Married At First Sight Chapter 2795 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2795-Mrs. Queen smiled and said, “Even if the phone is turned off, they can still come to the door. We have a daughter to begin with, so we are not afraid of others asking.”

Having said that, Mrs. Queen still took out her mobile phone and turned it off.

Not to mention the shock of Jensburg’s upper class, who would attend the banquet tonight. Hayden’s bodyguard group and the workers of the Queen family were dumbfounded when they saw Hayden wearing women’s clothing.

The butler hesitated countless times.

After the bodyguards recovered from their daze, they were hesitant to speak, but in the end, no one dared to speak.

But from the dissatisfied looks they gave Kevin, they could guess what they were thinking.

It was just that Kevin not only misled their eldest young master but also made him pretend to be a woman. This b*stard Kevin bullied their eldest young master too much. But seeing the eldest young master and Kevin holding hands and being so affectionate, just like other lovers in love, the bodyguards didn’t dare say anything.

The eldest young master had been bent so hard by Kevin that he could no longer bend.

What a p!ty!

Such an outstanding man as the eldest young master was destroyed in the hands of the third young master of the York family.

Kevin did a lot of harm to people!

Kevin opened the car door for Hayden like a gentleman and helped Hayden get into the car. Hayden didn’t need his help, but he still had to help her.

The bodyguards’ eyes twitched as they watched.

They really want to beat Kevin.

Their heroic eldest young master was turned into a sissy by Kevin, who was neither a man nor a woman.

By the way, the eldest young master was so beautiful when he put on women’s clothes that people couldn’t take their eyes away. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he would captivate the whole country. However, the eldest young master had a cold temperament, and when he dressed as a woman, he looked noble and cool.

“You don’t have to stare at Kevin like this, and you don’t have to beat Kevin up in your heart.” After Hayden got into the car, she suddenly spoke to her bodyguards.

“I’m not pretending to be a woman.” Hayden said in a deep voice, “But I am originally a woman, and I have been pretending to be a man.”

The bodyguard group was speechless.

How could it be!

They had been with the eldest young master Queen for seven or eight years. Their eldest young master Queen, was a man; how could he be a woman? If he is a woman, how could they not know after they have been with him for seven or eight years?

Hayden’s words, deeds, and behavior were all masculine.

Hayden wanted to raise her head and puff out her chest, but her development was not good. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that she had been pretending to be a man. Even if she puffed up her breasts, it wouldn’t have much effect.

She also gave up explaining too much and said calmly, “Let’s drive.”

The bodyguards recovered from their shock and quickly took up their positions.

The bodyguard sitting in the passenger seat boldly turned to look at Hayden and Kevin in the back seat of the car. He bravely said, “Eldest young master, you are dressing up as a woman for the third young master York. We can’t stand it, but this is your choice; you don’t care, and we can’t say anything.

Eldest young master Queen, you’re obviously a man. We have been with you for seven or eight years. We still can’t tell whether you’re a man or a woman?”

Hayden didn’t answer.

Kevin smiled and said, “Yes, yes, your eldest young master disguised himself as a woman for me.”

Let them think whatever they want.

Anyway, neither he nor Hayden minded.

Hayden just didn’t expect that she had regained her identity as a woman. Instead, everyone thought she was dressing up as a woman for Kevin.

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