Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1180 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1180

“I’ve been busy with my wedding and will be taking off for my honeymoon. Mr. Lewis can’t go without a secretary.”

The secretary gave an air–tight answer.

Lily had nothing to say.

Duncan had no idea his mother and Lily would interrogate the secretary in his absence. It was a good thing this secretary gave great answers that did not raise his mother’s suspicion.

Mrs. Lewis and Lily did not follow the news about the incident at the zoo because it was unrelated to them.

Knowing that Sonny was at Brynfield, Duncan made haste there.

Zachary and Clive were no longer there by the time Duncan arrived at Brynfield. Only the ladies were at home.

Elisa was still there.

Duncan gave Liberty a call.

With Liberty taking his call, he asked, “Are you and Sonny still at your sister’s place, Liberty?”

“Yeah, Seren said she’ll drive us home after dinner. What’s the matter, Mr. Lewis?”

“I heard about what happened today.”

Duncan uttered, “It was on the news. I asked Zachary, and he told me that Sonny is okay, but I’m still worried. I want to check up on Sonny. I’m at the entrance of Brynfield. Can you come out and let me in?”

Liberty was dumbstruck as it never occurred to her that the incident made the news. Still, it was newsworthy that a kidnapping happened amid the chaos.

Duncan caught on that something might have happened to Sonny probably because Clive and Zachary appeared at the zoo together. These two CEOs attracted a lot of attention.


Liberty was not going to say no to Duncan when he came to visit Sonny out of concern.

“Hang on. I’ll come right now.”

After hanging up, Liberty told her sister, “Seren, give me your house key and access card. I need to bring Mr. Lewis in. He’s here to see Sonny.”

Serenity gave the key and access card to her sister.

Liberty went out.

Elisa waited until Liberty was out before saying, “Seren, Mr. Lewis really cares about Sonny. He’s dropping by to visit him.”

Grandma May, who was picking the vegetables to make dinner with Serenity, chuckled to herself.

Duncan seemed to come running every time anything happened to Sonny and his mother.

Since Duncan believed he was only here for Sonny, Grandma May could not be bothered to break it to him. Duncan should come to his own realization.

Liberty had only started her business. It would not be good if Mrs. Lewis were to lose it and go after Liberty when Duncan discovered his feelings.

There would only be hope for the pair when Liberty was successful in her career, and Duncan faced his feelings.

Not all elders in the family were as open–minded as the Yorks.

Apart from Duncan, Jasmine got the news when she was watching the shop. She promptly closed for business and rushed over.

Jasmine happened to arrive the moment Liberty went to bring Duncan in. Hence, they all entered Brynfield together.

Ten minutes later.


Duncan walked into the apartment and toward Sonny who was fooling around with Elisa. He picked Sonny up.

It startled Sonny. Pulling himself together, Sonny struggled to get down.

“Thank goodness you’re okay, Sonny.”

Duncan held Sonny tightly, refusing to let go.

Just thinking about the potential kidnapping gave Duncan the jitters.

“Let go, Dunc.”

Sonny insisted on getting his two feet on the ground.

The few ladies were watching Duncan. All except Liberty could tell that Duncan was more nervous and scared than Hank as the father was.

Hank did not even come over to soothe his son.


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