Married At First Sight Chapter 2794 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2794-She was tall, and wearing an evening dress with such a long skirt made her even taller, but it also perfectly covered the leather shoes she was wearing. If she wore high heels and the heels were too high, it would be easier for others to see her. What shoes was she wearing?

Hayden put her arm on Kevin’s arm and held her handbag with her mobile phone stuffed in it. Then she said to Kevin, “Kevin, let’s go.”

“Will the bodyguards follow?” Kevin asked her.

Hayden smiled. “That’s natural; otherwise, how can I prove that I am Hayden?”

Many people might not believe she is Hayden tonight because she is at the banquet as a woman, even though it was clear that she was Hayden. Everyone might have believed her because she showed up with a group of bodyguards, whose faces everyone knew.

The two people walked out of the main house hand in hand. Donald and Mrs. Queen, who were still watering the flowers outside the house, saw the two people coming out.

Mrs. Queen breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Hayden still wearing the evening dress she had chosen.

But seeing Hayden’s extremely short hair, Mrs. Queen sighed and muttered in a low voice, “There are so many fake long hairs, but she doesn’t know how to use one.”

Taking another look at Hayden’s feet, Mrs. Queen could still see what kind of shoes she was wearing, even though the skirt’s hem was a little too long for her when she walked. Mrs. Queen wanted to say something along those lines when she noticed that Hayden was actually wearing leather shoes, but she quickly swallowed her words.

Anyway, it was Hayden who was attending the banquet. Hayden was not afraid of others laughing at her, so what was Mrs. Queen afraid of?

Her future son-in-law didn’t mind, so why should she worry about it?

Mrs. Queen pretended not to see it and remained silent.

Kevin said, “Uncle, Auntie, Hayden, and I are leaving first.”

His face was full of smiles. Hayden insisted on wearing women’s clothes to attend the banquet tonight because he didn’t want others to say he was gay again.

She’s doing it for him!

He finally waited until Hayden was willing to resume her identity as a woman for him.

Could Kevin be unhappy?

He grinned so hard that he couldn’t even see his teeth.

“Go ahead.”

Donald said it with a smile.

After watching the two people walk by, Donald said to his wife, “Look at Kevin; he is smiling so hard that his teeth are missing. There is no one who is happiest than him.”

Mrs. Queen said, “Hayden can’t be happy because of the women’s clothes she wears?”

Love is so powerful.

As parents, they had tried to persuade their daughter countless times, but she had not listened to their advice.

After falling in love with Kevin, she slowly changed for him.

Of course, as parents, they were happy to see their daughter regain her identity as a woman for Kevin.

In the future, when two people get married, everyone will send their blessings, and there will be no more pointing fingers.

Donald laughed, then took out his cell phone and said to his wife, “Hurry up and turn off the phone to prevent it from being blown up.”

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