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Married At First Sight Chapter 2803-Matriarch Farrell said, “Kathryn’s marriage, alas, I’m also worried about it; her thoughts are different from those of ordinary people.”

Thinking of her own daughter’s idea of having an illegitimate daughter as a successor, as long as the child didn’t want the father, Matriarch Farrell had a headache.

Although her marriage to Holden had problems in her later years, they had been married for decades, but they still had family ties even if they were not in love.

When they were old, they would have wives by their side; at least they would not be lonely.

So what if they have children?

When children grow up and form new families, they have to work to earn money and have children of their own, so the attention given to their parents is very little. Don’t even think about your children accompanying you every day. The person who can stay with you is your pillow person.

After what happened between Holden and Shiloh, Matriarch Farrell was so angry that she finally just drove away Shiloh and asked Holden to commit suicide. She did not divorce Holden and drive him away.

She was not worried that Holden would retaliate against her when she got old. She was the head of the Farrell family. Even if Kathryn comes to power, she will still be the head of the Farrell family mansion. Besides, Kathryn had a better relationship with Matriarch Farrell, and Holden had a better relationship, but on the other hand, he had no feelings for her at all.

By the time Matriarch Farrell was too old to walk, Holden might have already left. After all, Holden was several years older than her.

No matter what, she hoped Kathryn could find a husband and live a normal married life instead of just finding a random man to give birth to a successor.

Holden didn’t answer.

Kathryn was not close to Holden, and it was not his turn to decide who Kathryn would marry or who she would recruit.

Last time, Holden wanted to set up a matchmaking relationship with Kathryn and introduce a boyfriend. Kathryn didn’t like it, and he didn’t tell her. She blamed Holden for introducing a second-generation ancestor or something.

The Farrell family was looking for a son-in-law. How many men were willing to be their son-in-law? If it weren’t for the wealth and status, Holden wouldn’t have become the son-in-law.

He thought that the daughter he had with Matriarch Farrell would take over the Farrell family in the future. At that time, he would become the old man of the Farrell family. He would be a little aggrieved when he was young, but he would be more powerful when he was old.

Who would have thought that people’s calculations were not as good as God’s calculations?

His biological daughter was exchanged, and even after the exchange came back, he missed the good opportunity to cultivate a relationship. As a result, he and his biological daughter had no father-daughter relationship at all.

Matriarch Farrell said, “It’s very late. You go to sleep, and I’ll take a rest. I’m going back to the company tomorrow. Let the three sons take turns taking care of you.”

Holden’s life is not in danger now. After living in the hospital for two or three days, Matriarch Farrell could go to work with peace of mind.

She didn’t want to stay in the hospital, and she looked at this old man every day.

Holden said a little anxiously, “When my sons come here, they will know about my injury.”

Matriarch Farrell told Kathryn, but Kathryn was not close to Holden. Even if Kathryn looked down on him, he didn’t care.

But when his sons found out that he had become an eunuch, Holden felt ashamed.

Matriarch Farrell sarcastically said, “Are you still afraid that your sons will know? Do you want Shiloh to come over and take care of you?”

Holden: “…”

After a pause, Matriarch Farrell said, “Okay, I will take care of you for a few more days, and I will return to the company next Monday.”

By next Monday, Holden could almost be discharged from the hospital. He could take care of his own life in the future and avoid his sons.

Holden did not dare to say anything more.

Matriarch Farrell turned around and walked out. She had a folding bed brought to her and placed in the hall outside, so she slept outside.

There was a family bed next to Holden’s hospital bed, but Matriarch Farrell did not use it.

She didn’t want to live in the same room as Holden.

The couple still maintained their relationship as husband and wife, but only for the sake of their children and grandchildren.

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