Married At First Sight Chapter 2796 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2796-This shows how successful she was in pretending to be a man and how popular she was.

The driver and the bodyguard breathed a sigh of relief.

Well, the eldest young master was obviously a man, and now he and the third young master York had become a homos*xual couple. For the third young master York, he disguises himself as a woman. This was love between young lovers.

They couldn’t help but watch.

But if the eldest young master was actually a woman, didn’t that mean that all of them were blind?

They didn’t know whether the boss they were following was a man or a woman. They had been following him for seven or eight years, and they were so blind that they couldn’t be more blind.

The bodyguard’s look of relief made Hayden a little bit dumbfounded.

She thought that her return to womanhood would shock everyone, but she didn’t expect that the first thing everyone would think of was her dressing up as a woman for Kevin.

It seemed that she was going to grow her hair long.

When her hair reached her waist, everyone would probably believe it.

No, when the time came, others said that she grew her hair long for Kevin, saying that she was the one who accepted it because she loved Kevin. Kevin wanted her to dress up as a woman, so she would dress up as a woman and say that she loved Kevin and loved him too deeply.

Forget it; no matter what others thought, she never cared what others thought.

Anyway, she told the truth—that she was a woman—and everyone believed it or not.

When they arrived at the host’s house where the banquet was held, the large villa was filled with all kinds of luxury cars parked inside and outside, and the door of the villa was open.

Someone was in charge of directing the distinguished guests to park at the gate of the villa.

There were also people inside who were responsible for greeting the guests who were coming to attend the banquet tonight.

Even Hayden was honored to attend the banquet, which showed that tonight’s banquet was a big one, and the people attending were all well-known people in Jensburg, and the host family who hosted the banquet had a very high status in Jensburg.

Otherwise, Hayden would not show appreciation.

The Maybach that Hayden often used was very familiar to people in Jensburg’s upper-class society.

Seeing Hayden’s car approaching, the person at the door quickly came over to greet her and then directed the driver to drive the car into the villa, where there was a parking space.

The guests who came first gathered in small groups and chatted, either in the gorgeous main hall or in the courtyard, where the lights illuminated the courtyard like daylight.

When the host heard that Hayden was coming, he quickly brought his family to welcome her.

Who knew that after they saw Kevin get out of the car, he quickly walked around the car and came to the other side of the car? Then the door opened, and the person who got out of the car was a noble and glamorous woman.

She was tall, but she didn’t pull her hair up or wear it long like others. Her hair was very short, as short as a man’s.

When she got out of the car, everyone saw her feet stretched out on the ground. She was wearing leather shoes, not the high heels commonly worn by ladies and rich ladies.

Kevin was considered a noble and glamorous woman.

Had Kevin changed his mind about love? Finally returned to normal and no longer liked Hayden, but fell in love with a woman?

When the noble and cool woman looked up, everyone was shocked. Some people were so surprised that they let go of the wine glasses they were holding, causing the glasses to fall and the wine to splash all over the floor.

For a moment, they heard the sound of many wine glasses falling to the ground.

–That noble and cool woman was none other than the Young Master Queen!

–Mr. Queen!

The dream lover of a rich young lady in Jensburg.

Shamelessly pestered by Kevin, Young Master Queen finally couldn’t resist the fierce entanglement of Young Master York and finally got together with Young Master York, and the two became an openly homos*xual couple.

How many people could often see Kevin fawning, caring, and doting on Young Master Queen?

Unexpectedly, Kevin actually had the ability to convince Hayden to disguise himself as a woman!

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