Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1173 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1173

Liberty would have lost her son to the kidnapper if she had loosened her grip even by a tiny bit.

Now that they were inside Elisa’s car, Liberty continued to clutch onto her son. Color drained from her face.

The lingering fear had not left Serenity.

Elisa called her brother and the moment her brother picked up, she said, “Clive, send all our bodyguards to fetch us from Wiltspoon Zoo. There’s a kidnapper on the loose. Sonny was nearly taken.

“I don’t think I can drive now. What if someone stops the car and kidnaps Sonny?”

This was Elisa’s first encounter with such a chaotic and dangerous situation.

Sure, she was cocky and acted as if nothing scared her, but her legs went weak when Sonny was almost taken.

It would be hard to catch up to the kidnapper amid the chaos if Sonny was really taken…

The thought of it drained the color from her complexion. Her limbs were still shaking as she could not settle down. She was not in a position to drive right now. The last thing she wanted was to get into a car accident.

“What? Is Sonny okay? I’ll send security right away.

Clive was shocked to hear Sonny was nearly kidnapped.

Ignoring the fact that he had an important meeting to attend in a bit, Clive walked out of his office and called his security team to set out to the zoo.

The two bodyguards in the shadows had already contacted Zachary. The first thing Serenity did was call Zachary once she got a grip on herself.

While Clive was rushing over with his team of security, Zachary drove with his security detail to the zoo.


Serenity stroked Sonny’s back and calmed her sister down. “It’s okay now, Liberty. It’s okay now.”

She nearly put her nephew in danger due to her carelessness.

“Sonny would have been taken if I wasn’t strong. He was a big guy too.”

Liberty mumbled under her breath.

She was relieved that she had been working out to shed the pounds. Liberty did all the manual work at the diner, so she was strong enough to hold onto Sonny tightly.

“Seren, thank goodness you can fight.”

Liberty was glad that her sister took up kickboxing.

Her sister kicked the man the moment she sensed something amiss. The man ran away when he realized he could not take Sonny.

Serenity gave Sonny a huge cuddle. Not knowing what was going on, the little man quietly let his mother hold him.

Now that he was in his aunt’s arms, Sonny asked, “What happened to Lucas, Aunt Ser?”

“It’s fine, Sonny. Don’t be scared.”

Caressing her nephew’s head, Serenity tenderly uttered, “He’ll be okay.”

Now, Serenity was grateful to Zachary for assigning bodyguards to protect her in the open

and in the dark. God knew what would happen today if it were not for them.

She said, “It’s best not to stick around when something like that happens. Things can happen when the situation gets out of hand.”

The message should be for parents with children.

It was a good lesson to learn.

The Browns were too busy watching the commotion instead of watching over Lucas. It made Lucas an easy target.

Although the kidnapper was quickly spotted, a lot of things were happening in the aquarium at the same time. The kidnapper must belong to an organization, and the Browns did not have the means to save Lucas.

Moving past their differences, Serenity assigned two bodyguards to rescue Lucas. She wondered what happened thereafter.

“We’re safe now, Seren. You should ask them to check if Lucas is found. Chelsea is a terrible person, but she’s a mother. I can understand since I’m a mom too. Sonny was almost taken. I can only imagine Chelsea’s panic and pain.”

Liberty hoped her sister could send the bodyguards out to search for Lucas.

They were all on the trip together. There was no way Liberty could go off without checking on the others.

In the end, Serenity left a bodyguard with Liberty and Sonny in the car while she and Elisa reentered the zoo with another bodyguard to help find Lucas.


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