Married at First Sight Chapter 2156 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2156 by desirenovelSerenity was stunned, and she said, “No, right? I seem to… Jane, I feel like, my old friend hasn’t come this month.”

Could it be that Serenity was really pregnant?

“My old friends are not very normal these days, sometimes they are delayed for a few days, and I don’t care, but in the past, old friends will come after a few days of delay.”

“You must be pregnant.” Jane laughed, “Some people will have early pregnancy symptoms when they are just pregnant. Serenity, congratulations!”

Serenity also laughed, “Jane, I don’t know if it’s because I’m pregnant or I’ve eaten something wrong, so please don’t congratulate me, just in case there’s nothing to celebrate.”

Jane: “Based on my experience and intuition, you must be pregnant. Lilian is a doctor. Let her feel your pulse and you’ll know.”

With that said, Jane pulled Serenity out.

She instructed a maid to find Lilian.

Serenity was sat on the sofa by Jane.

Everyone was asking what happened to Serenity with concern.

Jane said with a smile: “Serenity might be pregnant, her old friend didn’t come, and she didn’t think about it, it’s really careless.”

“Really? Serenity, congratulations!”

The young ladies gathered in the children’s room congratulated Serenity when they heard the news.

Serenity shyly said: “It’s not confirmed whether I’m pregnant yet.”

Iris said: “You rushed into the bathroom just now to vomit. Your old friend didn’t come and vomited again. This is an early pregnancy reaction. You must be pregnant.”

Jane: “I sent someone to invite Lilian. When she comes upstairs to feel your pulse, you will know the result soon.”

Serenity smiled, but she was actually very nervous inside.

She didn’t know if she was actually pregnant.

She’s afraid it’s just a joy in vain.

God knows how much she wished she could get pregnant.

Her in-laws never gave birth, but she was still under a lot of pressure.

Every time the auntie glanced at her belly, she knew that the auntie was also worried about her.

In order not to put pressure on her, everyone endured it and seldom talked about children in front of her.

The maid went to invite Lilian, but was discovered by the careful Zachary. Hearing that he was asking Lilian to show Young Mistress York, Zachary rushed over and asked the maid anxiously: “What’s wrong with my wife?”

The maid replied truthfully: “I don’t know what’s going on, but Young Mistress York suddenly vomited. Our oldest Mistress is worried, so let me ask Fourth Young Mistress to go upstairs to help Young Mistress York take a look.”

After the sound fell, Zachary immediately rushed upstairs.

That movement was so fast that Lilian even sighed.

“Seren, Seren.” Zachary was frightened.

After a year of marriage, Serenity had hardly ever been ill, much less vomited.

Breaking into the children’s room, seeing that the room was full of famous young ladies, Zachary felt embarrassed and walked quickly to Serenity’s side.

Jane tactfully gave up a seat to Zachary.

“Serenity, what’s wrong with you? I heard you vomited, why did you vomit? Did you eat something bad? Or did you eat something wrong?” Zachary asked a series of questions.

Before Serenity could speak, Jane smiled and said, “Young Master York, don’t be too nervous. Serenity lives and sleeps in my FC Manor. It’s impossible for Serenity to vomit or eat the wrong food. It’s morning sickness.”

“Morning sickness? How could she have morning sickness, she…morning sickness!”

Zachary finally understood the meaning of morning sickness.

He stared at Serenity dumbfounded.

Morning sickness, morning sickness.

That’s what it’s like to be pregnant.

Serenity is pregnant?

This realization made Zachary unbelievable at first, and then ecstatic.

He carefully asked his beloved wife for confirmation: “Serenity, is it true? Am I going to be a father?”


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