Married at First Sight Chapter 2157 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2157 by desirenovelSerenity said: “It’s not confirmed yet, I just hugged Avah just now, smelled the milky scent on Avah’s body, and then felt nauseating, so I vomited. Jane and the others said my situation is probably due to morning sickness.”

“No, wait for Dr. Carden to come to help me feel the pulse. I haven’t waited for Dr. Carden, but I’ve waited for you. Don’t worry, I have nothing else to do.”

Although it was not yet confirmed whether she was pregnant, Zachary could no longer control his smile.

Zachary held Serenity’s hand, grinned and said, “They are all experienced and experienced. If they say you are pregnant, you are pregnant.”

“Where’s Dr. Carden? Is Dr. Carden here?” Zachary stood up straight and asked.

He couldn’t wait to bring Dr. Carden over right away.

Dr. Carden must not be offended.

Jane smiled and said, “Young Master York, you ran too fast, even Lilian couldn’t keep up with you.”

Iris jokingly said: “It is estimated that Young Master York heard Serenity vomit, and ran upstairs immediately. Dr. Carden may be stunned, so he lagged behind.”

Serenity blushed.

She was also very nervous now.

She didn’t know if she’s really pregnant.

Really pregnant, just fine.

She could shake off the pressure that is on her.

“I’m here, what’s the matter?” Lilian came in, and she asked as she walked.

Tim also followed her, hugging his son, Fabian.

Sometimes Lilian could put her son on the bed, but sometimes, like her husband, she had no choice.

The mother-in-law said that the couple hugged the baby every day, and they got used to it, and the little guy liked to fall asleep in the arms of the adults, causing him to cry as long as he put it on the bed.

The mother-in-law just talked about it, as long as Fabian cried, the mother-in-law heard it, and ran in quickly to help hold the child.

Lilian thought that the person who was best at raising babies was her master.

When she was taken care of by the master, she was really obedient, sleeping when she was full, eating when she woke up, and not crying much.

The old genius doctor complained that young couples didn’t know how to bring up babies, and babies that were obviously easy to take care of were not easy to take care of in their hands.

“Fabian fell asleep.” Jane looked at the child in Tim’s arms, and said, “Enzo is still sleeping, let Fabian sleep with his brother, so you don’t have to carry him around.”

In the past two days, FC Manor had been very lively, with people coming and going.

“Fell asleep.”

Tim replied, “He’s not asleep, he’s still on the stairs, you can all hear him howling.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

Jane hugged her nephew from Tim’s arms, and said to him: “Have you ever described your son like this? Howling, that’s like howling a wolf.”

Tim smiled embarrassedly.

Jane gave birth to two children, and she took care of the children by herself most of the time. She had more experience than Lilian and Tim.

Fabian who was asleep was laid beside Enzo by Jane, that is, when he was just placed on the bed, his two little hands moved, and soon he fell asleep peacefully.

Tim breathed a sigh of relief. He said softly: “Sister-in-law, order a bigger crib so that Fabian can squeeze in with Enzo and Avah. Maybe he won’t cry if he has a companion.”

The children’s room prepared by the brothers and sisters-in-law for the nephews and daughters was also large enough.

Jane smiled and said: “The crib is not a problem, the problem is that my Enzo is also a crying cat, and so is Fabian. If two crying cats get together, it will be lively.”

Everyone laughed again.


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