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Married At First Sight Chapter 2797-After the owner saw it clearly, he was also dumbfounded.

However, they quickly reacted and stepped forward to greet Hayden without changing their expressions.

Kevin and Hayden were already a couple. Even if they are a homos*xual couple, the elders of the two families have no objections, and there is no obstruction. What could outsiders like them not understand?

This was also people’s freedom.

Whether Hayden pretended to be a woman or Kevin pretended to be a woman, that was their freedom.

“Mr. York, Mr. Queen.”

The owner’s surname was Talbot. He was over eighty years old, but he was still in good health and was still active in Jensburg’s business community.

He had a good reputation in Jensburg’s business community; otherwise, Hayden wouldn’t have attended the Talbot family’s banquet.

“Mr. Talbot.”

Both of them greeted Mr. Talbot politely.

Mr. Talbot smiled and said, “Mr. Queen, Mr. York, please come in.”

He invited the two of them into the room, but Mr. Talbot didn’t say a word about Hayden’s appearance in women’s clothing.

The other members of the Talbot family did not have as good concentration as Mr. Talbot, so they looked at Hayden from time to time.

They felt that Hayden was more charming when dressed as a woman than in men’s clothing. It should be said that Hayden’s handsomeness was a bit feminine. Hayden was usually cold and serious, which neutralized his feminine and evil beauty.

When Hayden put on women’s clothes and pretended to be a woman, it gave people the illusion that this was Hayden’s original appearance and that Hayden should be a woman to be suitable.

Even though he was disguised as a woman, he was still cold and enchanting.

Kevin held one of Hayden’s hands, and the two of them clasped their fingers together. Under the leadership of the Talbot family, they walked towards the gorgeous main house.

Everyone in the yard looked at them.

When the group entered the main room, everyone came back to their senses.

“Is that really Mr. Queen? I’m not blind, am I?” A wealthy lady rubbed her eyes and said, “Mr. Queen is even more beautiful when he dresses as a woman. He won’t give us a way to survive by pretending to be a woman. Even if he is a man, we can’t conquer him either.”

“Mr. Queen likes Mr. York so much that he is willing to dress up as a woman in order to fight for him, and he looks so similar. Speaking of which, Mr. Queen looks so beautiful in an evening dress. That evening dress is like it was tailor-made for him.”

“Mr. Queen dresses up as a woman and walks with Mr. York. They are truly a talented man and a beautiful woman. They are a match made in heaven and earth.”

“It’s enough for two grown men to fall in love. Mr. Queen actually pretends to be a woman. Ah, that’s my male god. Mr. York completely ruined my male god! I hate it. Fight to the death against Mr. York!”

The rich ladies who had admired Hayden were speechless.

Yes, Kevin ruined their male god.

The former Mr. Queen was so handsome, and his cold look was so cool.

But his toady’s dressing up as a woman, although noble and cool, made the wealthy ladies who had admired Hayden feel itchy with hatred.

“Mr. Queen, could it be that you are originally a woman?” A lady suddenly asked.

Her words were astonishing, causing everyone to look at her.

The lady was startled and said hurriedly, “I just made a guess, a random guess. Mr. Queen, you’re dressing up as a woman, and there is no sense of inconsistency. I am the only one who would guess like that.”

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