Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3532

Chapter 606 – Frightening

“They’re dead?”

“Four of Skystar City’s aces died, just like that?”

Everyone was in disbelief when they saw Lotus and three other magical class experts from the Skystar battle group getting shredded into oblivion.

They already understood that Fire Dance was strong. They had even accounted for the possibility that the entirety of the Skystar battle group might not be a match for her. After all, if Fire Dance could handily repel a joint rush executed by three tanks fully equipped with Legendary items, what could the others possibly do against her once they were within her attack range?

But to instantly kill four of Skystar City’s aces, especially when all four players had activated their Legendary Equipment’s Lifesaving Skills? That was something they couldn’t comprehend.

The Lifesaving Skills that came attached with Legendary Equipment were typically at the Tier 6 standard. Even if Tier 5 players activated them, they would still be strong enough to resist the attacks of Tier 6 Divine monsters for a short time. Yet, the magic barriers summoned by the four players fared no differently than fragile paper against Fire Dance’s attacks.

How could they not feel shocked by this?

What kind of strength must one have to break the Tier 6 Lifesaving Skills of Legendary Equipment so easily?

Xia Qingying and Mu Huangwu, who were familiar with Fire Dance, were especially stunned by this development.

Since when did Fire Dance become such a terrifying existence?

Skystar’s four magical class experts were by no means weak. Lotus, in particular, was a monstrous existence. Even if they were to meet in the Greater God’s Domain, Mu Huangwu doubted he could kill Lotus with absolute certainty, and it should be known that he was a genuine Tier 6 player equipped with a Legendary Weapon.

Yet, Fire Dance had accomplished the feat with ease, making Tier 6 Defensive Skills and Spells look no different than a joke.

No wonder he dared to bet against Elder Mu. When Xia Qingying saw Fire Dance beating Luo Tianhao’s battle group without any help, she couldn’t help but sigh in amazement.

Originally, Xia Qingying still had trouble understanding why Shi Feng would refuse to call for reinforcements from the rest of Zero Wing and instead choose to participate with only the Zero Wing members based in Star Lake City. After all, she had long known that Zero Wing was capable of far more than what most people thought.

But now, it seemed that even though she was more knowledgeable regarding Zero Wing than others, Zero Wing still had many secrets she wasn’t privy to. At the same time, she finally understood why Shi Feng could so confidently state that he could help her occupy Silver Frost City previously.

While everyone was caught in shock and fear, Fire Dance turned toward the Skystar’s two Clerics after finishing off the four magical class experts. So long as she eliminated these two Clerics, Skystar’s melee experts would lose their infinite source of HP, and it would only be a matter of time before she could wear them down.

“Bastard! Don’t get too full of yourself!” Luo Tianhao bellowed when he saw Fire Dance targeting the two helpless Clerics. “Do you really think we have no way to deal with you? Everyone, activate your Combination Berserk Skills!”

Skystar’s members were briefly stunned when they heard Luo Tianhao’s command. A moment later, though, they all grew ecstatic.

Unlike the average Berserk Skill, a Combination Berserk Skill could be activated together by multiple players to achieve stronger effects; the more players there were in the team with the same Combination Berserk Skill, the greater the Skill’s effects would be when activated. The strongest Combination Berserk Skill discovered to date was rumored to have a maximum capacity of 1,000 players, and when activated at maximum capacity, it could allow even ordinary Tier 6 players to contend against Tier 6 Ancient Gods.

Meanwhile, their battle group was fortunate enough to also own a Combination Berserk Skill. It was something Luo Tianhao had recently acquired through the Galaxy Conglomerate after much effort. And while it only had a maximum capacity of 20 players, they still regarded it as their battle group’s biggest trump card for the next first-tier city battle.

Normally, even if they were to get annihilated in the city battle against Star Lake City, they would never make use of this trump card. It was why they hadn’t used it until now.

But now that Luo Tianhao had given the command, they were naturally more than willing to use it.

Before Fire Dance’s daggers could connect with the two Clerics’ necks, runes began appearing all over the two Clerics. As soon as these runes appeared, they began rampantly draining the surrounding area of mana, instantly creating a manaless environment that weakened Fire Dance’s attack.


A sound resembling metal colliding reverberated throughout the area.

The strength of their mana increased? Fire Dance couldn’t help but be surprised as she looked at the Holy Shields that protected the two Clerics from her daggers.

After she learned the Advanced Bronze Mana Purification Technique, her mana underwent a qualitative transformation. Now, not only was her mana’s density significantly greater than before, but its purity was also on par with mana found in Seven Luminaries Crystals. On top of that, the strength of her mana had also increased. Overall, her mana had already surpassed the mana of the average Tier 6 player in all aspects, and it was close to matching the mana of Tier 6 Gods.

Under the enhancement of such mana, she was no different than a genuine Tier 6 player. Meanwhile, under the effects of tier suppression, most Tier 5 players should have great difficulty blocking her attacks. It was especially so when she attacked using Skills. Each of her Tier 5 Skills could exhibit the might of genuine Tier 6 Skills, and they were vastly superior to the Tier 6 Skills and Spells launched by Tier 5 players.

So, the fact that the two Clerics’ Tier 5 Holy Shield managed to stop her Tier 5 Shadow Edge meant that the strength of their mana had experienced a significant increase.

“Sure enough, it is only because of your mana that you could kill Lotus and the others,” Luo Tianhao said, grinning when he saw Fire Dance’s daggers getting stopped. “Unfortunately, this is the end of the line for you. While our Combination Berserk Skill isn’t at full capacity, it is still enough to propel our mana close to the Tier 6 standard. With the current difference in our mana, your Skills will no longer be as effective on us!”

“Amazing! As expected of Skystar City’s ace battle group!” When Xiao Quan saw Luo Tianhao’s battle group activating a Combination Berserk Skill, he couldn’t help but marvel at the prowess of first-tier city battle groups.

At lower tiers, players could achieve decent results with Berserk Skills. Some Berserk Skills could even enable players to transcend tiers. However, as players ascended to higher tiers, the effectiveness of Berserk Skills would also diminish. This reduction in effectiveness would become especially apparent for Tier 5 experts.

Due to the increased accessibility of high-ranking equipment for high-tiered players, Tier 5 experts would usually have a few Fragmented Legendary items equipped. Some Tier 5 experts might even have a full set of Fragmented Legendary items or a Legendary item.

All of these Fragmented Legendary and Legendary items provided significant Basic Attribute bonuses, and they served to dilute the impact of Basic Attribute bonuses provided by Berserk Skills. Hence, Tier 5 experts would be fortunate if they could even get a 20% boost to their combat power from a Berserk Skill.

Yet, despite being fully equipped with Legendary items, Luo Tianhao and his teammates were able to elevate their mana’s strength close to the Tier 6 standard with just a Berserk Skill…

“Our Combination Berserk Skill’s duration is limited, so use your Tier 5 Taboo Skills to eliminate her as quickly as possible!” Luo Tianhao commanded when he saw Fire Dance intending to create distance between them and drag out the fight. “Once she’s dead, Zero Wing will be powerless to turn the tide!”

However, as soon as Luo Tianhao gave his command, a deep voice suddenly sounded in the area. Although the volume of this voice wasn’t loud, the words the voice conveyed sent a chill down the spines of Luo Tianhao and his companions.

“The rest of you can join the fight; Fire Dance might have trouble by herself.”

TL Notes:
High-ranking equipment provide two types of Basic Attributes:
1) “Base” Basic Attributes
2) “Percentage-based” Basic Attributes

“Base” Basic Attributes add to the base of players’ Basic Attributes, while “percentage-based” Basic Attributes modify the “base” Basic Attributes” of players.


[Abyssal Blade] (One-handed Sword, Magic Weapon, Fragmented Legendary Rank)
Equipment Requirement: Strength 3,000, Agility 2,000
Attack Power (235% of Strength Attribute)
Attack Speed (2.3% of Agility Attribute)
All Attributes (Increases according to user’s level)
Ignore Levels +35

When equipped:
Strength increased by 50%, Agility increased by 50%, Intelligence increased by 35%; Endurance increased by 50%;
Attack Speed increased by 40%;
All effects of weapon-related Skills increased by 20%;
All item level requirements reduced by 10 Levels.
“All Attributes (Increases according to user’s level)”

This line refers to “base” Basic Attribute. Items with level ranges don’t typically show the exact values.

When equipped:
Strength increased by 50%, Agility increased by 50%, Intelligence increased by 35%; Endurance increased by 50%;
This line refers to “percentage-based” Basic Attributes.

The calculations should work out to something as follows:

A – Character base Basic Attributes
X – Equipment base Basic Attributes
Y – Equipment percentage-based Basic Attributes
Z – Total Basic Attributes

Z = (A+X)*Y
As for how the “total” percentage-based Basic Attributes are calculated, it is just a simple addition of all the percentage-based Basic Attributes that a player has.

For example, assuming that a player only has a weapon and a helmet equipped, and the weapon increases Strength by 100% while the helmet increases Strength by 50%, Y=100%+50%.

Going by this form of calculation and the fact that “Berserk Skills” also provide percentage-based Basic Attributes, the more percentage-based Basic Attributes a player receives from their equipment, the less effective Berserk Skills would be.

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