The Mans Decree (chinese) 3697

“Kid, the Ten Thousand Souls Formation has started refining, you must break this Ten Thousand Souls Formation before you can do so, or else these souls will be gone in no time!”

The Red Cloud Demon Monarch barked at Kai !

Kai nodded, the Dragon Cutting Sword instantly appeared in his hand, followed by a blazing sword light that swung towards the place where the light was shining!

Kai did not have the time to look for where the eye of the formation was now, he could only forcefully break this Ten Thousand Souls Formation!


There was a loud bang as the sword light reached them, and the large formation pattern began to flicker continuously as countless light flashes lit up chaotically!

At the same time, Patriarch Jiang and the others who were outside, seeing the large formation lines constantly flickering and cluttering up, guessed that it must be Kai ’s doing!

Each and every one of them were worried for Kai !

“Laying down such a vicious formation, it is really a disgrace to us formation masters, let’s see me break it for you ……”

Kai shouted angrily, and the Dragon Slashing Sword in his hand swung out once again!

Accompanied by a dragon roar, the terrifying power chopped on top of that formation pattern, and the entire formation began to shimmer, and was about to collapse!

Outside, Patriarch Jiang and the others could faintly see Kai ’s figure in front of the flickering grand formation!

“You meddling bastard ……”

There was a sudden angry curse, followed by the appearance of a man whose entire body was wrapped in a spiritual light!

The man did not have an entity, it was obviously a wisp of soul that remained in the grand formation!

At this moment, the man’s eyes stared angrily at Kai !

“So this vicious formation was laid by you, since the other party gave you money and you still laid such a vicious formation to harm people, today you will have to do justice for heaven.”

Kai pointed his sword at the man and said with cold eyes!

“There is no moral justice to speak of in the Celestial Realm, why do I need you to act like a big tailed wolf here, you broke my good deed, I want your life.”

The man gritted his teeth and said with rage!

“Hahaha, you are really ridiculous, with this wisp of your residual soul to kill me?”

“You leave your name behind, when I have time, I will find my way to the door, even if you don’t kill me, I won’t leave behind a pest like you!”

Kai laughed out loud, his eyes full of contempt!r>
The man also knew that it was impossible for him to kill Kai , he was just bragging just now!

If Kai could be killed by this wisp of his residual soul, then it would be impossible to break open this Ten Thousand Souls Formation!

“Two Yi Sect of the Central Domain, Gu Tianzhao ……”

After the man finished speaking, the wisp of residual soul instantly transformed into a stream of light and rushed up to the sky!

There was no way he would actually fight Kai !

“What’s rushing out?”

Patriarch Jiang suddenly shouted!

Everyone looked to find a stream of light rushing up from the great formation!

Along with this stream of light flying away, the Ten Thousand Souls Formation crumbled and disappeared with a loud bang!

Elder Xia’s daughter’s soul clearly appeared in front of everyone’s eyes!

Looking at his daughter’s soul, Elder Xia was shocked and delighted!

“Daughter, daughter ……”

Elder Xia said with an agitated expression!

“Elder Xia, your daughter’s soul is too weak and must return to her body immediately ……”

Kai finished speaking and rushed into the room with Elder Xia’s daughter’s soul!

A breath then headed towards Elder Xia’s daughter head on!

The soul also accompanied this aura and entered Elder Xia’s daughter’s body!

After the soul returned to her body, Elder Xia’s daughter’s face obviously looked much better, and her eyes became glowing!

“Daughter, you’re alright ……”

Elder Xia pounced over!

“Dad, why are there so many people?”

Elder Xia’s daughter saw so many people in the room and said with some fear!

“Not afraid, these people are all here to see you.”

Elder Xia comforted!

“Elder Xia, your daughter has just had her soul returned to her body, she still needs to rest more, we’d better not disturb!”

Kai finished speaking and winked towards Patriarch Jiang before walking out of the room!

Not long after, Elder Xia also followed and walked out!

After seeing Kai , Elder Xia stepped forward and saluted, “Fellow Daoist, thank you so much, if not for you, my Xia family would still have to suffer from this Ten Thousand Souls Formation!”

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