Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3552

Chapter 626 – Sudden Change


Shi Feng was stunned when he saw the Gorgon Queen’s maximum HP reduce from nine trillion to just four trillion.

Originally, Shi Feng felt he would already be fortunate if Kalisha’s phantom could neutralize the Gorgon Queen’s all-out attack. After all, although Kalisha herself might be stronger than the average Ancient God, it was unlikely a phantom of herself could exhibit the same combat prowess. In his opinion, Kalisha’s phantom should, at most, be at the standard of Tier 6 Gods.

However, never did Shi Feng think that Kalisha’s phantom could heavily injure the Gorgon Queen. With such strength, the phantom was already strong enough to match the average Ancient God.

Meanwhile, spectating from nearby, whether it was Azure Shadow’s group or Zero Wing’s members, everyone couldn’t help but gape at the scene before them. None of them could think of any words to describe the roller coaster of emotions they had just experienced.

Initially, they thought that, with the appearance of Kalisha, the battle was as good as over. After all, the Dragon Princess could crush the Gorgon Queen’s Chaos Spear with her bare hand.

Yet, a few seconds later, Kalisha swiftly took her leave after making some kind of deal with Shi Feng. She showed no intentions of attacking the Gorgon Queen whatsoever.

Then, just when they were racking their minds on how they should cope with the Gorgon Queen’s terror, Kalisha’s phantom suddenly appeared and heavily injured the Gorgon Queen with a simple swipe of its hand…

“Stop daydreaming and support the War Goddess with everything you’ve got!” Shi Feng hurriedly commanded when he saw that his teammates were still dazed. “We must eliminate the Gorgon Queen before she recovers!”

Kalisha’s strength might have heavily injured the Gorgon Queen, reducing the Primordial Godkin’s maximum HP from nine trillion to four trillion and nullifying her battle recovery, but defeating the Primordial Godkin remained a great challenge.

Heavily injured monsters in God’s Domain could recover from their injuries with time. Should the Gorgon Queen recover from her injuries, she would immediately regain her battle recovery. Her maximum HP would also gradually recover to its peak.

At that time, it would become impossible for them to defeat the Gorgon Queen, and he would have to expend another opportunity to have Kalisha’s phantom make a move, which was something he would prefer to avoid doing as much as possible.

Meanwhile, after everyone heard Shi Feng’s command, they promptly snapped out of their dazes and began frantically attacking the Gorgon Queen with the Tier 6 War Goddess, none daring to hold back in the slightest.

After their previous clash with the Gorgon Queen, they already understood that the Primordial Godkin wasn’t an existence they could afford to provoke in their current state. If they couldn’t kill the Gorgon Queen while she was heavily injured, they would lose the opportunity to kill her once she recovered.

“Brothers! For the sake of the Advanced Bronze Purification Technique! To hell with it!” After resolving himself, Azure Shadow commanded in the team chat, “All members, use the Rage Potion!”

The Rage Potion was one of the more common trump cards the Green God Corporation had prepared for their group. It was also one of the few potions that had an effect on Tier 6 players. When consumed by Tier 6 players, the Rage Potion could increase the user’s Basic Attributes by 100% and Physique by 50% for six hours. It was a precious potion that could only be crafted by Great Grandmaster Alchemists, and each member of their group would only be assigned one bottle per month.

Following Azure Shadow’s command, the other Night Watch battle group members promptly used their respective Rage Potions, elevating their damage output to the next level. Now, each of their attacks could cause over 100 million damage to the Gorgon Queen.

Meanwhile, Shi Feng also dared not be stingy in this situation. Immediately, he used the Feather of Oath to summon five Tier 5 War Goddesses and had them join the battle.

In her heavily injured state, the Gorgon Queen’s combat standard was no different from ordinary Tier 6 Divine monsters. Meanwhile, with the Tier 5 War Goddesses’ ability to exhibit the power of Gold Combat Techniques with their every move, they were in no way inferior to the average Tier 6 Divine monster. When they worked together with the Tier 6 War Goddess, they easily overwhelmed the Primordial Godkin and reduced her to nothing more than a punching bag for them.

87%… 86%… 85%…

As time passed, the Gorgon Queen’s HP rapidly fell under everyone’s fierce offensive, and it would only be a matter of time before the Primordial Godkin fell.

When the battle was nearing the thirty-minute mark, Shi Feng, who had been continuously attacking the Gorgon Queen using Sword’s Orbit, suddenly received a call from Billowing Water.

“Has your discussion yielded an outcome already, Miss Billow?” Shi Feng asked, smiling as he looked at Billowing Water’s face displayed on the call window. He was honestly a little surprised the other party was contacting him so soon.

Previously, the price he set for helping the Blaze Conglomerate defend its city was by no means insignificant. Normally, it should take a conglomerate like Blaze two or three days of discussion and analysis, at the very least, before a decision could be made.

“No, not yet,” Billowing Water said, shaking her head. Then, with a somewhat ugly expression, she continued, “I am contacting you for a different matter, Guild Leader Black Flame.”

“A different matter?” A hint of curiosity appeared in Shi Feng’s eyes.

“Mhm. I urgently need a large sum of Eternal Gold Coins. May I know if you have some available?” Billowing Water asked with a serious look.

Shi Feng was rather surprised by Billowing Water’s sudden need for a large sum of Eternal Gold Coins. After all, as the Blaze Conglomerate’s First Successor, she must have access to a significant sum already. So, he found it hard to imagine Billowing Water lacking Eternal Gold. Regardless, he still chose to answer her question, saying, “I only have several hundred Eternal Gold on hand right now, but I have quite a lot over on the Eternal Continent. May I know how much you need, Miss Billow?”

Although he had spent a lot of Eternal Gold to purchase God Crystals some time ago, the Secret Crystal Trading Firm was generating a lot of profits for him daily. This was due to the trading firm’s ninth floor occasionally selling Extraordinary Secret Treasures. Combined with the various powers’ enthusiasm toward Extraordinary Secret Treasures, each article could easily be auctioned for over a thousand Eternal Gold. Even if he would only receive a small fraction of these sales, it was still enough to make him a fortune.

Currently, he should have no trouble taking out three or four thousand Eternal Gold.

“I need about 300,000 Eternal Gold,” Billowing Water said awkwardly. “Moreover, I need it within a week.”

“Three hundred thousand? Are you starting an all-out war against someone?” Shi Feng couldn’t help but ask.

In the current Eternal Realm, a fortune of 300,000 Eternal Gold was outside the reach of even pseudo-apex powers. In fact, aside from the Seven Luminaries Alliance, he doubted that any other power could take out such a sum.

Meanwhile, apart from waging an all-out war against a major power, Shi Feng couldn’t think of another reason Billowing Water would need so much money.

“Something like that…” Putting on a gloomy expression, Billowing Water truthfully said, “The Chairman plans to marry off my little sister to a major power. I don’t wish to see my little sister thrown into this pit of fire, so I now have to win over a group of Elders and experts in the conglomerate. Only by doing so can I negotiate with the chairman. But I will need a lot of Eternal Gold to accomplish all this, so will it be possible for you to get together 300,000 Eternal Gold within a week, Guild Leader Black Flame?”

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