Married At First Sight Chapter 2799 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2799-“Mr. Queen, you said you were a girl?” Miss Talbot stammered when asking questions and seriously expressed her disbelief that Hayden was a woman.

Hayden looked at Miss Talbot, and Miss Talbot was also looking at her. It could be seen from Miss Talbot’s expression and eyes that she really wanted Hayden to deny it.

Although Miss Talbot admired Hayden and gave up when she couldn’t get a response, she still hoped that Hayden was a man; at least there was nothing wrong with her eyes.

If Hayden was a woman, there would be something wrong with her eyesight, and she would mistakenly admire a girl for a man.

Miss Talbot couldn’t calm down even thinking about it.

Not to mention that Miss Talbot couldn’t calm down; anyone who heard Hayden say she was a woman couldn’t calm down.

After Hayden was silent for a moment, she said, “I said I’m a girl. It’s up to you to believe it or not.”

She wouldn’t explain too much.

If it weren’t for Kevin, she wouldn’t even bother to say it, no matter what others said.

She also raised Kevin’s hand and said, “Kevin and I are both normal people. He is not gay, and neither am I.”

Everyone was speechless.

“Mr. Talbot, I see an acquaintance. I’ll go say hello to the acquaintance.”

Hayden gave everyone some time to digest the facts. When she saw the familiar boss, she got up with Kevin and went to say hello to the familiar person.

However, the bosses who were familiar with her always looked at her with indescribable looks when they saw her wearing women’s clothing.

Hayden didn’t bother to explain. She greeted everyone and talked about business with everyone calmly.

In the past, she would not drink the drinks provided by others when attending banquets, but after having Kevin, she drank.

With Kevin accompanying her, she wouldn’t worry if the sky fell.

Kevin would not give anyone a chance to plot against her.

At tonight’s business reception, everyone originally wanted to take this opportunity to discuss business. However, because Hayden was wearing women’s clothing, everyone was unable to concentrate for a long time, and almost all of them were staring at Hayden.

Hayden said that she was originally in red makeup, but more people thought that she was doing it to protect Kevin. She didn’t want others to say that Kevin was gay, disguised herself as a woman, and then told a lie that she was a woman.

That’s for sure.

Many people also tried to call Donald and his wife for verification. The self-aware Donald and his wife turned off their phones early. They could not contact them. People who knew Hugh’s contact information called Hugh instead.

Hugh, who was working with clients on behalf of Hayden, kept ringing on his cell phone. After answering it several times, he received another call. Hugh couldn’t help but say to the person on the phone, “If my brother said he was a man, he was a man. If he said he was a woman, he was a woman. Don’t call me again to ask for confirmation. Since I can remember, all I have known is my brother. Now that my brother says she is my sister, that means she is a sister. Whether she is a boy or a girl, no one knows better than my brother himself. I’m very busy. Please stop calling me. I’m so annoying!”

After saying that, Hugh hung up the phone.

Several senior managers who came with Hugh heard Hugh’s words and looked at Hugh, including the clients.

They seemed to have heard the gossip related to Hayden.

“Vice President Queen, is President Queen in trouble?”

A client asked with concern.

In fact, they had too much gossip.

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