The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 6762

Zhou Liangyun replied: “I didn’t want to be so high-profile. I just wanted to open a store in the antique street and start slowly. Now it suddenly has a lot of popularity. Every day, many people come to me to appraise things. It can be regarded as a handful. It’s a double-edged sword. I plan to slow down the pace a little. I will open later and close earlier every day, and I will receive fewer customers. I think the popularity will subside in another month.

” Zhou Liangyun added: “When the heat slowly subsides, I will do business like a Buddhist. Anyway, I don’t want to make money, let alone make my career big. The pace of life in the city of Jinling is relatively slow. If people can slow down, , It’s still very comfortable, and I plan to slowly and leisurely retire here.”

charlie Wade nodded and said: “The Rothschild family is relatively controllable, but I don’t know if the Po Qing Association is still paying attention to Sifang Baozhuang and you. If the Po Qing Society can be eradicated in the future, you will be completely free.”

Zhou Liangyun smiled and said: “I believe that with Master Wade’s ability, this day will come soon.”

After that, Zhou Liangyun thought of something and was busy. Said: “By the way, Mr. Wade, you haven’t had dinner yet, right? Do you want to eat something together? There is a small restaurant nearby that makes delicious local dishes and can be delivered directly to the store. If you don’t mind, we can Let’s have something together in the store?”

charlie Wade smiled and said, “Okay, my wife is busy with the company these days and works overtime every night, so I will have a meal with you.”

As he said that, he suddenly thought of someone else. Come, he said to Zhou Liangyun: “By the way, Uncle Zhou, there is an old acquaintance of yours in Jinling. Please order a few more dishes and I will call him over!”

At the same time, Jacob was dejected. After leaving the antique street, he stopped a taxi and said to the driver: “Go to Heaven Springs.”

The reason why Jacob wanted to go to Heaven Springs was mainly because he wanted to invite President Pei to have a meal there and chat while eating.

So, he called Don Albert first and said attentively: “Fifth Master, it’s me, Jacob.”

Don Albert asked in a lukewarm voice: “What does Mr. willson want from me?”

Jacob He said hurriedly: “That’s it, Master. I want you to reserve a small box for me. I plan to invite our president to come over for a meal tonight.”

Don Albert declined politely: “I’m sorry, Mr. willson, there are distinguished guests at Heaven Springs tonight. , Don’t tell anyone, let’s talk about it

some other time.” Jacob didn’t expect that Don Albert, who had always been very cheerful before, would be so rude now, and he felt a huge difference in his heart. He could only say bitterly: “Okay, Master Wu, since you don’t want to It’s convenient. I’ll talk about it another day. Thank you.”

Don Albert hummed and said, “I’ll hang up now if I have nothing else to do. I’m busy.”

After saying that, Don Albert hung up directly without waiting for Jacob to speak . The call was disconnected.

This is not Don Albert’s fault. He respects charlie Wade from the bottom of his heart, and naturally respects Jacob from the bottom of his heart. But this time, charlie Wade said that he wanted to let his father-in-law know the price of doing something wrong, so of course he did not dare to continue to treat him badly. Jacob was polite and responsive, but his attitude had to be cold so that Jacob could clearly feel the difference.

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