The Divine Urban Physician – Chapter 653

Chapter 653: Something Happened

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Just as the palm was about to land, a beautiful figure walked out from the crowd and said in an ethereal voice, “He’s speaking the truth. I witnessed it wtth my own eyes. If you think that I, as a member of Yibao Pavilion, am lying to you, then you can take action as well.”

The one who spoke was Ding Yun’er.

The old man stopped and looked at the beautiful figure.

He naturally recognized Ding Yun’er and withdrew his hand.

Ding Yun’er approached Jian Ruxue and the others and said indifferently, “With your abilities, isn’t it easy to tell the truth? Why do you have to kill the innocent?”

“If I were you, I would consider my own situation. You issued the hunting order, but Ye Shitian still appeared calmly and killed others in front of a hundred people.”

“This is probably an affront to your dignity, and you’re probably feeling it more than you let on.”

Hearing Ding Yun’er’s words, the old man trembled with anger. He was about to speak when Ding Yun’ er continued, “Don’t be angry. I’m telling the truth Don’t you think one of you will be the next one to get into trouble? If Ye Shitian does not die, the Kunlun Mountains would never be at peace!”

At this moment, everyone calmed down.

There was no doubt about the authenticity of the matter.

Jian Ruxue looked at Ding Yun ‘er and said, “The Blood Alliance and Yibao Pavilion have some relationship. Besides, Ye Shitian should be our common enemy. You’re here to seek cooperation, right? Or do you know where Ye Shitian is?”

Ding Yun’er shrugged and smiled.

“On the contrary, I hope that you will give up on pursuing Ye Shitian, and even make peace with him. I have already contacted Yibao Pavilion and they will no longer pursue what Ye Shitian did at our branch in Huaxia.”

Jian Ruxue’s face turned black and he said coldly, “Give up? Dream on! We have allied with the hundred sects to hunt Ye Shitian down. If we give up, what will the world think of us?”

Ding Yun’er knew this would happen. She shook her head and walked out.

“You may have the advantage in numbers, but you’ve never experienced Ye Shitian’s terrifying dominance. Even the Zither of Dawn Moon ended up as a scabbard for Ye Shitian’s sword. Do you really think Ye Shitian is an ordinary person?”

“The unknown is what humans fear the most, and that is what Ye Shitian is.”

“Let me ask you, it’s been so long since the last incident, have you found any other information about Ye Shitian? The sect behind him, his master, his cultivation technique, and so on? Hehe, I bet you guys didn’t. Everyone in the Kunlun Mountains doesn’t know Ye Shitian’s true identity.”

“This kind of existence that comes and goes without a trace is the beginning of a nightmare for the Kunlun Mountains.”

“If you don’t believe me, then wait and see.”

Ding Yun’er disappeared. A gust of cold wind blew, sending chills down everyone’s spine.

Although Ding Yun’er’s words seemed ridiculous, they were all facts!

Ye Shitian was like a Grim Reaper. Wherever he went, there was only death. Furthermore, he would disappear without a trace after the event, and no one had any clues as to how to find him.

The old man looked at Jian Ruxue and said, “Old Jian, what should we do next?”

Jian Ruxue’s expression was complicated. In the end, he gritted his teeth and said, “What else can we do? Search! I don’t believe that we can’t find Ye Shitian after turning the entire Kunlun Mountains upside down!”

“Also, didn’t that guy say that Ye Shitian took Li Xin away? This is a clue. I don’t believe that Ye Shitian can hide from us much longer!”

The old man nodded and said to the people behind him, “Search everything within a radius of fifty miles! If you find anything, contact us immediately!” “Yes, Sir!”

At the same time, in the Kunlun Mountains’ Ji family.

Three bells suddenly rang.

To the Ji family, one bell meant that there was something to discuss, and two bells meant that everyone had to come as soon as possible.

As for the three chimes, it was a huge matter.

Outside the Ji family’s main gate, there were dozens of Ji family members.

Worry was written all over their faces.

Because just three hours ago, the Ji family’s patriarch was brought back with heavy injuries. He was almost dead!

The aura of death around him was dense.

The Ji family had sent their best doctor, but it had been three hours and there was no movement.

Ji Lin’s small body paced back and forth. This was the first time worry appeared on her face, and her playful innocence was gone.

“Father will be fine, right? Nothing will happen, right? Father was so powerful, how could something happen to him?”

Ji Lin kept muttering.

Suddenly, a strong wind blew, and a white-robed woman appeared.

The woman’s face was as clear as jade, like a lotus flower emerging from the water. She was expressionless, but she had a cold and ethereal air about her.

“Miss Ji is back!”

Suddenly, someone exclaimed. This gave them a semblance of hope. Ji Siqing was the talisman of the family.

J1 Siqing gently landed on the ground and glanced at the closed door.

“What happened? Why did something happen to Father?”

A butler of the Ji family quickly stood up and cupped his hands.

“Miss, it’s a long story. Master and ten experts of the Ji family went to a secret realm for ten days. On the tenth day, a body covered in blood suddenly crawled out. I thought it was someone else, but after taking a closer look, I realized it was Master!”

“The other ten experts of the Ji family haven’t come out yet. Something big must have happened inside the secret realm! As for what exactly happened, we will only know once Master wakes up.”

Ji Siqing’s cold eyes flashed with a cold light.

‘Investigate! I don’t care who’s behind that secret realm. Within three days, I want to get all the relevant information. No one is allowed to touch my family!” At this moment, Ji Siqing exploded with a terrifying aura, and it felt suffocating just being around her.

Fortunately, the pressure quickly disappeared.

Ji Lin held Ji Siqing’s hand, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Sister, do you think something will happen to Father?”

Ji Siqing gritted her teeth and her eyes softened.

“Don’t worry. With me around, nothing will happen to him..”

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