Married At First Sight Chapter 2802 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2802-“No, Mr. Queen is not a crook. Haha, I think no one could have imagined that it would be that result. It’s so unexpected.” Matriarch Farrell laughed again.

She was also relieved.

Deep down, she really hoped that Hayden could become her son-in-law. It could be seen that Mr. Queen had a good attitude towards Kathryn.

Although Kathryn was not stunningly beautiful, she was not that ugly. After all, she was the biological daughter of Matriarch Farrell and Holden. When they were young, both of them were good-looking, especially Holden, who was a handsome man when he was young. Matriarch Farrell was so talented, she liked Holden.

She thought Hayden liked someone like Kathryn.

She understood then; it’s not that Hayden disliked anyone, but Hayden was a girl herself.

“Isn’t Mr. Queen crooked?” Holden was puzzled. “Then why would he accept Mr. York?”

Matriarch Farrell: “You guess.”

Holden: “I cannot guess it.”

Matriarch Farrell chuckled and said, “Mr. Queen attended the Talbot family’s banquet tonight wearing an evening dress. Mrs. Talbot and Mrs. Queen are familiar with each other. Seeing Young Master Queen wearing an evening dress, he was probably talked to a lot. As a result, he said that he was originally a woman, but for convenience, he always dressed up as a man.

To sum it up in one sentence, Mr. Queen was not Mr. Queen, but Ms. Queen, a woman disguised as a man.”

“She was a woman, so how could she like our daughter? She would accept Kevin’s feelings. That is normal.”

Holden was stunned.

Mr. Queen was actually a woman!

real or fake?

How sad it would be for Shiloh to know.

Holden’s first thought was that Shiloh would be sad.

In fact, Shiloh had not received any news yet.

She was kicked out of the Farrell family mansion, penniless, and wandered around the villa area.

It was Marco who thought about the brother-sister relationship and secretly took Shiloh to a small villa under his name, letting Shiloh live there temporarily.

When the parents came back from the hospital and the mother’s anger subsided, they began to plead for Shiloh again.

Even if Shiloh cannot be allowed to return to the mansion, at least Shiloh must be given a way out. But then, when Shiloh was like this, there was nothing left.

The three brothers were heartbroken, but they had no choice. They didn’t even dare to help Shiloh openly, for fear that their wives would find out about it, cause trouble again, and complain to their mother or Kathryn, which would even affect them.

“I think Mr. Queen has a good attitude towards Kathryn. When Kathryn was bullied at the banquet, Mr. Queen helped her. Although Mr. Queen cannot become the son-in-law of our Farrell family, he still can’t help but think too much.”

Matriarch Farrell: “Now I am relieved. It’s not that our daughter is not good enough; it’s that Mr. Queen is not a man.”

Holden: “…”

How could Kathryn be worthy of Hayden?

It was good that Kathryn was his biological daughter, but Kathryn grew up in the countryside and was not as good as Shiloh in every aspect.

Holden didn’t dare to say that.

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