Married At First Sight Chapter 2801 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2801-Gossip often spreads the fastest.

Hayden, who was the dream lover of countless girls and the president of the Queen Enterprise, was most likely a woman. This matter had spread throughout Jensburg’s upper-class society in a short period of time.

Everyone who received the news was shocked.

Even Matriarch Farrell, who was watching Holden in the hospital, was shocked when she received the news.

She sat in front of the hospital bed and suddenly laughed, saying, “I see, that’s so, no wonder.”

She laughed inexplicably and said two incomprehensible words, which scared Holden. Holden looked at Matriarch Farrell nervously, wondering what had happened again.

He was able to maintain his marriage for decades in the palace and keep the wealth of the Janzen family that he had sacrificed for decades of freedom. He had nothing to think about in the future and stayed with Matriarch Farrell, honestly.

But he also knew that even if he committed suicide, the cracks in their marriage would still exist, but for the sake of the children, Matriarch Farrell did not let the children know his true situation so as to save him some face.

If Matriarch Farrell is unhappy, she will kill Holden at any time.

Therefore, even if Holden was lying in the hospital bed, he would still be on tenterhooks.

“Wife, what’s wrong?” Holden asked Matriarch Farrell carefully.

“Breaking news that no one could have imagined.”

Matriarch Farrell suppressed a smile and looked at Holden. Holden seemed to have aged ten years and become an eunuch. Let’s see how he would cheat and steal food in the future.

Matriarch Farrell felt the pleasure of taking revenge on Holden.

Without showing anything on her face, she asked Holden, “Do you know why your little v!xen loves Mr. Queen but doesn’t get a response?”

Holden’s expression froze, and he explained to Matriarch Farrell: “Wife, Shiloh, and I are really being plotted by someone. As long as you check carefully, you will definitely find out. So many people went to our house that night. There are no outsiders who can definitely find out. In my heart, I have always regarded Shiloh as my daughter.”

He had a lustful heart, and he went out to eat once. After eating, he would indeed become addicted. He always thought about going out to eat again when he had the opportunity, but he would never accept Shiloh’s idea.

Even though Shiloh wasn’t his biological daughter, he raised her alongside him for twenty-eight years.

Holden said bitterly, “I know you are very angry, because Shiloh and I are the most important people to you. You and others were able to see our affairs, which caused you to lose all face. I’m sorry; it’s all my fault. If it weren’t for me, so many things wouldn’t have happened.”

If he hadn’t gone out to eat secretly, he wouldn’t have been caught by Matriarch Farrell, and he wouldn’t have stayed in the room drinking because he was in a bad mood. If Shiloh hadn’t sent him food upstairs, the two of them wouldn’t have been plotted against. Something that shouldn’t have happened.

It’s all his fault, after all.

Matriarch Farrell still cherished the love between husband and wife for decades, only allowed him to stay in the palace to save his life, and did not touch the people of the Janzen family, which was already showing her noble hand.

“Okay, you see, my mood has recovered a bit today, but you want to make me angry again, right? Let me ask you, Do you know why Shiloh can’t be liked by Mr. Queen?”

Holden said self-deprecatingly, “Mr. Queen is young and promising, and his family background is good, and he is also very handsome. The Queen Enterprise is one of the top conglomerates in Jensburg. The Farrell family cannot be compared with the Queen family now. It’s normal for Mr. Queen to look down on Shiloh.”

After a pause, he continued: “However, there are so many famous daughters in Jensburg, and even Mr. Queen doesn’t like Shiloh. There are so many women who admire him; which woman can be liked by him? I mean, Mr. York really is. He is gay, so he pursued him, and he quickly agreed to the pursuit of Mr. York.”

Hayden and Kevin were in a couple, acting affectionately, and no one knew that they were gay.

Those wealthy ladies who once admired Hayden were probably relieved.

It’s not that they were not good enough; it’s Hayden’s problem.

Hayden was curvy.

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