, and Assassins, they were sent flying by several dozen yards, their HPs falling by more than half.

Impossible! Tier suppression?! Don’t tell me she is already a true Tier 6 player?! Luo Tianhao, being a Berserker, couldn’t help but look at his trembling arms in confusion.

It should be known that they were all roughly equal in Basic Attributes. Logically, even if he was rendered incapable of utilizing the mana around him, he would, at most, be slightly inferior to Fire Dance in a direct confrontation. It didn’t make sense for him to fare so poorly against Fire Dance.

Of course, if such a situation had happened in God’s Domain, he wouldn’t have batted an eye at it. In fact, he had personally experienced such situations when fighting in God’s Domain, and that was when he had fought against true Tier 6 players!

But they were in the Tier 5 match of a city battle right now. No player could be at Tier 6, so how did Fire Dance accomplish what she just did?

Before Luo Tianhao could make sense of the situation, Fire Dance had already concluded her Dance of Chaos and made her way to the Skystar battle group rear line, where Lotus and three other magical class experts were in the middle of casting a Tier 5 Curse together.

When Lotus and the three other magical class experts saw Fire Dance approaching them, they promptly dropped their spellcasting and used Advanced Instantaneous Movement to instantly move 600 yards away from their original position. Then, they promptly activated the Tier 6 Magic Barriers that came with their Legendary Equipment.

However, Fire Dance didn’t mind the four magical class players’ escape and simply executed Shadow Voidblade, a Tier 5 Taboo Skill, in their direction.

Immediately, over a hundred invisible blades cut through space and reached the four magical class players’ location. Then, they tore through the Tier 6 Magic Barriers as if they were made of paper and shredded the four players before they could even react.

Four of Skystar City’s aces had fallen in the blink of an eye, and silence fell over the entire Star Lake City!

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