Married At First Sight Chapter 2792 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2792-Mrs. Queen: “She’s in the house; go in and find her.”

Mrs. Queen originally wanted to help take the things in, but after thinking about it, she stuffed the things back into Kevin’s hand and said, “Before we go inside, I’ll assist your uncle in watering the flowers. It’s getting dark; you go inside.”

Anyway, Kevin came here often and had long regarded Queen’s family as his second home, and he couldn’t be more familiar with it.

Kevin entered the house alone.

As soon as he entered the house, he saw a woman sitting on the sofa, texting on her mobile phone.

That woman looked so much like Hayden; she was exactly the same.

If Hayden puts on women’s clothes and fake long hair, that’s what she’ll look like.

Hayden originally didn’t want to wear fake long hair, but after hearing Kevin’s voice, she put it on to see Kevin’s reaction.

She wore women’s clothing in front of Kevin.

At that time, she thought it was the only time she wore women’s clothing in front of Kevin.

As a result, she was wearing women’s clothing again.

If an exception is made once, it will be made again and again.

No, that’s Hayden.

Kevin grinned.

He came over, first put down the large and small bags in his hands, and then handed the bouquet of flowers to Hayden, smiling and saying, “Beauty, this bouquet of flowers is for you.”

Hayden’s sight was blocked by the bouquet, and she no longer stared at her phone. She put her phone on the coffee table and looked up at Kevin. When she saw his smiling face, she smiled too and said, “I wanted to give you a surprise. and you didn’t seem surprised.”

Kevin said, “You wore women’s clothes for me once, and I remembered your noble and cool look when you put on women’s clothes. I never forgot it.”

After Kevin waited for her to take the bouquet, he took a few steps back, looked at her seriously, and asked with a smile, “You said you were ready, just going out like this?”

She was wearing a dress, long fake hair, and a pair of high heels. Was she going to attend tonight’s banquet as a woman?

He was her boyfriend, and he acknowledged her at the banquet.

After understanding what her decision meant, Kevin smiled even more. He couldn’t help but quickly take away the bouquet and put it on the coffee table. Then he pulled Hayden up and hugged her waist happily.

“Hayden, this is a surprise you gave me. It’s really a surprise. I’m so surprised and so happy. Hayden, I love you to death.”

After Kevin finished speaking, he stopped circling, then lowered his head and blocked Hayden’s mouth.

Hayden quickly pushed him away.

Her face was stained with red clouds, reminding him: “My parents will come in at any time.”

So were the butlers.

Kevin smiled: “Just come in; don’t be afraid if they see us. We are lovers. Who doesn’t know about it in Jensburg?”

They were the most famous couple in Jensburg.

Well, gay people.

Of course, that’s what other people think of gay people.

In fact, the two of them couldn’t be more normal.

Tonight, Hayden attended the banquet as a woman, guaranteed to scare everyone.

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