Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3550

Chapter 624 – Princess’s Reward

When Dragon Princess Kalisha’s gigantic figure appeared in the underground plaza, everyone present couldn’t help but be shocked. Even Azure Shadow and the others, who had a wealth of experience in the Greater God’s Domain, were not an exception.

“What in the world did Instructor Black Flame summon? I’m confident I can fight even Tier 6 Gods in my current state, yet I’m actually feeling fear right now?”

“Heavens! I must be dreaming! That’s a bona fide Ancient God! According to the Great Library, only Ancient Gods can have a true body that exceeds a thousand meters!”

“An Ancient God? The Guild Leader can summon an Ancient God?”

Both Azure Shadow’s group and Zero wing’s members couldn’t help but doubt their eyes as they looked at Kalisha’s titanic frame.

Gods could be regarded as the ceiling of strength for most players in the Greater God’s Domain. They were existences feared by even the Greater God’s Domain’s various major powers.

For this reason, any player capable of matching Tier 6 Gods in strength would be qualified to speak to upper-ranking hegemonic powers as equals. The various upper-ranking hegemonic powers would not dare to disrespect these players, and they would also make extremely lucrative offers in the hopes of recruiting these players.

But this was merely the upper limit that ordinary expert players could see.

Above the myriad Gods, there were existences known as Ancient Gods. These were incredibly ancient beings. Although they were similarly Gods, the standard of their Life Rating had long surpassed the Gods of the current era. Meanwhile, only Tier 6 experts wielding Divine Weapons could hope to put up a fight against these existences.

Naturally, the strength of Ancient Gods was something all Tier 6 players and the various powers wished to grasp. Hence, they all frantically sought for clues pertaining to Ancient Gods, and so long as even the slightest clue was found, the many powers and Tier 6 players would try to secure it at any cost.

Only, clues pertaining to Ancient Gods were extremely rare. Over 99% of Tier 6 players would go through their entire lives without ever encountering one. And anyone who managed to do so could boast about it for a lifetime.

Yet, now, instead of a clue, a bona fide Ancient God had appeared before their very eyes. Moreover, the Ancient God was even summoned by Shi Feng. How could they not be shocked by this situation?

However, before anyone could snap out of their dazes, the Gorgon Queen had launched her Chaos Spear at Shi Feng.

Tier 6 Super Spell, Chaos Spear!

Super Spells were designed to allow their users to transcend tiers. When cast by the Gorgon Queen, Chaos Spear could rival the attack of an Ancient God. Should it connect, it could instantly obliterate a Holy City capable of housing one hundred million inhabitants.

Seeing the Gorgon Queen’s attack, Shi Feng instinctively unsheathed the Shadow Incinerator and readied himself to use Incinerator’s Phantasm at any time.

In his previous life, Dragon Princess Kalisha was known by all as the ruler of the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary, one of the Twelve Sanctuaries. She was an existence transcending the average Tier 6 NPC, and she was even rumored to have strength rivaling Primordial Gods. But…

That was strength she had come to possess only after becoming the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary’s ruler.

Although Shi Feng had already fulfilled his quest contract and helped Kalisha recover her strength, that didn’t automatically make her the ruler of the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary. Meanwhile, with Kalisha’s current strength, he wasn’t sure if the Dragon Princess was actually strong enough to fully block an Ancient God’s attack.

If he were to get hit by the Gorgon Queen’s Chaos Spear as a Tier 5 player, he had a considerable chance of suffering a permanent death. Even if he had the Sacred Phantom Ring, it still wouldn’t matter. After all, all item effects had an upper limit. Once an item effect’s upper limit was breached, it would lose effectiveness.

The power of Ancient Gods was regarded as the power of Taboos in the Greater God’s Domain. Meanwhile, the reason it was considered as such was its ability to shatter many of the Greater God’s Domain’s restrictions. It was so overwhelming that it could shatter the effects of even Legendary items, let alone Fragmented Legendary items.

However, just when the Gorgon Queen’s Chaos Spear was about to bring death to Shi Feng, Kalisha’s titanic frame suddenly disappeared. Then, before anyone realized it, Kalisha had reappeared next to Shi Feng in the size of a normal human, and held within her right hand was a spear shrouded by dark mist.

“You really know how to get yourself into trouble, my dear heaven’s blessed,” Kalisha said to Shi Feng as she nonchalantly glanced at the fearful Gorgon Queen in the distance. Then, she glanced at the depleted crystals on the ground and continued, “But I have to say that your performance has exceeded my expectations. I have recovered a lot of my strength thanks to all these Eternal God Crystals you’ve gathered.”

After saying so, Kalisha gently squeezed the spear in her hand. Then, the Chaos Spear, which was capable of rivaling an Ancient God’s attack and obliterating an entire Holy City, burst apart into a cloud of mist and faded out of existence….

When the Gorgon Queen saw this scene, her body shuddered, and the fear in her eyes deepened. She also dared not make any further movements, evidently petrified by Kalisha’s show of power.

At this time, Shi Feng was equally startled by Kalisha’s performance.

A Primordial Godkin’s Tier 6 Super Spell was an attack even Ancient Gods would try to avoid confronting directly. At the very least, they would use a Skill or Spell to block the attack. Yet, Kalisha had not only caught the Gorgon Queen’s Chaos Spear with a single hand, but she had even crushed it easily. The toughness and strength of her physical body was simply terrifying.

“It seems you are also quite the lucky person to be able to find this place,” Kalisha commented as she looked past the Gorgon Queen and at the treasury behind the Primordial Godkin. Then, she turned her gaze toward Shi Feng and smiled, saying, “Anyway, as a reward for helping me recover, I can give you two options.

“For the first option, I can help you eliminate this little fellow and give you the full Primordial Dragon Legacy. With it, your future achievements will not be in any way inferior to Primordial Gods.

“For the second option, I can help you three times with my phantom and give you a Primordial Dragon Legacy Crystal. With the legacy crystal, you only need to expend 100 God Crystals to experience a complete legacy guidance, and you can do so up to ten times before the crystal disappears.

“My strength is still unstable since I have just recovered. I will need to search the Primordial Dragon Sanctuary for the Primordial Dragon Relic right away, so you only have three seconds to decide.”

Three seconds? Shi Feng couldn’t help but be exasperated as he looked at the yawning Dragon Princess.

Three seconds wasn’t enough for him to properly consider his choices at all. Not to mention, both options were incredibly tempting to him.

“Alright, time’s up,” Kalisha tiredly said as she looked at Shi Feng’s pondering face. “I’m taking my leave if you still can’t decide.”

Seeing that Kalisha truly intended to leave, Shi Feng gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll pick the second option!”

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