Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3539

Chapter 613 – Actual Tier 6 Players

“Ten God Crystals?! That’s daylight robbery!”

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s conditions, Azure Shadow could no longer hold himself back.

Every power had its own systems when it came to developing geniuses, so it was normal for Shi Feng to wish to keep Zero Wing’s training system a secret. So long as the conditions in the God’s Domain Contract weren’t excessive, they would have no problem signing it.

But it was a different story for the training fee of ten God Crystals.

God Crystals might not be as rare as Fragmented Legendary Weapons, but they were still considered a strategic resource by the Greater God’s Domain’s various powers. They could be used to restore certain Fragmented Legendary items into Legendary items. Hence, most powers would keep a tight hold over their God Crystals.

At present, the market value of a God Crystal was only slightly lower than that of a piece of Fragmented Legendary Equipment. And as ten God Crystals were enough to repair most Fragmented Legendary items, a sum of ten God Crystals was essentially equivalent to one piece of Legendary Equipment.

In other words, Shi Feng was asking to be paid seventeen pieces of Legendary Equipment for training them for only several days!

Not even apex powers would dare make such an egregious demand!

Even Xia Qingying, who favored Shi Feng training the Green God Corporation’s talents, couldn’t help but doubt her ears when she heard Shi Feng’s price. At this point, Shi Feng might as well ask if he could clean out the Green God Corporation’s coffers.

“Zero Wing won’t insist on the matter,” Shi Feng said, chuckling. “We can simply follow our previous agreement. In return for helping your members join the Night Watch Legion’s ace battle groups, Zero Wing will receive 70% of their city contributions. As for our bet, Elder Mu, you will need to help with training Zero Wing’s members from time to time.”

Following Shi Feng’s words, the seventeen youths standing behind Mu Huangwu instantly exploded into an uproar.

“Elder Mu, it’s already enough for us to have your training. Even without Zero Wing’s help, we can still become aces in the Night Watch Legion!”

“I agree! With our strength and talent, even if we fail to become aces this year, we can definitely make it next year! We’ll only miss out on, at most, one or two city battles! The loss of points won’t affect the corporation’s plans in the long run!”

The seventeen youths spoke up one after another. Although none of them outright mentioned Zero Wing as being the crux of the problem, they clearly indicated that the transaction with Zero Wing wasn’t worthwhile and Shi Feng was merely taking them for fools.

“Okay! We’ll go with your arrangement, Guild Leader Shi! I’ll pay ten God Crystals for each of them!” Mu Huangwu said after some hesitation. “Once their training concludes, I will hand you all 170 God Crystals. Can we sign the contract now?”

“Elder Mu, that’s 170 God Crystals we are talking about,” Xia Qingying worriedly said. She couldn’t help but be astonished by Mu Huangwu’s decision.

A sum of 170 God Crystals was by no means insignificant. Previously, even after Shi Feng was willing to part with an astronomical amount of wealth, she had only managed to collect 200 God Crystals from the Eternal Chamber of Commerce.

Although Mu Huangwu had plenty of resources on hand due to him being one of the Green God Corporation’s three-star grandmasters, it still wouldn’t be easy for him to take out 170 God Crystals. He might even have to make some sacrifices with regard to the Green God Corporation’s branch in Night Watch City.

No matter how Xia Qingying thought about it, she simply couldn’t understand why Mu Huangwu was willing to go to such lengths.

“Don’t worry, Vice President Xia. I’ve been saving for many years, so I can still afford to take out 170 God Crystals,” Mu Huangwu explained, understanding Xia Qingying’s concerns. “Since I suggested this partnership, I will shoulder the full payment.”

“If you are willing to go that far, I won’t be against it,” Xia Qingying said, waving her hand and indirectly expressing that she would keep this matter a secret from the corporation’s other executives.

Subsequently, Mu Huangwu took the initiative to hash out a God’s Domain Contract via his quantum watch. The contract mainly detailed the transaction between him and Zero Wing. As for the confidentiality contract meant for Azure Shadow and the others, Shi Feng would have to prepare it himself.

Meanwhile, after seeing all that Mu Huangwu had done, Shi Feng naturally wouldn’t dissuade or object to the other party’s decision. On the contrary, he welcomed it very much.

Shi Feng urgently needed God Crystals and Seven Luminaries Crystals, so much so that he even intended to trade some of Star Lake City’s contribution points for God Crystals and Seven Luminaries Crystals. Otherwise, there was little he could do with his existing stockpiles.

“Here is the confidentiality contract; have a look at it. You can sign it if you find no problems with it,” Shi Feng said as he sent each of the seventeen youths a lifetime confidentiality contract.

The contract’s terms were simple. Azure Shadow and the others were simply required to keep all details regarding their training a secret. Should they leak information without Shi Feng’s consent, they would be permanently banished from God’s Domain.

After Azure Shadow and the others finished reading, they briefly looked at the contract Mu Huangwu signed before placing their signature on their respective confidentiality contracts.

“Excellent. Since we have established our partnership, training will commence tonight,” Shi Feng said after seeing all seventeen youths sign the confidentiality contract. Then, he sent them the coordinates of the Miniature Ancient World’s World Passage and continued, “Log into God’s Domain tonight and head to these coordinates. We will meet up there and begin your training.”

Although he wasn’t particularly keen on letting these seventeen youths in on Zero Wing’s secrets, it would be a waste not to make use of their strength. After all, these were seventeen Tier 6 players equipped with Legendary Weapons they were talking about. They were existences that even conglomerates and upper-ranking hegemonic powers would try to avoid provoking.

“Got it. We’ll be there on time!”

Azure Shadow and the others responded after memorizing the coordinates. However, despite none of them saying it, all of them had already inwardly decided they would make trouble for Zero Wing’s Tier 5 Guild Leader later on.

Meanwhile, after the partnership was established, Mu Huangwu’s group returned to their accommodations in Star Lake City. On their way back, Mu Huangwu urged Azure Shadow and the others to quickly head toward the meeting point, his urging exasperating the seventeen youths.

Meanwhile, back in Shi Feng’s office…

“Do you really plan on bringing them with us, Guild Leader?” Hidden Soul couldn’t help but ask as she watched Shi Feng organizing some documents. “The Western Continent remains a secret even in the Eternal Realm right now.”

“Of course.” Shi Feng nodded and smiled. “This is a rare opportunity. Since I’ve already agreed to train them, I naturally have to do my best. Moreover, not only am I going to take them to the Western Continent, but I’m also going to let them learn the Mana Purification Technique. I intend to thoroughly change the power structure of existing second-tier city legions and let that Young Master Xiao know the price of provoking Zero Wing!”

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