The Mans Decree (chinese) 3698

“Elder Xia is polite, I don’t know if Elder Xia invited someone from the Two Yi Sect of the Central Region to lay down the spell formation at that time?”

Kai asked!

He only wanted to know if what that guy reported about his identity was true!

“Not bad, I didn’t expect to be cheated after spending so much money!”

Elder Xia had an angry face!

“This Central Region Two Yi Sect is also a far-famed formation sect now, I didn’t expect to do something like this.”

Patriarch Jiang couldn’t help but lament upon hearing this!

“In this Celestial Realm, it’s no surprise what kind of things happen, nowadays amongst the five domains in the entire Celestial Realm, only our Southern Domain is still a little bit calm, I’ve heard that the other four domains are in constant strife.”

“I also don’t know when the five domain lords will be able to appear and properly fix the order of the Celestial Realm!”

Elder Xia sighed lightly and said!

“It’s not even certain if the five domain lords are around, they haven’t shown up for hundreds of years!”

Patriarch Jiang also sighed!

“Not to worry about this big event, Patriarch Jiang you guys came to my Wantong Pavilion, is there something wrong?”

Elder Xia asked!

After all, if there was nothing, Patriarch Jiang couldn’t have travelled thousands of miles to come here!

“There are indeed some things that I want to inquire about after the Wantong Pavilion!” Patriarch Jiang said!

“What is it?”

“Mr Cheng wants to find the Broad Cold Palace and doesn’t know the exact location, so he wants to spend money to inquire at the Wantong Pavilion.”

“It’s already booked and it’s not our turn until the afternoon!”

Patriarch Jiang said truthfully!

“So it’s prying for information ah, that’s good ah, I’ll take you guys there, if there’s anything you can ask directly, where is the need to make an appointment.”

“I have a token here, in the future, if there is something, you can always go to the Wantong Pavilion to poke around, as long as you have this token, you don’t have to wait!”

Elder Xia took out a token with a dark body and casually handed it over to Kai !

Kai was not polite and took the token over, after all, in the future, he would not be able to avoid having to look for the Wantong Pavilion to find out some things!

But just as Elder Xia was about to lead Kai and the others to ask for information directly, suddenly a disciple of the Wantong Pavilion came running!

“Elder Xia, someone is causing trouble on the street, please go over and take a look!”

That Wantong Pavilion disciple said anxiously!

“How dare someone cause trouble in the Wantong Pavilion, living out of patience.”

Elder Xia was furious, then looked towards Kai and Patriarch Jiang and said “Both of you wait for a moment, I will go and return!”

Elder Xia followed the Wantong Pavilion disciple and hurriedly left!

Kai and Patriarch Jiang had nothing to do, so they also followed, wanting to see what kind of person it was that dared to cause trouble in the Wantong Pavilion!

Right now on the street, a group of people had formed a circle!

And inside, a dozen or so disciples of the Wantong Pavilion surrounded a man and a woman in a deadly circle!

The man’s body was rising with flames, his eyes red, like a fierce beast, losing his mind!

And the woman was holding the man tightly, avoiding him from impulsively hurting someone!

“Bold little child, daring to cause trouble in my Wantong Pavilion, I think he’s living out of patience.”

Elder Xia arrived and without hesitation, a palm was about to slap down!

“Elder Xia, be merciful ……”

At this time, Patriarch Jiang and Kai arrived!

After seeing that the man and woman were actually Jiang Yulian and Ochre Yan, they immediately rushed up!

“Patriarch Jiang?” Seeing the Jiang Patriarch who rushed over, Elder Xia was stunned!

“Elder Xia, these two are my disciples, please be merciful ……”

Patriarch Jiang said!

When Elder Xia heard this, he rushed to take a closer look, and only then did he realise that it was the person who had been at Patriarch Jiang’s side from the start!

At that time, when he invited Patriarch Jiang, the two people followed Patriarch Jiang.

It was only now that Ochre Amazing’s entire body was burning with flames, and the two of them looked a bit lousy, so Elder Xia didn’t distinguish them for a while!

“Patriarch Jiang, I’m really sorry, but what’s with these two disciples of yours?”

Elder Xia asked with a slight frown!

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