Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3541

Chapter 615 – Crazed Night Watch Members

“Why is he here?”

Fire Dance couldn’t help but doubt her eyes when she saw the cloaked Swordsman before her.

Black Flame, the 11th-ranked player on the Sacred Glory List!

This was a name known by all throughout the Greater God’s Domain. As for Zero Wing’s members, both Black Flame’s name and appearance were deeply ingrained into their minds.

While Fire Dance was training alongside Zero Wing’s members for the city battle, she had heard plenty of things about Black Flame. Hence, she was considerably familiar with the player named Black Flame.

In the Eternal Realm, Black Flame had single-handedly suppressed an army of tens of thousands of Holy Race players.

Later on, Black Flame had single-handedly erased the headquarters of three upper-ranking hegemonic powers in the Miniature Ancient World.

Aside from achievements, Black Flame was also well-connected. He shared close ties with three Golden Masters, and Ink Qilin, a vice commander of the Scarecrow Fox adventurer team, even openly expressed her respect toward him. These four individuals would also often collaborate with Zero Wing in exploring the Crystal City of Secrets’ Underground Crystal Palace.

At this point, Black Flame could already be considered a legendary figure in the Greater God’s Domain. He wasn’t someone that the average person could hope to meet.

“The Lord of War Goddesses?”

When Azure Shadow saw Shi Feng, a hint of shock flashed in his eyes. He didn’t think Zero Wing would send its true Guild Leader to come to instruct them.

“It seems Zero Wing is going all out this time to have its Guild Leader come to train us personally.”

“No wonder Guild Leader Shi Feng asked for such an exorbitant fee. Black Flame’s status as the 11th-ranked Sacred Glory expert alone already makes the fee worthwhile.”

When the rest of the Night Watch battle group’s members saw that it was Shi Feng approaching them, they couldn’t help but start a hushed discussion among themselves. It was especially so when they felt Shi Feng, who was only a Tier 5 player, radiating an aura stronger than theirs.

While the Sacred Glory List’s significance might not be comparable to the Divine Glory List, anyone capable of entering the Sacred Glory List would still be regarded as a VIP in any Realm. Not to mention the Green God Corporation, even the average upper-ranking hegemonic power and conglomerate would have difficulty employing the assistance of such individuals.

“So what if he’s ranked 11th on the Sacred Glory List?!” Azure Shadow said in the team chat. “He’ll still need to have actual abilities to train us!”

“I guess you’re right.”

After thinking it over, the rest of the Night Watch battle group’s members nodded in agreement.

Black Flame might be famous, but that wouldn’t necessarily mean he was qualified to train them. It was especially so for someone like Black Flame, who relied heavily on external items. The primary reason Black Flame could achieve his current status was due to his ability to summon War Goddesses. When it came to actual combat standards, he wouldn’t necessarily be superior to them.

While Azure Shadow and the others were having a secret discussion among themselves, Shi Feng briefly swept his gaze across Fire Dance and the seventeen youths.

“Since everyone’s here, follow me,” Shi Feng said, chuckling when he saw the seventeen youths scrutinizing him. “But before we leave, let me remind you that you must keep everything you see later on a secret. Also, as this training is meant for nurturing Zero Wing’s internal members, you are only allowed to stay until the Night Watch Legion’s ace battle group selection. After that, you will all have to leave.”

Upon hearing Shi Feng’s reminder, aside from Fire Dance, everyone else present revealed contemptuous expressions.

They had experienced all kinds of training in the past. They had even participated in training camps jointly hosted by multiple powerful conglomerates and upper-ranking hegemonic powers. So, they didn’t believe, even for a second, that Zero Wing could provide them with any noteworthy training.

Yet, Shi Feng was making Zero Wing’s training sound like it was the most precious thing in the world.

At this time, Azure Shadow and the others became further resolved to complete whatever training Zero Wing had to offer before the training session was anywhere close to completion. Then, they would take their leave without hesitation.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng did not bother to offer any additional explanations, even when he saw the seventeen youths’ contemptuous expressions. He simply led the group to a deserted area of the Void Sea and waited for World-Breaking Gate’s cooldown to end. Then, he spent another 1,000 units of Seven Luminaries Crystal to bring everyone to the Eternal Realm.

Starlight Continent, Star Lake City:

As the morning sun rose, Star Lake City’s airport basked in its brilliance. Even though it had only been a day since Star Lake City had gotten promoted to a second-tier city, the airport was already crowded with supersonic planes from various third-tier cities.

Of the guests these supersonic planes carried to Star Lake City, apart from the various powers’ executives, a significant portion consisted of mental strength grandmasters and budding talents. As Star Lake City was a new second-tier city, it currently didn’t face any problems with overpopulation. Hence, these individuals all sought to use this opportunity to secure themselves long-term residence in a second-tier city.

“Are Azure and the others still not here?” Mu Huangwu muttered as he looked out through the airport lounge and at the Green God Corporation’s private plane parked outside. “If we still don’t take off soon, we won’t make it for the registration!”

Mu Huangwu couldn’t help but find the tardiness of Azure Shadow and the others strange. After all, his disciples were normally very punctual. Not to mention, they would be flying back to Night Watch City to register for the Night Watch Legion’s ace battle group selection this time. If they were to miss the registration period, they would have to wait another year before they could try for an ace battle group again.

“Did they forget when we were leaving?” Xia Qingying, who had come to see Mu Huangwu’s group off, similarly found this situation confusing.

Mental strength grandmasters had an extremely accurate grasp on time. They could tell the precise time of day, even without looking at the time. Logically, there was no way Azure Shadow and the others would be late when they knew they had to attend an event as important as the ace battle group selection.

“Impossible,” Mu Huangwu firmly denied Xia Qingying’s conjecture. “I even went out of my way to remind them the time before they logged into God’s Domain yesterday.”

“Did they get into an accident?” When Xia Qingying heard Mu Huangwu’s words, she promptly thought of contacting the God’s Domain Association.

Azure Shadow and the others were mental strength grandmasters. Since it was unlikely they had misremembered their flight’s departure time, it must mean they had gotten into an accident. Otherwise, there was no way they would be tardy.

But just as Xia Qingying was about to contact the God’s Domain Association, a group hastily entered the lounge.

“You’re finally here.” Mu Huangwu sighed in relief when he saw the individuals entering the lounge. “What happened to you all? Why did you arrive so late?”

The group of new arrivals was none other than Azure Shadow’s group. Only, at this moment, Azure Shadow and the others wore anxious looks on their faces, their usual calm nowhere to be seen.

“Let’s quickly board the plane, Elder Mu. It’ll be bad if we’re late,” Azure Shadow hurriedly said to Mu Huangwu.

The other members of the Night Watch battle group nodded in agreement, their anxious expressions making it seem like they couldn’t wait even a moment longer to board the plane.

“So you actually know you’re late?” Mu Huangwu couldn’t help but feel exasperated when he saw the anxious expressions of Azure Shadow and the others. “You’re lucky you made it in time. Had you all arrived any later, you would have missed the registration period!”

“You misunderstand, Elder Mu. We’re not talking about the ace battle group selection,” Azure Shadow hurriedly said. “We already made an appointment with the instructor. The instructor will only wait half an hour for us. We only have a minute left, so we must board the plane and log into God’s Domain immediately. Otherwise, we’re going to be late!”

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