Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 3557

Chapter 631 – King’s Treasury

Following the Gorgon Queen’s death, the Nameless City’s treasury became completely undefended, so Shi Feng and the others could freely enter it.

“Is this really a city’s treasury?”

When everyone stepped past the entrance, they were immediately shocked by the dense Eternal Energy and mountains of treasures that filled the treasury. Even Azure Shadow and the other Night Watch battle group members, with their wealth of experience in the Greater God’s Domain, couldn’t help but be taken aback.

Players capturing monster-infested cities was common in the Greater God’s Domain. It wouldn’t even be an exaggeration to say that it happened daily. Meanwhile, once players captured a monster-infested city, they would naturally get their hands on its treasury. Because of this, information on city treasuries was readily available. It was especially so among the various powers.

Normally, players could expect to find a large sum of currency, weapons, equipment, and rare materials in a city treasury. On average, the items found in a city treasury would be enough to supplement the needs of 10,000 players. This was why many powers in God’s Domain actively sought to raid monster cities.

However, the Nameless City’s treasury completely shattered the understanding Azure Shadow and the others had regarding city treasuries.

The average city treasury would only be the size of a football field. However, the Nameless City’s treasury was comparable to a sports stadium that could accommodate 100,000 people.

Moreover, unlike the materials stored in the average city treasury, which were mainly at the Epic rank, the Nameless City’s treasury’s materials were mainly at the Legendary rank, with some even at the Inferior Divine Artifact rank. There was easily a tenfold difference in value.

“Don’t just stand there and do nothing. We need to move these treasures away before the Holy Race players arrive,” Shi Feng commanded when he saw that his teammates were dazed by the treasury’s treasures.

Their fight with the Gorgon Queen had created a huge commotion. Although the fight didn’t last very long, the Holy Race players on the surface should have noticed it already. The Holy Race players might be apprehensive about inspecting the situation underground while the fight was ongoing, but that would no longer be the case once the fight ended and the commotion ceased.

There could only be two reasons why such a huge commotion would suddenly stop: the team raiding the Gorgon Queen had suffered annihilation, or the Gorgon Queen had been defeated.

Regardless of the actual situation, the Holy Race players would send scouts to check in on the situation. After all, should the Gorgon Queen be killed, it would mean free access to unimaginable riches. There was no way the various Holy Race powers would let such an opportunity slip by.

Currently, due to the battle with the Gorgon Queen, the overall combat power of their team had hit rock bottom. In Shi Feng’s case, it was already taking his all to move his body normally. There was no way he could fight in such a state. So, they could only try to empty out the Nameless City’s treasury before the Holy Race players arrived.

Meanwhile, upon hearing Shi Feng’s command, everyone snapped out of their dazes and hurriedly started to store the treasury’s items in their bag space, none daring to dawdle for even a moment.

On the Nameless City’s surface…

“The commotion underground disappeared?”

“The Gorgon Queen is definitely behind the commotion. The fight should have ended now that it gone quiet underground.”

“Immediately have those nearby the underground entrance check on the underground plaza.”

Just like Shi Feng surmised, the Holy Race players on the surface had noticed the commotion happening underground. Meanwhile, as soon as the commotion ended, the various Holy Race powers exploring the Nameless City’s core region promptly sent scouts to check on the underground plaza.

Nameless City, City Lord’s Mansion:

A legion consisting of tens of thousands of Holy Race experts was methodically eliminating the Regional Bosses in the Nameless City’s City Lord’s Mansion. Shortly after the Holy Race’s various powers had dispatched their scouts to inspect the underground plaza, the young woman commanding the legion retreated from the frontlines and approached a young man at the rear.

“The battle underground seems to have concluded, Lord Royal Thunder. The various powers have already sent scouts to investigate. Should we send someone as well?” Extreme Feather asked the young man before her respectfully.

The current Extreme Feather was completely different from when Shi Feng last encountered her in the underground plaza. Her Life Rating had already risen to match that of Gods, completely transcending the average Holy Race player.

“That Gorgon Queen isn’t an easy opponent. Even that existence will need some preparation to deal with her,” Royal Thunder said with a pondering look. Then, with squinted eyes, he continued, “Although the chances are slim, we cannot afford to lose the treasury guarded by that Gorgon Queen. Immediately have the Third and Fourth Legions hurry over there.”

“Understood!” Extreme Feather immediately nodded and left to carry out Royal Thunder’s command.

Underground plaza, Nameless City’s treasury:

While many Holy Race players were quickly making their way to the treasury, Gentle Snow and the others were frantically collecting all of the treasures they could get their hands on. They also couldn’t help but wish they could grow a few extra pairs of hands.

However, even after Gentle Snow and the others had looted for several minutes straight, the number of items in the treasury had barely reduced. Seeing this, Gentle Snow and the others didn’t know whether they should feel happy or sad.

“My six Epic Bags are nearly full already, Guild Leader,” Gentle Snow hurriedly told Shi Feng while looting. “But I don’t think we’ve looted even 20% of the treasury yet…”

“I’m nearly full as well, Instructor Black Flame,” Azure Shadow said in frustration.

This was definitely the most exasperating situation he had encountered since he started playing God’s Domain. In the past, he had always felt that the monsters in God’s Domain dropped too few treasures and could never fill the Epic Bags he prepared.

But now, there were so many treasures before him that he couldn’t even fit everything into the six Epic Bags in his possession…

“Just carry whatever you can,” Shi Feng said, chuckling when he saw the anxious look on Gentle Snow and Azure Shadow. “It was never possible to clear out the treasury with so few of us here. What matters is we grab the most important items.”

There were so many items in the treasury that it would take at least several hundred players’ worth of bag space to clear out completely in one trip. So, for their team of just 30-plus players, it was never possible for them to take everything. The only thing they could do was take the most valuable items.

It was why Shi Feng had previously told Gentle Snow and the others to prioritize items radiating dense Eternal Energy. Many of these items were Inferior Divine Artifact-rank materials such as the Divine Water of Life and Soul Essence. These materials were far more valuable than the average Legendary-rank material.

As for Shi Feng himself, he prioritized collecting the treasures placed in the middle of the treasury. These central items were far more precious than the materials scattered throughout the treasury. Some examples include Secret Treasures, Mana Purification Techniques, and large quantities of Seven Luminaries Crystals and Eternal God Crystals.

Moreover, the Secret Treasures and Mana Purification Techniques stored in the treasury were extraordinary. In the case of Secret Treasures, all of them came in sets and were at the Combat rank or above. He even saw several Extraordinary Secret Treasure Sets. In the current market, these Extraordinary Secret Treasure Sets were easily worth more than a Fragmented Divine Artifact. If a titled expert were to equip the set, they could immediately match Golden Masters in combat.

Fortunately, with his Fragmented Legendary Spatial Bag, Shi Feng had no trouble collecting all of the loot in the middle of the treasury. Meanwhile, he should have collected about twenty Extraordinary Secret Treasure Sets based on his rough estimates. This was an amount that could frighten the Eternal Realm’s various powers.

“I detect many Holy Race players approaching us, Instructor Black Flame,” Azure Shadow hurriedly reported when he sensed the presence of Holy Race players with his Tier 6 Skill Sky Eye. “They’ll reach the treasury in about twenty seconds. There are more than a thousand of them, and their numbers are quickly increasing.”

“It’s time we take our leave, then. Everyone, leave this place using a Random Teleportation Scroll and log off to rest,” Shi Feng said as he took out a Tier 4 Random Teleportation Scroll.

Hearing this, everyone couldn’t help but look at the remaining treasures reluctantly. However, they also understood they lacked the strength to defend the treasury, so they quickly activated their respective Tier 4 Random Teleportation Scrolls.

Meanwhile, less than ten seconds after Shi Feng and the others left, a large group of Holy Race players arrived at the underground plaza, and they were immediately dumbfounded when they saw the Gorgon Queen’s corpse.

TL Notes:
[1]King’s Treasury:
I don’t know why this chapter is titled “King’s Treasury(王之宝库).”

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