Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3535

Chapter 609 – Shocking All Sides

Following the sound of a bell, the city battle involving sixteen third-tier cities officially ended.

However, out of the sixteen cities, only Star Lake City was filled with lively voices. As for the other fifteen cities, they fell into a dead silence, unable to accept the outcome of the city battle.

Three consecutive defeats!

It was originally supposed to be a one-sided domination of Star Lake City by the fifteen mobile cities. Yet, what ended up happening was the domination of the fifteen cities instead.

Like the Tier 5 match, Zero Wing had single-handedly annihilated the fifteen cities’ forces in the Tier 4 match. The outcome had dumbfounded everyone spectating the match, and it was especially so for Star Lake City’s various powers.

“Crap! What’s the deal with Zero Wing? I can accept the Tier 5 match’s results since the participants were Zero Wing’s executives, but how did Zero Wing’s newcomers become such monsters as well?”

“Since when did Clay Blade and Pace Angel become so amazing? Didn’t they arrive at Star Lake City in the same period I did?”

“Incredible! All twenty members of Zero Wing’s Tier 4 battle group have strength rivaling Tier 5 players! That Clay Blade and Pace Angel even have Legendary-standard Basic Attributes!”

Whether it was Shi Feng or Red Frost, they had long been famous in Star Lake City. So, even though the two exhibited astonishing strength in the Tier 5 and Tier 6 matches, the shock everyone experienced from seeing the two’s performance was a little more subdued compared to the shock they experienced from watching the Tier 4 match that just concluded. It was especially so when everyone saw Clay Blade and Pace Angel’s performance.

Due to Clay Blade and Pace Angel’s affiliation with Zero Wing, every power operating in Star Lake City had long possessed their detailed information. Meanwhile, everyone’s evaluation of the two was that they were both at the standard of ordinary participants. Under normal circumstances, it would take them many years to meet the requirements to join an ace battle group in Star Lake City. There was even a possibility they might never qualify until they retired.

Yet, contrary to everyone’s expectations, Clay Blade and Pace Angel displayed strength that even the various powers of Star Lake City had to fear during the city battle.

Meanwhile, the only explanation everyone could come up with was that Zero Wing had something to do with Clay Blade and Pace Angel’s astonishing growth, and anyone who said otherwise would be lying or delusional.

For a time, many newcomers who had recently joined Star Lake City’s various powers began to yearn for Zero Wing. Many also regretted their decision not to join Zero Wing. Otherwise, they might have obtained strength rivaling, or even surpassing, Clay Blade and Pace Angel.

Myriad Forest City’s VIP viewing room:

“What should we do now, City Lord?” Myriad Sky asked, her complexion a little pale as she looked toward Myriad Forest City’s City Lord, sitting beside her. “Star Lake City is bound to become a second-tier city after this.”

Originally, they thought that, after their defeat in the Tier 5 and Tier 6 matches, they could rely on the Tier 4 match to temporarily hinder Star Lake City’s promotion to a second-tier city. However, they did not expect such a devastating outcome.

Three consecutive victories…

After obtaining such a result against the fifteen cities, Star Lake City would undoubtedly become a second-tier city. At that time, many upper-ranking hegemonic powers would seek to establish themselves in Star Lake City. So long as Star Lake City gave the word, these upper-ranking hegemonic powers seeking to join Star Lake City would be more than willing to bring Myriad Forest City to the brink of ruin.

“There’s nothing we can do,” Myriad Forest City’s City Lord said, sighing. Then, he whispered, “Get in touch with Zero Wing. So long as Zero Wing is willing to spare us, we will compensate with twenty drops of Stardew and four thousand Life Potions.”

“Isn’t that a little too much?” Myriad Sky quietly asked.

A sum of 4,000 bottles was already equivalent to half a year’s consumption for the Myriad Forest Legion. Moreover, although Life Potions had a price tag of 50,000 Star Coins per bottle, acquiring them in bulk wasn’t easy. Even Myriad Forest City would have difficulty taking out so many bottles on such short notice.

As for Stardew, it was even more precious a resource. Twenty drops of Stardew were already equivalent to one-third of Myriad Forest City’s current stockpile. If they were to give away twenty drops, it would take many years for Myriad Forest City to recover the loss.

“Even if that’s the case, we still have to give it. We cannot afford to provoke Zero Wing. Haven’t you seen that even Skystar City’s ace battle group was defeated? In a sense, Zero Wing is even more terrifying than Silver Frost City,” Myriad Forest City’s City Lord said, shaking his head. “Zero Wing has only recently started to develop, so it is probably lacking in cultivation resources. If we drag our feet until Zero Wing has fully grown, even if we offer to double the compensation at that time, Zero Wing might not bother to accept it.”

“I’ll take care of it, then,” Myriad Sky said, no longer hesitating.

No third-tier city could withstand the wrath of a second-tier city, much less Zero Wing, an existence capable of going up against a first-tier city’s ace battle group.

Myriad Forest City wasn’t the only city to secretly contact Zero Wing. At the same time, the City Lords of the other third-tier cities had similarly sent people to get in touch with Zero Wing, hoping to gain Zero Wing’s forgiveness.

While all this was happening, seated at the central position of the VIP viewing room, Xiao Quan wore an ashen look on his face. He had naturally noticed the actions of the City Lords around him. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do about it.

Others might not know the extent of Shi Feng’s strength after seeing his attack during the Tier 5 match, but as an outer member of Demon’s Gate, Xiao Quan understood it very well.

Simply put, it was over.

There was nothing more he could hope to accomplish against Zero Wing.

Not to mention, Zero Wing’s foundation far exceeded his expectations. Not only did Zero Wing’s Tier 5 members perform astonishingly, but even the Guild’s relatively unknown Tier 4 members had shown themselves capable of transcending tiers. At this point in time, Zero Wing simply wasn’t an existence he could afford to provoke.

No wonder Xia Qingying supported him so strongly back then. When Xiao Quan rewatched Shi Feng’s battle footage, a hint of regret and anger filled his eyes. It had always been his principle to befriend the strong. Had he known that Shi Feng possessed such strength earlier on, he would have chosen to discreetly resolve the issue with Silk Radish instead. But while I might have offended him after this, with the current strength of Zero Wing and Star Lake City, they still aren’t a threat to my position in Silver Frost City. At worst, I’ll just avoid having any dealings with them in the future.

He honestly hadn’t expected things to turn out this way when he belittled Shi Feng back during the Green God Corporation’s recruitment event.

However, as the son of Silver Frost City’s City Lord and an outer member of Demon’s Gate, Xiao Quan did not have to fear Zero Wing and Star Lake City, either.

There were significant differences between second-tier and third-tier city battles.

Firstly, the scale was different. Instead of just 200 participants per tier, cities would have to field 1,000 participants per tier.

Secondly, the Tier 6 match was weighted even more heavily, making up 60% of the final score. In comparison, the Tier 6 match of third-tier city battles didn’t make up even 50% of the final score.

Lastly, due to the low number of second-tier cities on the Starlight Continent, second-tier cities were only allowed to engage in a city battle with the same opponent once every five years.

Because of these three points, very few second-tier cities would ever face the threat of demotion. What was more likely to happen was a change in rulership or a complete overhaul of city legion members.

Shortly after, Xiao Quan boarded a supersonic aircraft and returned to Silver Frost City less than half an hour after the city battle ended. Then, treating the city battle as nothing more than a trivial matter, he immersed himself in training, completely ignoring the matter of Star Lake City and Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, an hour after Xiao Quan left, the fifteen cities began transferring their power furnaces to Star Lake City one after another. At the same time, the Zero Wing Training Center became overcrowded with representatives and young geniuses who were either here to congratulate Zero Wing or join Zero Wing. All of a sudden, the training center had become the focal point of Star Lake City.

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