Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1183 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1183

“You said you’d be back for dinner tonight. Look at the time now. Are you still not coming home?”

Mrs. Lewis urged her son, “Hurry up and come home. Lily cooked you some of her best dishes. I tasted them, and they’re delicious. They’re on par with dishes by a five–star hotel chef.”

“Mom, I’m not going back for dinner. I’m not done with things yet. You and Ms. Harmon can dine together. Mom, Mr. Harmon is a guest in our house, so don’t make her cook. That’s poor hospitality.”

Mrs. Lewis frowned. “You’re not done with things yet? Even if that’s the case, you still have to eat. It’s dark now, so come home to eat first. You can continue to work after dinner.”

“Mom, I’ve eaten. I ate outside.”

Mrs. Lewis responded, “Lily made a lot of food…”

“You’re blessed with delicious food.”

Mrs. Lewis choked.

She was almost pissed off by her son.

Mrs. Lewis tried so hard to create opportunities for her son, but he either avoided them or found excuses to turn them down.

Lily was outstanding, and she and Duncan had known each other for a long time. As long as the two of them got along, there would definitely be sparks between them.

“Duncan, I like Lily very much.”

“Then let her stay for a few more days to keep you company.”

“Lily is also busy with work. She has to go home after a while.”

Duncan smiled and replied to her, “That’s easy. You can follow her there and meet with her mom. Think of it as a trip for you to take a break and meet your old friend. What do you think? I’ll arrange a private jet for you and send you there?

“Ask Dad to join you too. You’re both retired and have no pressure from work, so you can travel as long as you want. It’s fine if you only come home next year.”

Mrs. Lewis was so mad that she hung up the phone.

‘That b*stard isn’t interested in Lily at all!’

Mrs. Lewis threw her phone on the coffee table and cursed, “That brat is too arrogant. He doesn’t fancy Lily at ail when she’s so outstanding. Is he planning to stay unmarried for the rest of his life?”

Mr. Lewis said to her, “I told you to stop worrying about him and let nature take its course. He’s not a toddler anymore. He has his own thoughts.”

“I wouldn’t worry if he’s only three years old. Do you think your youngest son is still young? He’s thirty–six years old, and he’ll turn thirty–seven in a few months. How far is that from forty?

“Other people have almost become grandfathers at the age of forty, but your son is still unmarried even though he’s approaching his forties. How can I not worry about him? He’s the oldest bachelor left in our circle.”

Mr. Lewis instinctively said, “Julian is also an old bachelor.”

Mrs. Lewis glared at her husband. “Julian is a few years younger than your son, okay? Your son is thirty–seven years old, whereas Julian is only thirty–four or thirty–five years old.”

She figured that Julian was around that age.

Mrs. Lewis did not care how old other people’s sons were. She only remembered that Julian and her youngest son were about the same age.

“Duncan is only thirty–six.”

“His birthday is coming soon. He’ll be thirty–seven when the time comes.”

Mr. Lewis said, “His birthday isn’t even coming soon…”

Relationship matters could not be forced.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis‘ youngest son was unsophisticated and straightforward. He could not understand women well and was very slow when it came to relationships.

Even a person as slow as Zachary could be enlightened, but Duncan had always been slow.

Mr. Lewis felt that Duncan would only have a chance to be off the market if he found a girlfriend who could make him change.

“Derek, why don’t we throw a party and invite all the young ladies of legal age in Wiltspoon? Duncan can choose from them and see if he can find the right one.”

“There are only a few ladies in Wiltspoon you’re fond of, and Duncan knows them all. He would’ve liked them long ago if he did. Why should we throw a party for a blind date?”

Mrs. Lewis pouted.

She had high requirements for her daughter–in–law.


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