Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3548

Chapter 622 – Fighting the Gorgon Queen Again

“Are you sure we can take on a Primordial Godkin with our current strength, Instructor Black Flame?” Azure Shadow anxiously asked Shi Feng as he looked around the deserted underground passage they were currently traversing.

Hearing Azure Shadow’s question, the other Night Watch battle group members perked up their ears and looked toward Shi Feng with anxious eyes.

Their goal in coming to the Nameless City was to improve themselves. However, after learning the Bronze Mana Purification Technique, they never truly got to exert themselves to their fullest potential, be it when they fought against the city’s Tier 5 Legendary monsters or the Holy Race experts.

Even when they fought against the city’s Legendary monsters, they could complete the entire clash without using any of their mana for Skills and Spells. As for the Holy Race’s 1,000-man legion, it was merely a one-sided battle and couldn’t be considered a proper fight.

Currently, if they wished to truly achieve noteworthy improvements, they would need a sufficiently strong opponent. Only then could they push their standards to the next level.

However, when they heard from Shi Feng that they would be going up against a Gorgon Queen, which was a Primordial Godkin, they couldn’t help but worry.

Primordial Godkins were monsters possessing the bloodline of Primordial Gods. Their strength surpassed the average dragon and angel of the same tier. Not to mention, out of the Greater God’s Domain’s Twenty-Two Taboos, one was a Gorgon Queen.

While that Gorgon Queen in question might be a mutated existence, it remained a fact that ordinary Gorgon Queens were not existences that ordinary Tier 6 experts could fight against.

Normally, if players wished to raid a Level 180 Gorgon Queen, they would need to form a 100-man team of Level 200, Tier 6 players at the very least.

Currently, their team didn’t even have forty members. Not to mention, only seventeen were Tier 6 players, and their average level was only 175. A huge gap existed in Basic Attributes between them and Level 200, Tier 6 players.

“Relax. Follow my plan, and you won’t have any trouble fighting the Gorgon Queen,” Shi Feng said, chuckling as he looked at Azure Shadow and the others.

If it was before Azure Shadow and the others had learned the Bronze Mana Purification Technique, Shi Feng would have never considered challenging the Gorgon Queen with them. But with the assistance of the Bronze Mana Purification Technique and their Legendary Weapons, they already met the minimum requirement to raid the Gorgon Queen. Now, it was only a question of whether they could survive one hit from the Gorgon Queen. If they could avoid getting killed instantly, raiding the Gorgon Queen shouldn’t be a problem.

While Shi Feng was chatting with Azure Shadow and the others, the team arrived at the plaza situated in front of the city’s treasury.

At this time, although the plaza had already been repaired to a significant extent, it was still possible to see cracks and dropped weapons and equipment all over the place. This gave Azure Shadow and the others a feel of how tragic and terrifying the battle that had taken place here previously was.

“Despicable human! How dare you trespass on my territory again?! I will have your soul annihilated for desecrating the holy land of my race!”

For a moment, an alluring voice echoed in the depths of everyone’s minds, causing them to feel a hint of goodwill and fascination toward the voice’s owner.

Subsequently, a soul-stirring figure slowly slithered out of the treasury’s gigantic steel doors, the figure’s every movement seducing everyone and forcing their eyes to focus on her.

Meanwhile, this soul-stirring figure was none other than the Gorgon Queen responsible for safekeeping the Nameless City’s treasury.

[Gorgon Queen] (Primordial Godkin, Divine)
Level 180
HP ? ? ? ? ? ?

“Everyone, consume these Eternal God Crystals! I’ll have the War Goddess distract her later! Remember to never try to block any of the Gorgon Queen’s holy aura attacks!” Shi Feng commanded and promptly distributed some Eternal God Crystals to everyone on the team when he saw the Gorgon Queen emerging from the treasury.

His previous clash with the Gorgon Queen allowed him to thoroughly understand that the Gorgon Queen before them was extremely proficient in mental attacks. If it wasn’t for his Concentration and willpower being sufficiently strong, he would have never survived the Gorgon Queen’s mental attacks.

While Eternal God Crystals were indeed precious, for the sake of ensuring their raid’s success, he couldn’t care less about wasting some of them.

Immediately, everyone consumed the Eternal God Crystal they received, temporarily raising their Concentration and Mana Perception by one rank. At the same time, various inspirations started to appear in their minds, one after another.

In the meantime, Shi Feng summoned a War Goddess and used the Feather of Oath’s Heroic Pledge on her, raising her tier by one. And because Shi Feng had raised his level to 170 since last time, the War Goddess he summoned this time was at Level 180. This effectively placed the War Goddess on the same starting line as the Gorgon Queen, as both were at Level 180, Tier 6.


As soon as the Level 180, Tier 6 War Goddess appeared on the plaza, she promptly thrust her spear forward to block a large scimitar that had suddenly appeared before her. The scimitar was coated in holy aura, and its impact with the War Goddess’s spear created an impact that cracked the surrounding space and caused Fire Dance and the other Tier 5 players, who stood some distance away, to stumble a little.

So strong!

Gentle Snow and Hidden Soul couldn’t help but be shocked when they saw the Gorgon Queen suddenly appearing before the War Goddess. Although Shi Feng had already informed them of the Gorgon Queen’s strength on their way here, it wasn’t until they got to experience the Gorgon Queen’s strength at such a close distance did they finally understand how frightening the Primordial Godkin was.

If not for the Tier 6 War Goddess’s presence, they and the other Tier 5 players of the team would have definitely died just now. After all, they didn’t even notice when the Gorgon Queen had disappeared from the treasury’s entrance. By the time they noticed, the Gorgon Queen’s blade had already been blocked by the War Goddess…

She’s going all out right from the beginning? Shi Feng’s expression grew solemn as he looked at the Gorgon Queen.

The Gorgon Queen had started with a Gold Holy Art right off the bat. If it wasn’t for the War Goddess’s intervention, even if he defended himself using Sword’s Orbit, he would have been sent flying over a hundred yards and sustained heavy injuries.

However, before everyone could relax, the Gorgon Queen suddenly transformed her two scimitars into two full moons and charged at Shi Feng, who stood a hundred yards away from her. She completely ignored the War Goddess before her and everyone else in her way, behaving as if only Shi Feng existed in this space.

“Don’t even think about killing the instructor!” Growling Potato, a Shield Warrior from the Night Watch battle group, bellowed as he activated the Tier 5 Skill Wrath of Justice and the Tier 6 Skill Shield Return. Then, he intercepted the Gorgon Queen with his shield raised.

When the Gorgon Queen’s full moons collided against Growling Potato’s shield, Growling Potato stumbled a step back and lost nearly one-third of his HP, while the Gorgon Queen’s advance came to a halt.

At the same time, Azure Shadow activated Strike From Heaven, transforming into a streak of light that shot at the Gorgon Queen, his speed far surpassing the reaction speed of ordinary Tier 6 experts.


However, the Gorgon Queen merely reacted to Azure Shadow’s attack with contempt and, with a casual flick of her wrist, accurately deflected the Ranger’s Strike From Heaven with one of her scimitars. The degree of skill she displayed was so incredible that even fifth-floor experts would be left marveling.

But during the brief moment the Gorgon Queen was occupied with Azure Shadow’s attack, a silver spear suddenly swept at her willowy waist, catching her off guard. As a result, the attack connected fully and sent her flying several hundred yards away. The attack also caused one of her nine HP bars to deplete slightly, finally exposing her previously indecipherable HP to everyone.

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