Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3556

Chapter 630 – Medium World Fragment

“How is the Boss’s loot, Guild Leader?”

“I see that Azure Shadow and the others look very excited. Did a Fragmented Divine Artifact drop?”

“A Fragmented Divine Artifact?! Really?! Doesn’t that mean we’ve struck gold?! I heard that some upper-ranking hegemonic powers still don’t have any Fragmented Divine Artifacts, even after killing multiple Tier 6 Gods! If our Guild owns one, becoming a top-tier upper-ranking hegemonic power will no longer be a dream!”

While Shi Feng was appraising the Gorgon Queen’s loot, Zero Wing’s members quickly directed their curiosity toward the Gorgon Queen’s loot after being resurrected.

The Gorgon Queen was undoubtedly the strongest Boss they had encountered since entering the Eternal Realm. And seeing how abundant the Eternal Realm’s resources were, it went without saying that the Primordial Godkin’s loot would be incredible.

If Zero Wing could obtain one or two Fragmented Divine Artifacts, it would have a much easier time developing in the future. After all, for many expert players, the raiding capability of a power’s main force was one of their main considerations when joining a power. Meanwhile, a Fragmented Divine Artifact could undoubtedly improve a main force’s raiding capabilities by a large margin.

Currently, the Eternal Realm’s various powers were utilizing their respective capital to recruit a large number of experts. By now, the various powers had already spread their roots in the Eternal Realm’s various NPC Cities, and many had even captured fortresses already. One could say that the various powers’ strength was increasing by the day.

Although Zero Wing had also recruited many experts thanks to the Secret Crystal Trading Firm’s benefits, the trading firm had limited membership slots. As a result, it could only help Zero Wing recruit a very limited number of experts. When recruiting experts, Zero Wing was still far behind even the various upper-ranking hegemonic powers and conglomerates, let alone the various pseudo-apex powers.

If Zero Wing wished to attract more experts, it would have to rely on its main force to raid more Bosses. Otherwise, it would only be a matter of time before Zero Wing’s status in the Crystal City of Secrets plummeted to that of an ordinary power.

“Have a look at them yourselves.”

Seeing everyone’s eager looks, Shi Feng didn’t try to hide too much and showed them five of the dropped items, excluding only the Medium World Fragment.

Apart from the Medium World Fragment and Chaos Windblade, the Gorgon Queen also dropped one Rejuvenation Potion Recipe, one Secret-Silver Flying Ship Design, one Tier 6 Magic Scroll, and one Fantasy-rank Secret Treasure. Among them, the Rejuvenation Potion Recipe was a Grandmaster Alchemist Recipe.

“Isn’t this Chaos Windblade a little ridiculous?! It has an equipment requirement of 12,000 Strength! Even Tier 6 players will have trouble meeting such a requirement!”

“Crap! A Secret-Silver Flying Ship Design! If we can mass-produce this thing, we can properly rule the fields of the Eternal Realm!”

“A Fantasy-rank Secret Treasure! So, this is a Fantasy Secret Treasure?!”

Gentle Snow and the others couldn’t help but doubt their eyes when they finished studying the five items.

Setting aside the astonishingly powerful Chaos Windblade, just the Secret-Silver Flying Ship Design, Rejuvenation Potion Recipe, and Fantasy-rank Secret Treasure were more than enough to elevate Zero Wing’s status to that of an overlord in the Eternal Realm in the future.

[Rejuvenation Potion Recipe] (Grandmaster Alchemist Recipe)
When the Rejuvenation Potion is consumed, the user will be automatically resurrected once should they die in the next 12 hours. Death penalty will be halved. Players can only use the Rejuvenation Potion once every 24 hours.
[Wind Dragon Secret Treasure] (Tier 1 Secret Treasure, Fantasy)
Attaches to leather leg guards. Once attached, it can increase the wearer’s Mana Protection by 30% and the attached equipment’s Basic Attributes by 25%.

Additional Talent-
Divine Speed: Increases the wearer’s Movement Speed by 40% and reaction speed based on the wearer’s Agility.
[Silverwing Flying Ship Design]
Can be used to construct a Secret-Silver Flying Ship with a maximum capacity of 500 people, Tier 5 Advanced armor, and Tier 5 Peak combat power. Flight speed rivals Tier 5 Advanced Extraordinary Flying Mounts.

The Silverwing Flying Ship carries:
30 Special Magic Elven Cannons, each possessing power at the entry-level Tier 6 standard;
10 Floating Destroyer Cannons that can be used offensively and defensively. Each possesses power at the entry-level Tier 6 standard;
2 Void Magic Cannons(main cannon), each possessing power at the Tier 6 Basic standard.
In the current Eternal Realm, where the majority of players could only rely on their own two feet and the various NPC Cities’ airports for travel, it would be a tremendous boon for a power to come into possession of a Flying Ship. After all, compared to Flying Mounts, Flying Ships had superior combat capabilities and carrying capacity. A Flying Ship would provide a qualitative improvement to any power’s exploration of the Eternal Realm.

As for the Wind Dragon Secret Treasure, any player who equipped it would immediately see a significant rise in their combat power. The improvement might even be enough to let fourth-floor experts fight evenly against fifth-floor experts. And if a fifth-floor expert were to equip the Wind Dragon Secret Treasure, they might even be able to match experts who had mastered Gold Combat Techniques. If Zero Wing could gain such an expert, the overall strength of its main force would be elevated to the next level.

“Alright, let’s quickly loot the treasury! The Holy Race players are probably on their way already!”

Shi Feng did not find everyone’s excited and shocked reactions strange. After all, the five items he shared with them were indeed astonishing. However, compared to the Medium World Fragment he had kept hidden, these five items were of little significance.

When he first visited the Eternal Realm, he felt that he would be incredibly fortunate if he could get his hands on even a Small World Fragment. After all, in addition to being unique to the Western Continent, World Fragments were also incredibly rare and hard to obtain.

However, he never imagined the Gorgon Queen would drop a Medium World Fragment.

It should be known that a Small World Fragment was already precious enough for any power to regard it as one of their most prized possessions. After all, at the cost of just one God Crystal, a Small World Fragment could let up to 10 players experience the operating principles of various Basic World Laws with great clarity for 12 hours. Moreover, if players used the Small World Fragment’s ability when they were constructing their Divine Body, the ability could artificially increase their Divine Body’s strength by 5%.

In comparison, the Medium World Fragment in his possession could let up to 20 players experience the operating principles of both Basic and Advanced World Laws with great clarity for 24 hours. When the Medium World Fragment’s ability was used during a Divine Body’s construction, it could also increase the Divine Body’s strength by 10%.

There was a massive difference in the Law Projections of players who had mastered only Basic Laws and players who had mastered Advanced Laws. Simply the suppression an Advanced Law Projection had on a Basic Law Projection was enough to weaken a Tier 6 player by a significant margin.

Not to mention, World Fragments could also artificially raise a Divine Body’s strength during construction, thereby increasing players’ success rate at completing their Tier 6 promotion.

Due to the Medium World Fragment’s astonishing effects, even though Shi Feng trusted the Zero Wing members present, he still felt it necessary to keep it a secret. Otherwise, if the Medium World Fragment’s effects were to get exposed, it would bring about a catastrophe for Zero Wing.

Meanwhile, after Shi Feng finished speaking, he promptly entered the treasury that the Gorgon Queen previously guarded.

TL Notes:

[1]Additional Talent:

I think the author forgot that Secret Treasures at the Extraordinary rank and above should come with “Special Abilities(Chapter 568),” which were supposed to be similar to “Talents.” I guess we’re going with “Talent” now.

I don’t know how I’m supposed to fix this mix-up for Chapter 568, so I’ll leave it as such. Otherwise, I’m going to end up with sentences such as, “But now, it became possible to obtain Special AbilitiesTalent, which were closely similar to Talents, through an Extraordinary Secret Treasure.”

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