The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6761

charlie Wade has never been a person who protects his shortcomings. His father-in-law’s series of coquettish actions this time are indeed bad for his character, and he has no regrets. Naturally, it is impossible for charlie Wade to secretly support him again.

Therefore, I left this matter to my father-in-law, who had decided to let it go.

However, Zhou Liangyun spoke kindly for Jacob at this time and said: “Master Wade, in fact, it is understandable to a certain extent that Mr. willson did this. When he ‘broke’ the vase, it was actually because of my plot. I let people do it.” I beat him to make the acting more realistic. It’s my duty for him to hold grudges.”

charlie Wade nodded and sighed: “It’s okay to hold grudges, and it’s okay to take revenge. It’s just that this method is a bit unsightly, but Even so, I still don’t think it’s a big problem if he wants to save face from you, but the problem is that he doesn’t understand what it means to give up when things get good.”

“Before Zhang Ermao ( Cade ) exposed this matter, he didn’t really matter. Loss, although he sold Fei a good thing, the thing itself was sold to him by someone else, and he also took away a net profit of 200,000 yuan from Uncle Zhou. The bad thing is that people are insufficient. , he knew that the bronze Buddha was sold at a high price, and he wanted to get the bronze Buddha back. If his step was not excessive, I would not let Zhang Ermao ( Cade ) expose this matter.”

After that, charlie Wade sighed: “In the final analysis. , Still can’t afford it, it’s still too difficult for him to give up and accept defeat.”

Zhou Liangyun said with a smile: “Most people can’t accept the loss of 20 million in one thought. Mr. willson wants to do it. It’s understandable to a certain extent that the things need to be returned.”

After saying that, Zhou Liangyun added: “As for the subsequent impact, as long as I don’t say anything about this matter and don’t go to the police, there is no way for the outside world to characterize it. As long as someone helps him, he should still have a place, but the relationship between colleagues may become more tense in the future.” 

charlie smiled and said, “Let him go, I am not ready to interfere in this matter.”

Well.” Zhou Liangyun nodded and said: “For Mr. willson, his style and logic of doing things are still lacking in maturity and rigor. Maybe he has never started a business in his life and has not experienced any storms. His comprehensive ability is still compared to that of most of his peers. Too much is lacking.”

charlie Wade very much agrees with Zhou Liangyun’s evaluation of Jacob. Although his father-in-law has lived a useless life, he has never experienced any troubles. He has been living in willson’s family since he graduated from college and waited to die. Until the old man passed away a few years ago, his life has changed. That’s a huge fall.

The key point is that he has been used to being suppressed by Elaine, the old lady and his eldest brother at home for so many years, and the lowering of his material life has not had much impact on him. Anyway, he is lying flat in the gold and silver dens, and the dog in the mud den. The nest also lies flat.

But he wanted to be the president of the Calligraphy and Painting Society, not because of any lofty ambitions or ambitions. His only goal was to accumulate some bragging rights so that he could have some face when going out in the future, that’s all.

Therefore, judging from the current comprehensive social ability of the father-in-law, it may not be as good as a young man with three to five years of social work experience.

And he has not had any ambition for so many years. He has always lied down wherever he fell. The only time he has been motivated in his life is recently. In order to become the president of the Calligraphy and Painting Association, he has been working hard every day, but becoming the president is not something he can do. I guess he is going to be a loser. If he can become the president of the Painting and Calligraphy Association, everyone in the Painting and Calligraphy Association will probably resign except him.

But charlie Wade is too lazy to take care of it now. His original intention of paying attention to this matter is that he is worried that his father-in-law and Zhang Ermao ( Cade ) will use violent means to target Zhou Liangyun, and Zhou Liangyun has no foundation in Jinling. If they really want to solve the problem through violent means, it is not theirs at all. opponent.

Now that the crisis has been completely resolved, Zhang Ermao ( Cade ) will no longer help his father-in-law target Zhou Liangyun, and his father-in-law has lost the support of violent means. And the farce they just caused has helped Zhou Liangyun quickly gain a foothold in Jinling Antique Street. Zhou Liangyun’s future development in Jinling will definitely be much smoother.

So charlie Wade asked him: “What is Uncle Zhou’s next plan?

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