Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3534

Chapter 608 – Birth of a New Second-Tier City

What did he do?! Wasn’t the Star Cluster Barrier said to be infallible even against Tier 6 Gods?!

Luo Tianhao, who had just breathed a sigh of relief, couldn’t help but gape in shock when he saw the fragmented stars and magic arrays in the sky. He simply couldn’t comprehend what just happened.

This was the Star Cluster Barrier they were talking about!

It was a great grandmaster barrier known for being effective against Gods!

Of all the past instances where the Star Cluster Barrier had been deployed in a city battle, not once did it meet with failure. Yet, now, less than five seconds after this supposedly infallible magic barrier was deployed, it had met its end at a swing of Shi Feng’s sword…

At this moment, Luo Tianhao wasn’t the only one stupefied by this development. Seated at Star Lake City’s spectator stands, Xia Qingying and Mu Huangwu similarly couldn’t believe their eyes.

The Star Cluster Barrier might be commonly used in the Greater God’s Domain, but it remained a trump card the various powers used to raid World Bosses.

So long as the Star Cluster Barrier was deployed, even Tier 6 Gods could be killed!

Yet, now, this almighty barrier had failed to last even one move from Shi Feng?

“Guild Leader?”

When Fire Dance, who had been having difficulty fending off the attacks of Skystar’s aces, saw the shattered Star Cluster Barrier, she couldn’t help but look at Shi Feng with widened eyes. At this moment, she felt as if this was the first time she was getting to know Shi Feng. Or, more specifically, Zero Wing.

As a former vice commander of Silver Frost City, Fire Dance was very knowledgeable regarding the Star Cluster Barrier’s capabilities. She had also seen records of the barrier in action when browsing through Silver Frost City’s archives.

So long as the Star Cluster Barrier was deployed in a city battle, the battle would become a one-sided slaughter unless the opponent could similarly deploy a great grandmaster barrier. Either that or if the opposing side had a one-star great grandmaster capable of materializing a Divine Artifact.

However, Fire Dance was certain that Shi Feng was neither in possession of a Divine Artifact nor was he a one-star great grandmaster.

“Qingying! Who is he?!” After recovering his senses, Mu Huangwu promptly turned toward Xia Qingying, his eyes filled with excitement and desire. “That mana usage! It’s simply unheard of! That attack could probably rival the attacks of Divine Artifact-wielding Taboos already!”

Ordinary experts might not be able to tell exactly how powerful Shi Feng’s attack was, but as a three-star mental strength grandmaster and a Tier 6 expert who had mastered five Basic Laws and one Advanced Law, Mu Huangwu knew exactly how frightening it was.

Shi Feng’s utilization of the Law of Space in his attack had reached an incredible extent. This, in turn, allowed his mana to experience a qualitative improvement, going beyond the standard of Tier 6 Gods and rivaling the standard of Ancient Gods!

Ancient Gods!

These were existences who had once coexisted with Primordial Gods before the latter disappeared in the Ancient Mythical Era. They possessed strength that far surpassed the Tier 6 Gods of modern times, and the various powers and many apex experts of the Greater God’s Domain could only hope to chase after their footsteps.

Only players wielding Divine Artifacts could hope to fight against Ancient Gods in the current age of God’s Domain. As for everyone else, they weren’t even qualified to stand before an Ancient God.

Yet, despite being in the body of a Tier 5 player, Shi Feng could exhibit the power of an Ancient God. How could Mu Huangwu not find this exciting?

“Who is he?” When Xia Qingying heard Mu Huangwu’s question, she couldn’t help but wryly smile as she looked at Shi Feng as if she was looking at a stranger. “I might have known him in the past, but now… I truly have no idea who he is.”

If it was before today, she would have dared to say that she already knew everything there was to know about Shi Feng. After all, way back when she first established a partnership with Shi Feng, she had already conducted a thorough investigation into his background.

Before establishing Zero Wing, Shi Feng was merely the dismissed Guild Leader of a second-rate Guild called Shadow. Although he was somewhat famous in Jin Hai City and known by others as the Sword Magician, he had only been a Level 200, Tier 3 Sword King in God’s Domain during his peak.

Even in their homeworld, Shi Feng would be considered a nobody in their homeworld, let alone the Greater God’s Domain. Not even the executives of first-rate Guilds would take a second look at him, much less individuals like herself and Mu Huangwu.

Yet, now, the nobody who used to be no more than a Level 200, Tier 3 Sword King in their homeworld had become an expert capable of shattering the Star Cluster Barrier with one attack…

Even if she were to provide concrete evidence detailing Shi Feng’s past, she highly doubted Mu Huangwu would believe a single word.

“Are you trying to mess with me, Qingying?” Mu Huangwu refused to believe Xia Qingying’s words. “I know he is most certainly of extraordinary origins, but I assure you I won’t cross any boundaries. I simply want to know who he is.”

“You just want to know who he is? That’s simple.” In her sincerest tone, Xia Qingying said, “He is Zero Wings’ Acting Guild Leader.”

“…” Looking at Xia Qingying, Mu Huangwu suddenly felt that the little girl was getting more and more mischievous.

Mu Huangwu wasn’t the only one curious about Shi Feng’s identity. Whether it was the fifteen cities or Luo Tianhao, they were all curious about it.

Anyone capable of surviving in a third-tier city was not a fool. Although many people failed to understand how Shi Feng’s attack managed to accomplish what it did, they still understood that anyone capable of destroying a great grandmaster barrier in one attack couldn’t possibly be an ordinary person.

“Frost, you’ve been telling me to blindly trust our little friend without telling me his identity all this time. Can you tell me who he is now?” Feng Yiqing asked as he looked at Shi Feng’s image, his eyes filled with burning anticipation.

Initially, even when Red Frost continuously tried to persuade him and put her reputation on the line, he still had his doubts about clashing against the fifteen cities. If not for Red Frost saying that there was a chance he could take a step forward and become a true great grandmaster, he would have never staked the entire Star Lake City on Shi Feng.

However, after witnessing Shi Feng’s mind-blowing sword strike, Feng Yiqing knew he had made the right decision.

An Ancient God!

Shi Feng most definitely shared an intricate connection with the near-extinct Ancient Gods. Otherwise, there was no way he could exhibit the power of Taboos.

If he could master even a fraction of that power, it would no longer be a dream for him to become a great grandmaster in his lifetime.

“Him?” Seeing Feng Yiqing’s eager expression, Red Frost faintly smiled and said, “Isn’t he Zero Wing’s Acting Guild Leader?”

“You… You little…” Feng Yiqing couldn’t help but be exasperated by Red Frost’s response. “Fine. Don’t tell me, then. In any case, I’ll have plenty of opportunities to get to know this young man.”

“That’s true.” Red Frost smirked as she returned her gaze to Shi Feng’s image.

With the destruction of the Star Cluster Barrier, the outcome of the city battle was as good as decided. Even the subsequent Tier 4 match was no longer of any consequence.

This was because everyone knew that a new second-tier city would be born today, and that city would be none other than Star Lake City!

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