Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1174 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1174

Serenity ran into the two bodyguards at the zoo entrance as they were carrying Lucas out.

“Mrs. York.”

The two bodyguards brought the kid, who was screaming for his mom, to Serenity. Putting Lucas on the ground, the bodyguard uttered in distress, “Can you give his family a call to pick him up? He’s been crying the whole time.”


Lucas wailed out of fear.

He had never met the York family’s bodyguards. The boy was taken by a stranger and rescued by another pair of strangers. While Lucas was a wild child, he was only four years old.

It was normal to be frightened to tears.

Serenity was someone he knew. Lucas immediately clung to Serenity’s leg, asking to be picked up when he saw Serenity.

“It’s okay now.”

Although Serenity was not fond of Lucas, she needed to soothe the poor child.

Serenity dialed Hank’s number and said, “We got Lucas. We’re at the entrance of the zoo. Come out here.”

The Browns were crying on their knees after Lucas was kidnapped. Mrs. Brown had passed out once. Someone had pinched her nose to wake her, and Mrs. Brown continued to scream the walls down with her daughter.

Hank and George scrambled to look around, having no idea where the kidnapper went.

Following a phone call from Serenity, Hank was overjoyed and thanked Serenity profusely. He immediately informed his sister and brother–in–law.

By the time Zachary and Clive arrived at the zoo with their security teams, the Brown family had found their way out.


With her son lost and found, Chelsea charged ahead, put her arms around her son, and burst into tears.

George was relieved to see his son safe and sound.

Mrs. Brown and her daughter hugged Lucas and cried nonstop.

It took a while before Chelsea turned around and fell on her knees before Serenity. She thanked Serenity and expressed her gratitude. “Thank you, Serenity. Thank you for saving Lucas. Thank you.”

Lucas would be long gone if Serenity was without bodyguards and did not put the past behind them.

Many families spent a lifetime searching for their kidnapped children but to no avail.

Serenity was her family’s savior for sending her bodyguards after Lucas.

Chelsea was not the nicest person. She often drove a wedge between Hank and Liberty when she was Liberty’s sister–in–law. Nevertheless, as Liberty said, Chelsea was a mother.

To mothers, their children were more important than their lives.

Mothers were willing to do just about anything for their children.

“Get up. Please get up.”

Serenity helped Chelsea up.

“I’ll help anyone in the same situation. Just don’t forget to watch the kid. A lot of times, tragedy happens when parents take their eyes off the children even for a second.”

Wiping her tears, Chelsea relived the fear and replied, “I won’t be such a busybody anymore.”

“Serenity, thank you. If it wasn’t for you…”

The Brown family took turns to thank Serenity.


Zachary came running with his security detail.

Clive arrived on the scene with his bodyguards too.

“Where’s Sonny?”

Looking solemn, Zachary asked with concern, “Is Sonny alright?“


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